Good Grades, Lucky Thirteen


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What harm can it do?

The thought swirled around in her brain like the gray smoke curling up from a smoldering fire. His mouth was on hers, soft but insistent and tasting faintly of vanilla ice cream and gooey caramel topping. The late afternoon sun cast a golden glow over the sand of the nearly deserted beach and the light sparkled off the waves that were barely beginning to recede from the high water mark.

She lay back on the soft blanket that smelled of summer picnics and cozy campfires, her hair around her head like a tousled halo. His hands were gentle as they ran lightly over the soft, bare skin of her arms and their sand-covered feet rubbed together in a tangle of limbs. She returned his kisses, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and opening her mouth to him in invitation. He accepted, and her leg slipped around his, pulling his body closer to her.

She let her hands wander, feeling his slender body through the thin jersey of his t-shirt. His nipples were hard and she ran her thumb over one of the firm little points, stroking it lightly and causing him to make a soft sound that was halfway between a moan and a whimper. He released her lips and seeking tongue and exhaled deeply before leaning into her again, this time kissing the sweet hollow of her throat and the gentle swells where her breasts spilled out of her snug tank top.

Zack ran his hand down her bare thigh and she shivered with pleasure at the feeling of his warm hand on the sensitive skin at the back of her upper thigh. She could feel her skirt inching up and the hesitation as he explored the exposed flesh. When his fingers found the elastic edge of her panties, she gasped slightly with pleasure.

He looked at her and his forehead wrinkled. “Too soon?”

“God, no,” she replied, for in fact, she was fighting every urge in her body to not mount him right there on the public beach. He kissed her lips again, sliding his fingers under the taut elastic and over the soft, round curve of her ass. His touch was electric and powered her own movements, her hands continuing their migration southward. She grazed lightly over the crotch of his shorts and found him as ready for her as she was for him.

Gently, she closed her hand around his shaft and stroked him through the loose, well-worn fabric of his faded board shorts. His breath was warm against her full breasts as he sighed again deeply and sought her nipples through her shirt. He nibbled the hard point gently and she arched into him, letting her leg slip off of his and parting her thighs almost unconsciously with desire.

He ran his fingers inside the edge of her panties, around her ass and over the soft swell of her hip and between her soft thighs. He stroked her lightly through the damp cotton, pressing into the cleft and making her moan.

The sound of a voice carrying over the sand caused them both to freeze and Janie sat up quickly, pulling her skirt down and running her fingers through her hair. A large golden retriever bounded up to them from around a clump of sea grass with a neon green frisbee in his jaws. He dropped it in the sand by their blanket and Zack picked it up, and giving the dog a quick scratch behind the ears, he let it sail out over the receding surf. He laughed as the dog broke through the waves and brought it back to his owner who had just come into view of their blanket.

“Sorry if Samson and I disturbed you,” the man said with a smile, no doubt noticing their flushed cheeks and rumpled blanket.

“No worries,” Zack replied, leaning forward in an awkward attempt to hide his erection.

Janie giggled as the man whistled for the dog who had abandoned his frisbee and was worrying a small sand crab. “C’mon, boy! Let’s leave these two lovebirds alone.” He smiled as he walked off and Zack turned to Janie with a exasperated grin.

He waited until they were out of earshot before he spoke. “Well. That was…”


“I was going to say ’embarrassing’, but yeah, ‘hot’ applies as well. I’m sorry about that.”

Janie laughed. “What’s to be sorry about?”

“I think maybe I was moving a bit too fast,” he said. “I didn’t mean to take advantage or anything. It’s only a second date, really…”

“I don’t mind,” Janie said, lying back on the blanket again and running her fingers up Zack’s forearm. “Really.”

He looked down at her and ran his hand up her thigh again, watching as she parted her legs for him and granted him access to her pussy. Again, he teased her through her panties, quickly bringing her back to where they had been and rocketing past it. He pulled the fabric to one side and slipped his fingers inside, encountering her soft tangle of wet curls and her soaked cunt. He teased her, parting her lips but not penetrating her, letting the cooling breeze blow over her hard clit but not touching it.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, looking down at her with those eyes that were the exact shade of shadowy blue as the sky behind his head.

She only smiled and put her hand on his, feeling his fingers as they touched her. “Let’s find somewhere more private,” she said.

Zack leaned in and covered her mouth with his, possessing her completely and sliding two fingers inside her as he did, making her moan into his deep kiss. “My house will be empty until after 8 tonight. We can go back there.”

Janie didn’t want him to stop. His fingers felt good inside her and she knew if he kept going she could come for him right there on the beach, but the promise of feeling his hard cock inside her made her nod and push his hand away with regret. “Yes,” she assented breathlessly. “I want that.”

The air between them was electric as they shook the sand out of their shoes and the blanket and tossed everything back into Zack’s car. They spoke little as he drove her to his house, letting the current spark and hum as he navigated the narrow streets that wound through the sprawling seaside campus town. He pulled into the driveway of a modest cottage on a tree-lined street populated with similar modest cottages. He fumbled slightly with his key as he let them in the back door and shut it behind them.

Her hands were on him immediately, not giving him time to lock the door or even put his keys down. He kissed her again, tossing his keys on the kitchen table where they skidded over the bare surface and clattered to the corner of the kitchen floor. Zack looked over and then back at Janie. “Ah, fuck it,” he said, and kissed her again, sliding his hands down her back and over her ass, pulling her close to him. He pressed her against the table and she leaned against it, parting her legs and pulling him between them. He eased her back and ran his hands up her thighs, wrapping them around his back and pressing his hard cock against the heat of her cunt. She let him pull her shirt over her head, watching his face as he took in the sight of her large, full breasts through the thin, sheer lace of her bra.

He struggled with the clasp for only a moment or two before the elastic gave way and her breasts tumbled free. He scooped the flesh up in both hands and buried his face in them, pinching and tugging lightly at her nipples and making her grind against him. She leaned back on her hands, arching her back and thrusting her tits forward for him. He sucked a hard nipple hungrily into his mouth, making her gasp.

His hands went around her back and she melted as he pulled her close. He was strong, pressing against her and forcing her back onto her elbows. He kicked a kitchen chair out of his way and hooked it with his foot, pulling it behind him as he began to kiss slowly down her body, taking his time to undo the opening of her skirt and slide it over her full hips. He tossed it onto the table only to have it slide off and land on top of his keys. Janie smiled. “Fuck it,” she said.

Zack ran his hand over the soaked crotch of her panties and smirked. “We’ve got plenty of time for that.” He hooked his fingers in the waistband, pulling it down to expose the reddish curls that covered her mound. He kissed her there, nuzzling her as he wriggled the scrap of cotton off her body. He pulled the chair up and sat down, placing himself between her thighs. He parted her lips gently with one fingertip, seeking her clit. Her breathy moan told him he had found it and he rubbed gently, making her legs fall open for him.

She looked down into his cool eyes and held her breath as he smiled up at her before pressing his mouth to her spread pussy. Another soft sigh as his lips closed around her clit, sucking softly. She thrust her hips against his mouth and he sucked harder, sliding a finger inside her. He glanced up at her occasionally, watching her as he licked her cunt, using his tongue and fingers to make her squirm.

His face was shining with her juices and she moaned, running her fingers through his hair and grinding his face against her. “You’re going to make me come,” she told him, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back.

With a wet slurp, he pulled away and turning his head to the side, wiped his mouth on the shoulder of his shirt. He ran his hands up her thighs again and stood, leaning into her. “Not yet, I’m not.”

He slipped his arm around her waist and eased her off the table, running his hands down her bare back and over her ass, pulling her to him and kissing her. She tasted herself on his mouth, warm and musky. “Nice,” she said, running her hands down his body and over his hard cock. Quickly and deftly, she opened his shorts and pulled his cock out. It was his turn to gasp as she wrapped her hands around his shaft and stroked it. She felt a sticky, slippery string of pre-cum on her hand and she rubbed it over the head, grasping him tightly and making him moan. His shorts slid down to his thighs as he thrust against her hand.

“You’re getting me very close,” he told her, his breath shallow and fast.

“Good,” she said, letting go of his cock only long enough to run her hand over his balls and give them a gentle squeeze. She turned and pressed her bare ass against his cock. He slid easily between her cheeks and his hands went around her, cupping her breasts. He kissed her neck, thrusting against her slightly, his slippery cock dangerously close to her ready cunt.

“Why don’t you go make yourself comfortable in there,” he said, gesturing towards the living room. I’ll be there in one second.”

“Where are you going?” she asked, her eyes closed, her face against his.

“Condom.” he said, he voice barely above a whisper.

She nodded and pulling away reluctantly, she turned and gave his cock a squeeze before backing away from him. “Don’t take too long,” she said, turning and lying back on the large sofa.

The leather was soft and cool beneath her body and she reclined on the soft pillows, looking around the room. It was a decidedly masculine space, strong and sparse and immaculately clean. There were no pictures anywhere; in fact, there was nothing that she would have called personal in the room.

She didn’t have long to contemplate it before Zack returned. He’d pulled his shorts back up, but his cock was still out and she smiled at him. “What kept you?”

He crossed to her and slipped between her legs, half covering her reclining body. The condom packet glinted gold in the last rays of the amber sunset that shone through the large picture window. His cock was hot and hard against her thigh as he kissed her again, his kisses betraying the impatience he kept in check.

She took the condom from him and tore the packet open with her teeth, letting the wrapper fall to the floor and pushing him back a bit to roll it onto his shaft. Her hand sheathed him quickly and expertly and he pulled her atop him, straddling his lap with his cock between them. She raised herself on her knees and positioned herself over him, using her hand to guide him to her entrance. She teased him, lowering herself only a little bit, giving him only a taste of her warm tightness. She gripped the high back of the couch and ran her nipples over his lips, letting him have only a brief suck or lick before pulling away. Her wet pussy danced over the head of his cock, using him on her clit to bring herself close to the edge again.

A gray car drove by the window and it barely registered, so cloudy was her brain with desire, but when she saw it turn into the yard, her heart skipped a beat.

“Someone’s here.”

Zack looked over his shoulder out the window and sighed. “Shit. My dad’s home.”

“What the hell?” In a rush of adrenaline, she jumped off his lap and ran to the kitchen grabbing her clothes, struggling to squeeze behind the table to get her skirt where it had fallen into the corner.

“Shit, he’s not supposed to be here for another hour.”

In a sudden fit of modesty, she covered herself with her clothes and looking around, finally asked, “Where’s the bathroom?” Zack pointed down the hall as he moved quickly to fasten his shorts over his rubber-clad erection, pulling the tail of his shirt down and turning on the TV.

In the bathroom, Janie dressed as quickly as she could, breathing a sigh of relief that she hadn’t dropped anything incriminating in her dash to cover herself. She could hear their voices through the door and she tried to calm her heartbeat and get some of the color out of her cheeks before going out to face them. She looked in the mirror and composed her face and ran her fingers through her hair as best she could. It wasn’t the ideal way to meet the family, but she figured she could pull it off.

Her hand was on the doorknob when she recognized the voice coming from the living room and for the second time in a few minutes, she froze. She looked in the mirror again and tried to compose herself, knowing the longer she hid in the bathroom the more awkward going out there would be.

Okay, she thought. You’ve done nothing wrong. You were visiting and had to use the bathroom. You’re just friends. You got your studying done early.

She took a few deep breaths and flushed the toilet, then washed her hands quickly.

Janie stepped out into the hallway and after squaring her shoulders, she walked into the living room. Zack was sitting on the couch where she’d left him, talking to his father as if nothing had happened. Both men stood as she walked in.

“Jane,” Zack said with a big smile. “I believe you know my dad.”

Janie nodded. “Hi, Dr. Gilbert,” she said, smiling at him as if he was only her professor and her advisor and not, in fact, someone who had watched her masturbate to an orgasm while straddling his cock just that morning. The recollection of Zack’s hard cock between her legs, parting her lips with a promise of pleasure brought a flush to her cheeks and she found herself looking down at the floor. She swallowed hard. “Zack was just about to bring me back to the dorm,” she lied.

“What a surprise to see you here tonight, Jane,” he said, nodding slightly. “I didn’t know you and Zack were friends.”

Janie smiled. “Seems we’re both at a disadvantage. I didn’t know Zack was your son.”

Zack looked sheepish. “Details,” he said with a shrug. He cleared his throat. “Well, if you’re ready to go, I can run you home,” he said to Janie, taking her by the arm and steering her towards the kitchen door. “I’ll be back later,” he said, retrieving his keys from behind the kitchen table that was still askew, and hustled her out the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said to Dr. Gilbert.

“Four o’clock,” he replied. “Don’t be late.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Neither of them spoke until they were several blocks away from the house, and then they stumbled over each other’s words.

“You first,” Zack said.

“Why didn’t you tell me who your father is? You know I have him for class.”

Zack sighed. “Because it’s been my experience that once one of his students finds out I’m his son, they try to use me to get better grades.” He glanced over at her. “I’m not saying you’d ever do that, just that I make it a practice to not mention it until I know that the person I’m hanging out with like me for me and not for who I’m related to. And we were just getting to know each other. But I swear, I would have told you after today, even if it hadn’t gone as far as it had.” He pulled up to a stop sign and looked at her. “I was very surprised at how quickly things moved between us. I wasn’t trying to keep secrets. I just didn’t get the chance to tell you before he surprised us.”

“Okay,” Janie said, and leaned her head back against the headrest.

They rode in silence until Zack pulled up in front of her dorm. “Are you mad at me?” he asked.

She turned and smiled. “No, of course not. I understand. The whole thing just felt a little…well, I felt like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar and…what happened between us was…it was really hot and amazing…” her voice trailed off.

“I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming.”

She sighed. “You remember the guy I told you about? And I said it was complicated?”

Zack nodded.

“What we did…or almost did…what it seems like we’re eventually going to do…” she smiled. “Well, that makes things with him even more screwed up than they were before. I wish I could explain but I’m not sure it even makes sense to me…”

Zack was quiet for a few moments. “I want to keep seeing you, but not if it’s going to complicate things. I can take a step back. I don’t usually move this fast and maybe I just got carried away.”

“It’s not just you,” she said with a reassuring smile, sliding her hand up his arm and resting it on his shoulder. She brushed a bit of hair back from his cheek with the back of her fingers. “I want to keep seeing you, too.”

Zack smiled and leaned in, kissing her softly. She returned his kiss, and smiled back at him. “You still smell like me,” she said.

“I’m also still wearing that condom,” he said.

Janie giggled. “How?”

He glanced down at his crotch. “I’m still hard.”

Janie raised an eyebrow at him. “All this time?”

He looked sheepish again. “It made that casual conversation with my dad really uncomfortable. Especially when you walked in. I was raised to stand when a lady enters the room and really, really wished I could have got away with bad manners at that moment.”

“That’s why you dragged me out the door.”

Zack laughed. “Exactly why, yes.”

Janie laughed, then fell silent. “Do you think he knew what we did?”

Zack shrugged. “He’s not stupid, and I’m over 18. I’ve had girlfriends before. I mean, we’ve had ‘the talk’ and everything.” Janie put her thumbnail in her mouth and chewed at it thoughtfully. “Does that bother you? That he thinks we’re sexually active?”

Janie laughed. “No. Not really. Like you said, we haven’t done anything that he can possibly disapprove of.”

“Well, not yet anyway.” He glanced down at his crotch again and grinned at her. “I don’t suppose there’s much chance of that tonight, huh?”

He looked at her with those eyes so like his father’s and she thought of him beneath her, his strong, skillful hands on her body and felt her nipples rise in response. She’d had his cock nearly inside her and she ached from sexual desire and the need for release. She leaned into him again and kissed him, opening her mouth and seeking his tongue with her own. His response was immediate, and the heat between them burst once again into flames. Panting, she asked, “Do you know the little road that runs down to the old fort?”

“Very well.”

“Let’s go there. Now.”

He churned up a bit of gravel as he pulled out of her dorm and sped with a smile on his face to the waterfront. He parked in the long-abandoned lot and cut the headlights and for a moment they sat and admired the view of the lights over the bay. “It’s pretty,” he said.

“It is.” She agreed. She shot a grin at him. “Backseat?”

They climbed into the empty backseat and again, she released his cock. It was still tightly sheathed and he gasped as she touched it lightly. She lifted her hips and shimmied out of her panties, dropping them carefully onto the front seat before gracefully swinging her legs over his and guiding his cock to her pussy. She slid it between her parted lips, teasing her clit with it again, getting the head wet with her juices.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto his cock, taking him in incrementally, feeling every inch as he filled her pussy. They kissed deeply, enjoying the feeling of him seated tightly inside her. Slowly, they began to move, their hips rocking together as they searched for their rhythm. His hands were on her ass, shoving her skirt up around her waist to feel every inch of the soft, creamy skin he’d only begun to enjoy.

Janie pulled the straps of her tank and her bra off her shoulders and pulled the cups of her bra down, letting her breasts hang free. She offered him her hard nipples and he accepted, watching her caress her own soft tits and rub them against his eager mouth.

All the need and pent-up frustration she’d been harboring was melting away as she rode Zack’s cock, kissing him and listening to him sing her praises in half-whispered words. In the dim light, she was struck by how much he seemed to be a younger version of his father and she closed her eyes, but the images of Dr. Gilbert and Zack mingled in her brain. She pictured their eyes looking up at her from between her thighs, their mouths hungry for her cunt. “Spank me,” she whispered, not opening her eyes.

Zack stopped thrusting for a moment, then resumed, and she felt his hand leave her ass a second before the crack of his hand on her flesh filled the car. Janie moaned. “Again,” she ordered him, and again, she moaned when his palm left a stinging red mark on her soft flank.

“I want you to come for me,” he said, his voice low, his breath shallow.

Janie looked into his eyes, trying to push the image of his father away. “Fuck me, Zack,” she said. He wrapped his arms around her back and easily lay her down on the seat. He pulled her leg up over his shoulder and leaned into her, driving his cock in deeply. She moaned again, letting him possess her wholly, whispering over and over again, “Fuck me…fuck me…”

He brought her close again, bringing her to the brink of pleasure. She felt over-ripe and ready to explode, but she needed him to take her over the edge, to pierce her very center.

“Come in me,” she said, bringing her hips up to meet his with each deep thrust. “Take me completely.”

He kissed her, gluing his mouth to hers as he fucked her faster and faster, bringing her up off the seat. She felt his cock swell inside her and explode, and her own cunt exploded in sympathy. Her moans echoed his, gradually joining in a sweet harmony before they both lay still. Zack kissed her softly, holding the condom carefully as he pulled out and she felt the deep empty longing of his cock slipping away.

They sat together in the back, rearranging their clothes back into order—a process made more difficult by their stopping to kiss and touch each other.

When he dropped her off at her front door, and kissed her goodnight in the glow of the porch light, Janie smoothed his hair and said she’d call him tomorrow. But when she closed the door on him, his eyes and his father’s blended together in her mind, and she knew things were just beginning to get complicated.

Making Mrs. Claus


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It was a little past midnight when Santa slipped into Kim’s bedroom, but then it was always just past midnight on Santa-time. Only when the last present was delivered would time resume it’s natural progression, so Santa knew he had no need to rush, and he had every intention of making the most of that magical loophole this Christmas Eve.

He saved Kim’s house for last, not because she had headed up his naughty list, though he’d seen her while she was sleeping and knew when she was awake, and while some of the things he’d caught her doing when she was alone might count as naughty, they for sure weren’t bad.

Quietly, he unzipped his warm, red wool jacket and tossed it over a chair before sitting down to unlace his black leather boots that were leaving small wet puddles on the wood floor. In his wool socks, he padded over to the edge of the bed and sat down, watching Kim as visions of sugarplums danced in her head. The warm blankets were pulled up against her chin in the chilly room and she was curled in a snug little ball. She looked so cozy he hated to disturb her rest, and being Santa, he knew he could easily be in and out of her house without waking her, but her one request of him had been so specific and heartfelt, there was no way he would let her sleep through it.

Gently, he pushed her tousled curls out of her face and stroked her cheek. She shifted a bit in her sleep and snuggled deeper into her pillow. Santa smiled and leaned over, letting his soft, closely trimmed whiskers brush against the sensitive skin of her neck as he whispered in her ear, “Wake up, Kim. It’s Christmas.”

Kim opened her eyes and looked at him past lids still heavy with sleep. “Santa?”

Santa smiled. “Merry Christmas, Kim.”

Kim smiled back at him. Even in the bedroom lit only by the cold gray of the moonlight on the crest of the new-fallen snow, she could see his blue eyes twinkling and his merry dimples as he smiled down at her. “Did you get my letter?”

“That’s why I’m here. I don’t often get letters like that from grown-ups, but then, you’ve never stopped believing in me, have you?”

“Never,” she said. “Though you’re not quite what I expected.” She blushed slightly.

“You can’t believe everything you read, sweetie,” he said with a deep chuckle. “I don’t wear red velvet. Wool is warmer. And I only started growing the beard last January. I think it filled in nicely.” He scratched at the thick growth of dark brown hair on his chin with a satisfied smile, and Kim liked that it was not white and fluffy but merely shot through with silver, as was his close cropped hair.

Kim rolled onto her back and propped herself up against her pillows. Her sheet slipped down exposing a bare shoulder. “I thought you’d be older.”

“And fatter, too.” He laughed again, his deep sonorous chuckle filling the room. Kim blushed. “I admit, the cookies take their toll,” he said, patting his tummy, “but I try to keep myself in shape. More or less. I hit the gym a few times a week.” Kim laughed with Santa. “Now, about that letter of yours.”

She blushed a deeper red. “It was probably a bit forward of me,” she confessed.

“Only true believers write to me with any kind of directness. It’s as if they know we’ve got a business transaction of sorts going on. ‘Dear Santa: I’ve been good and you’re in the business of rewarding good behavior. Ergo, here is a list of my demands. Love Timmy.’ Timmy knows I make a list, I check it twice, and if he’s toed the line and been a good boy, I’ll make good on the whole Santa promise. It’s grown-ups who stop believing, or figure there’s some sort of a catch.” He studied her with a dimpled smile. “But not you.”

“You’ve never let me down before,” she said simply.

“And never will,” he said, sliding closer to her and running his hand over the bare skin of her shoulder and upper arm. She shivered slightly. “You’re under-dressed for a room this cold,” he said. “You’re going to freeze to death.”

“It’s nice and warm under the covers,” she said, snuggling back down under the thick down comforter. “And if you’re here to fill my Christmas wish, I expect I’m going to be warmer still before the night is through.”

Santa grinned at her and his eyes twinkled again. “We both are.”

He leaned over and kissed her. His lips were soft and warm on hers, and she returned his kiss, slipping her arms out of their warm cocoon and around his neck. Her hands skimmed over his shoulders, feeling his strong muscles beneath his well-worn flannel shirt. The blankets slipped down, exposing her bare breasts and she pulled him close, letting her hard nipples rub against the soft fabric.

Santa released her mouth and let his lips wander to her neck. She nuzzled close to him, breathing in the strong masculine scents of spice and evergreen, but with a hint of vanilla and a bit of peppermint. “You smell like Christmas,” she murmured into his ear.

He leaned back and smiled at her, taking her face in both of his hands. “I am Christmas, my love,” he said, and kissed her again. She tipped her head back and her lips parted, inviting him to take, as well as to give, and he did, seeking her tongue with his own and sliding his hands over her smooth, bare skin.

Her hands found the buttons on the front of his shirt and she undid them slowly, opening her gift with great care and deliberation. She peeled off the layer of flannel and he shrugged and let it slide to the floor. Reluctantly pulling away from her candy-sweet kisses, he pulled his thermal shirt over his head and tossed it aside before reclaiming her. He pulled her close, stretching out beside her to feel her skin against his.

She ran her hands through his chest hair, exploring his body. Her hands were as soft as velvet in their seeking, grazing over his nipples that had grown as hard as holly berries and over his soft, slight paunch. He smirked at her. “Cookies,” he said again. “They’re going to be the death of me.”

Kim laughed and let her hands slide lower. “I don’t mind,” she said, as her hands skimmed over the denim of his pants. His breath caught as her fingers touched him through the sturdy fabric. “It seems like a good time to make a North Pole joke,” she said, “but I’m sure you’ve heard them all before.”

“You’d be surprised,” he said, exhaling deeply. “Not a lot of women visit the North Pole.”

Kim was indeed surprised. “Not even a cute little lady elf from time to time?”

“Between the inter-species difficulties and the complications of employee relations, power struggles and what have you, it’s really just not worth it. It’s easier, safer, and better for everyone if I just polish my own sleigh. So to speak.”

“Now that’s a shame,” she said, popping the button of his fly open and sliding the zipper down. Her hand worked inside his flannel-lined jeans and she pushed them down on his hips, freeing his cock. He moaned as her fingers stroked the velvety hardness and she felt him respond in her hand. “Santa really deserves a gift, too.”

She helped him wriggle out of his jeans and she pulled the covers back, inviting him into her warm bed. He pulled the blankets around them and kissed her, feeling his desire go from the low, glowing warmth he felt for her all year long grow into a strong flame, crackling between them. He explored the body he’d coveted for so long, letting his hands wander a form as softly sloping and smoothly white as rolling hills covered in a fresh layer of new snow. Only infinitely warmer, he thought, as she parted her thighs and offered herself to him, asking him with her body to add more fuel to the growing fire.

His fingers parted the tangle of curls and sought her clit, her deep sigh of delight as he gently rubbed the hard little berry caused him to throb in her hand. Her hand closed around the shaft and she stroked him gently, drawing a low moan from the back of his throat. Hungrily, his lips closed on hers, tasting her mouth, then her neck, and over her breast to her quivering nipples. He flicked at the firm little gumdrop, making her squirm before sucking it into his mouth.

Kim parted her legs wider for him, still stroking his hard, thick cock, until he slipped out of her grasp as he continued kissing a trail down her nude body. Over her belly button and down to her mound, tickling her with his beard and nibbling a path to her pussy.

The air in the room was cold as the warm blankets slipped away, but neither Santa nor Kim felt it. She grasped at the sheets beneath her as his hands parted her thighs and spread her wide, and she held her breath as she anticipated the touch of his mouth on her. He kissed her quivering clit, pressing his lips to it and rubbing them back and forth. He sucked gently, pulling the tender bit of flesh between his lips, letting his tongue slide against it. Kim moaned and put her head back against the soft pillows, letting Santa eat her pussy.

He savored her like a Christmas feast, running his lips and tongue over her shining pink folds, dipping his tongue in to savor the musky sweetness of her. He wrapped his arms around her soft ass and pulled her close hungrily, letting her juices run down his chin and soak his beard. He tickled her with the coarse hairs, running them up and down the soft skin and making her sigh with pleasure.

Only when she was grabbing the head board and begging him for more did he slide up her body, warm skin on warm skin, his legs between hers as she wrapped her legs around his strong back. Her hands encircled him, pulling him close, seating him between her thighs as he put the hot head of his cock against her pussy.

Gently and slowly, he slid inside her, letting her feel every inch of his shaft as it filled her. She looked into his eyes and saw the warm twinkle replaced with a strong, steady glow. She kissed him, feeling their bodies joined and their hearts beating as one. She tasted her own passion on his lips and her cunt contracted at the deliciousness of it. She tilted her hips, wanting to feel him even deeper. “I love you, Santa,” she said.

“I love you too, Kim. I’ve always loved you.”

Slowly he began to move, pressing his cock deep inside her before pulling out slowly. She was tight and hot and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so complete in a woman’s arms. He sank into her again, feeling her hips come up to meet his, her lips on his own, their breathing and movements falling into synch as if they had always known the rhythm of this dance.

Outside the frosty-paned window, the evening was still and the moonlight was clear, cold and bright. The snow sparkled like tiny diamonds, and not a creature was stirring as the two bodies joined together and time stood still. The only sounds that night were the soft, muffled noises of lovemaking—gentle sighs and deep moans, the squeak of the bed frame with each deep thrust, the soft smack of damp flesh grown sweaty with exertion and the heat of passion. Wet kisses and soft grunts as they moved faster, thrust harder, giving themselves over to each other and to the final, ultimate release of pleasure.

Kim cried out as she felt his cock swell inside her, bursting forth like the spew of foam from a champagne bottle, running out of her in celebration. Her own pleasure exploded, set off by his climax, and she clutched at him, letting wave after wave erupt and throb deep within.

They lay together as the sound of a rooster crowing broke the stillness of an early Christmas dawn. Her bedside clock read 4:30 and Santa kissed her deeply, wrapping his arms around her. “Come back with me to the North Pole,” he said.

As the first rays of Christmas dawn rose over the world, Santa and Kim flew over the icy frozen northern pole of the world, and under a pink and purple sky, nestled in the crook of Santa’s strong arm while he held the reins of his sleigh, Kim got the first glimpse of her new home at the North Pole.

Good Grades–Part Twelve


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These aren’t really chapters or anything like that. I’m just writing bits and throwing ’em at the wall. See what sticks. Just letting the story dribble out in fits and starts. 

Where were we?

* * * * *

Janie grabbed a seat in the empty front row, flinching slightly as her bare upper thighs touched the cold plastic of the seat. She dug in her bag to check her text messages before making sure her phone was turned off before class started, per Dr. Gilbert’s instructions. He had already shown more than once that he was dead serious about asking students to leave if they insisted on sending texts during his lectures, and there was no way she was going to miss this test.

She ignored a handful of unread messages from friends, saving them for later when she had more time to answer them, but the sole text that was from an unknown number caught her eye. Zack had yet to use the number she’d given him and as day after day went by, part of her wondered if he was less interested in her than she’d thought.

That sweatshirt looks better on you than it does on me.

Grinning at the slightly giddy feeling of finally hearing from him, her fingers flew over the touch screen as she shot back a reply.

–Maybe I should keep it. 😉

Less than a minute later, he responded.

But then I’ll have to invent a new excuse to see you again. I thought we discussed this already.

She smiled again.

–How about just saying you want to see me again?

His answer came back almost instantly.

I’d really like to see you again.

The butterflies in her stomach returned in a swooping dive. The side door of the hall opened and Janie looked up to see Dr. Gilbert enter. His pants were a lighter tan than the ones he’d had on in his office and they still had fresh crease marks from the hanger they’d been on. A thrill coursed through her at the physical recollection of him hard between her legs and almost unconsciously, she uncrossed them, parting her knees slightly as she peeked up from beneath her lashes at him. Quickly, she replied to Zack.

–Test now. Prof just came in.

Which one?

–Gilbert. US History.

He didn’t answer right away. As she waited for his reply, she looked up. Dr. Gilbert was leaning on the edge of the desk next to the stack of exam papers, watching her and waiting the few minutes for the class to assemble and take their seats. He was looking at her legs and the dark triangle between them, and she could feel his eyes on her as surely as if he had been touching her. She heard Zack’s text pop up, and she smiled.

I hear he’s a hard teacher.

Janie felt a bit of color rise in her cheeks as a throb deep inside her pussy reminded her again of how he felt beneath her, his hard cock rubbing against her clit, and she squirmed in her seat. Dr. Gilbert raised his eyebrows at her, and she looked down, unable to hold his gaze.

–You could say that. But I can take it.

Good luck on your test.

–Thanks! Will I see you later?

Library at 7?

 Janie smirked.

–You sure know how to show a girl a good time. 🙂

You have no idea.

Her cheeks flushed pink again as she thought of Zack, imagining him slowly unzipping his sweatshirt and finding nothing beneath it but her full breasts and hard, pink nipples. She closed her eyes and pictured him leaning her up against a dark wall in the back of the stacks and sliding inside her. Between them, the two guys had her craving cock in the worst way, and she was amazed and more than a little amused to feel her pussy growing damp and warm again so soon. She squirmed again and smiled at her phone. Dr. Gilbert cleared his throat and she looked up. “Cell phones off, please.” She thought she felt a bit of chill in his voice as she shot Zack one more text before shutting off her phone and sitting up straight and bringing her knees together.

 –Can’t wait to find out. C U @7.

She dropped her phone into her bag and smoothed her expression into what she thought was a calm scholarly demeanor. She let her fingers brush against the back of his hand as he handed her the exam paper. He lingered momentarily, not long enough that anyone would notice, but long enough that Janie did.

The test was, by Janie’s assessment, not a difficult one. It didn’t occur to her as she filled in the answers quickly and completely that she would have been unable to answer most of those questions two weeks earlier. Or any questions about history, for that matter. Or math. Or civics. The truth was, had she taken a few minutes to consider it, that she after their initial rocky start, Janie had been working hard to impress Dr. Gilbert—to earn his approval. It bothered her that he thought she was lazy, and she set out to prove to him, and to herself, that he was wrong.

She had little trouble finishing the exam early, and looked around the room at the other students, surprised that so many of them were still bent over their papers. Nervously, she reviewed her answers again and when she could find none that needed correction or expansion, she shrugged to herself and taking a deep breath, brought the test up to his desk.

The thin packet whispered against the blotter as she slid it in front of him. He took it from her and glanced over it quickly, flipping through the pages. His face was passive as he scanned her answers and she found herself fidgeting, shifting her weight from foot to foot. He looked up at her, still unreadable. “I would like to meet with you about this in my office.”

Janie’s face fell and her chest felt tight, as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. “I thought I did okay,” she began, trying to keep her voice steady. “I was prepared.”

A slight smile played at the corner of his mouth. “I know how ready you were for this test. I am very impressed with how well you prepared yourself and how well you’ve followed my instructions. I’d like to meet with you to really…get into it deeper. I think you will benefit from a good, hard review. I know things are tight,” he continued, fighting back a smirk, “but if you could squeeze me in, I think it would really be good for you.”

Janie didn’t quite know how to answer. She opened her mouth once or twice and closed it without speaking, trying to choose her words before speaking, and failing. Dr. Gilbert smiled and his eyes sparked, and he lowered his voice to an even more conspiratorial tone. “I’m in the office until 8 tonight and would like to discuss the effect of this test on our advisorial arrangement.”

In an instant, she knew exactly what he was talking about and she felt her knees grow wobbly. She inhaled deeply and said, “You want…you mean you…or, we…”

Dr. Gilbert only nodded slightly and folded his hands on top of her test paper.

Her mind raced. Had she been wearing panties, they would have been soaked through. She thought of him bending her over his desk and sliding into her from behind, smacking his hand on her ass while he thrust into her. An image of his lap, his cock jutting up from his open fly seconds before she lowered herself onto it and took him in deep. She could feel the smooth, cool wood of his large desk under her bare ass and her legs around his back as he pressed into her, his hands on her tits, tugging at her nipples while he fucked her. Her nipples rose into sympathetic points that rubbed uncomfortably inside Zack’s loose sweatshirt, and her clit throbbed in response.



She was supposed to meet him at seven.

“I can’t come tonight,” she said, and even as the words left her lips she suspected that unless it was by her own hand—again—that it would be true in more than one manner of speaking. “I already have plans for tonight. To study. In the library.”

Dr. Gilbert looked down at his crossed hands. He took her paper and set it aside with the other tests that had been turned in and smiled at her. “Well, I wouldn’t want to interfere with your studies.”

Janie waited for him to continue, but when he didn’t, she continued, stammering a bit in hopes of preempting his disappointment—or anger. “I can come tomorrow afternoon…or meet you somewhere…else, maybe…in the evening…”

He picked up his phone and tapped the screen a few times. “I have a free block of time at 4 again. That is, if you can make yourself available.” He smirked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, sir,” she said, smiling back at him in response. “I’m very much looking forward to our meeting.”

She returned to her seat and bent to gather her book bag that still leaned against the leg of the chair. As she did, she bent deeply, allowing her already short skirt to ride up and expose the round curves of her ass. Not looking back, she stood, and tossing her bag over her shoulder and smoothing her skirt into place, she exited the lecture hall.

She blinked a bit as she walked out into the bright sunlight, and within a matter of minutes, she regretted not putting a tank top on under Zack’s sweatshirt. It had grown oppressively warm outside the air-conditioned academic building and she shoved the sleeves up, looking down the sidewalk towards her dorm and then in the other direction towards her next class. Mentally, she debated whether it would be worth it to hike all the way back to the dorm in the heat just to change and possibly slip into some panties, or if she would be better off biting the bullet and heading straight for the air-conditioned comfort of the classrooms.

“How did you do on your test?” Zack’s voice startled her so near over her shoulder, and she spun, nearly colliding with him. “Sorry,” he said, laughing. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

She laughed and put a hand to her chest. “It’s okay. I was just…it doesn’t matter. My test? Oh, I did well. I think. Dr. Gilbert seemed pleased.”

Zack smirked, and in an instant, she thought she saw something familiar in the way he smiled at her, but it was a fleeting thought and it was getting warm standing out in the hot sun in a long-sleeved sweatshirt. She pushed the sleeves up again where they had slid down and brushed the hair off her sweaty forehead. “Well, good for you,” Zack responded. “He’s a hard man to please.”

“I don’t know,” Janie replied. “He seems pretty easy to please just as long as you do what he wants and expects.”

“Exactly,” Zack said. “Where you headed now?”

“I’m sweating like a whore in church,” Janie admitted. “I’m thinking I’ll head right to my next class because I’m afraid if I go back to the dorm and change into something cooler, I’ll be tempted to take a cold shower and then I won’t want to go back out in the heat and I’ll miss my class.”

“Hmm. Neither of those are as good as what I would have suggested.”

“You have a better plan?”

He smiled and slipped his hand into hers. “I was thinking I could give you a ride back to your dorm and you could change into something cooler—maybe even give my sweatshirt back, though I really do like it on you.” He reached over and toyed with the zipper pull, and Janie wondered if he could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. “And then I would pretend to drop you off at your next class, only I would really be planning to talk you into missing that class and coming with me down to the beach.”

Janie sighed. “That sounds awesome, actually,” she said, looking up at the cloudless sunny sky.

“What’s one class so late in the term?” Zack said, squeezing her hand slightly. “I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

She looked up at him and smiled into the gray eyes that were actually bluer out in the sun than she thought. His hand felt nice in hers and she had to admit that a walk on the hard-packed sand with her feet being embraced by the icy Atlantic ocean and her hair being tossed around by the onshore breeze seemed a much better way of passing an afternoon than sweating in a classroom.

“Can I have sprinkles on my ice cream?”

“Anything you want.”

“In that case, you talked me into it,” she said. “It’s just one class. What harm can it do?”

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Good Grades, Part Eleven


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I hope I didn’t rush this,” he said, his voice low.

Don’t worry, I’ve been ready for this all week,” she assured him, raising the hem of her already short skirt and straddling him gracefully. She settled onto his lap and unzipped the oversized hoodie that had been part of her daily uniform all week long. It fell to the floor under his desk and she smiled at his throaty murmur of appreciation as she offered him her bare breasts.

His lips parted and she gasped as her rosy nipple disappeared into his mouth. He sucked gently, rolling it over his tongue and making her squirm on his lap. Through the twill of his trousers she could feel the heat and hardness of his cock. She ground her bare pussy against him, drawing a satisfying “mmm” from the back of his throat.

He released her nipple and watched her breast bounce, licking lightly at the tip. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

I am,” she replied, running her fingers through his close-cropped hair. “Bring it.”

He smiled, and traced soft circles around her nipple with a fingertip. “First question: name one of the primary reasons for the formation of the Confederate states.”

She smiled confidently. “Let’s see. Well, one reason was because of slavery. The Confederate states were formed to back the prospect of expanding the slave states. They felt no need to be a part of the United States federal government and didn’t agree with their moral, political, or economical view, so to preserve the practice of slavery throughout the South and with the prospect of expanding it to new states added to the Union, Southerners created their own government.”

Dr. Gilbert smiled broadly. “I’m impressed. You have been studying.” He cupped her breasts, taking the hard point into his mouth again and sucking hard. She arched into him, moaning lightly. He pulled back, stretching the skin and again, letting go with a soft pop. He took her nipples between his fingertips and stroked them gently. “Ready for the next question?”

She smiled. “Give me a hard one this time.”

He chuckled and raised his eyebrow at her. “Oh, I’ll give you a hard one. But first, question two.” He thought for a second. “Okay, tell me why European countries didn’t come to the aid of the Confederacy.”

“Please,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Why would they? For starters, the South only had cotton to offer and there were other places to get it. Plus, on paper, there was no way the Confederacy was going to win, so no one was willing to back a losing horse. And then there’s the fact that slavery had been outlawed in Europe for quite some time and morally, no one wanted to see it preserved. So Europe basically said, ‘Eh, we’ll pass’ to the South.”

He watched her while she answered, licking her hard nipples and nibbling the soft skin gently with his lips and teeth. He smiled again, clearly pleased with her answers. He ran his hands up her back and buried his face in her soft chest. His words were muffled against her smooth skin. “Very good.”

“You’re pleased with my performance so far, then?” she asked, running her nails down his back.

“Very much. Let’s speed things up. Lightning round. Where did Robert E. Lee formally surrender?”


“Which General was known for his march to the sea and the scorched earth policy?”

“William Tecumseh Sherman.”

“What was the act that provoked the Union to declare war on the Confederacy?

“The firing on Fort Sumter.”

He twined his hands in her thick hair and pulled her head back gently, depositing a trail of kisses on her neck. “I’m convinced. You’re ready,” he said, turning his attention again to her nipples, teasing them with his tongue.

She wiggled her hips and rubbed herself on his hard cock, knowing he could feel her heat as easily as she could feel his. “So are you, sir,” she said.

He sighed and ran his hands down her back and over the soft curves of her bare ass. She inclined her head and kissed him deeply, wrapping her hands around his neck and pulling him close. She caught his lower lip gently between her teeth and pulled, finally letting him go with a soft kiss. “Should I sit in the front row to take my test, Dr. Gilbert?” she whispered, leaning back and sliding her hands down over her bare abdomen to where her dark nest of curls peeked out from beneath her hitched-up skirt. She ran her fingers lightly over her own pussy.

“Damn, woman,” he said, shaking his head.

Janie smiled. She let her fingertips wander, dancing lightly over his cock. She felt his flesh leap at her touch, and he swallowed hard, closing his eyes as she traced the ridge of the head through the fabric. “I’ll take that as a yes…?” she asked, increasing the pressure and rocking her hips, began stroking him in earnest.

“Yes,” he said, his affirmation little more than a throaty exhalation.

His cock was hard between her legs and her clit rubbed against it with each thrust of her hips. He was thrusting too, his rhythm matching hers. She leaned into him, offering him her breasts, tilting her head forward until her curls hung like a curtain around her face. “I need you inside me,” she whispered.

He opened his eyes and took her face in his hands. “Soon,” he said, kissing her again.

She leaned back, away from his kisses and his seeking mouth. “I’m not going to be able to concentrate on the Civil War like this,” she panted. “All I’ll be thinking about is your cock.”

He smiled. “Well, that won’t do.” He guided her hand to her pussy. “I want to watch. Make yourself come for me.”

She closed her eyes and tentatively sought her clit, stroking it gently, feeling his eyes on her as she rubbed the hard little nugget. She was slick and wet and fought back a moan as she slipped a finger inside her cunt.

“That’s beautiful,” he said. Her eyes fluttered open. Her finger was shining with her juices and she raised it to his lips. He drew it into his mouth, sucking it gently. “Mmm,” he said. “I love your sweet pussy.”

She leaned back against his desk, letting her head fall back. He wrapped his arms around her legs to support her, and with his help, she spread her legs wide for him. She knew her cunt was pink and wet and she slid her fingers in easily, fucking herself with abandon, spurred on by the knowledge that he was watching her, and by the feel of his body beneath hers, moving against her. If the change in his breathing was any indication, he was bringing himself to a crisis point right along with her.

She imagined a cock she had not seen, pictured it sliding inside her. He would stay dressed, his shirt buttoned and neatly tucked in, only his cock out and inside her, filling her deeply. She thrust faster, letting her palm smack against her clit harder with each stroke. He moved with her, his fingers clutching her thighs so hard as to be almost painful.

His voice was deep and husky. “Come for me,” he said. His voice acted on her like a drug, as if the vibrations carried directly to her cunt.

“I’m going to come,” she said, and before the last word was out of her mouth, she moaned, feeling the pleasure deep inside her burst forth. She sank her fingers deep, feeling the strong muscles grip her tightly as they throbbed and pulsed.

She didn’t know when he stopped moving, but when she sat up, he helped her ease her legs to the floor. She draped her arms over his shoulder and let him nuzzle her breasts while she caught her breath. He was breathing hard too, and as she sat, she felt a warmth spreading beneath her spent pussy.

She looked down, and then into his eyes with a smile. “Did you…?”

He smiled back and smacked her playfully on her bare haunch. “And now I’m going to have to change very quickly if I’m going to get downstairs to administer your exam. Now up you go.”

She got off and retrieved Zack’s sweatshirt from under Dr. Gilbert’s desk and put it back on. It still smelled like him and she sniffed gently while her back was turned. In a fleeting thought she wondered what it would be like to ride Zack that way and if he would be as skilled and forceful as Dr. Gilbert. With a blush and a secret smile, she zipped it up and pulled her skirt down.

“I have to go get a good seat,” she said, bending over to kiss him. She grinned confidently and grabbed her books off his desk. “I’m going to ace this son of a bitch. You watch.”

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Good Grades, Part Ten


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He left a few crumpled bills and a generous tip for the waitress and held the door for her. The easy conversation continued right up until he pulled his car into a parking place outside her dorm and cut the engine. It was late, after midnight and the “no boys” rule was in full effect. “I can’t ask you in,” she said. “All girls dorm. Unlike your dad, my father wants me in a dorm because he thinks I’ll be safer.” She smiled at him. “He’s probably right. Control freak though he is.”

“I’ll just walk you to your door, then.” Without waiting for her to demur, he got out of the car and she walked with him hand-in-hand up the front steps to the building. They stood together in the dim yellow glow of the porch light.

“I had a great time tonight,” she said, taking both his hands and holding them in hers. “I’m glad your dad made you go to that party.”

“Me too, oddly enough. I’m not going to tell him that, though.”

“Why not?”

Zack chuckled. “Because my father likes being right way too much.”

“Your dad a control freak, too?”

He nodded. “And the hell of it is he’s usually right. The bastard.” He laughed.

Her laugh blended with his, and then they fell silent again. “I guess I should give you your sweatshirt back.”

Zack pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to her. “How about you give me your phone number instead. I can use the sweatshirt as a pretense, thus saving me hours of anguish laboring over a plausible excuse to call you.”

Janie laughed and entered her number into his phone before handing it back to him. “You don’t need a reason to call me,” she assured him.

He smiled and put his phone back in his pocket. “I have lots of reasons, actually,” he said. Again, they fell silent and Janie looked down at her shoes. “I should probably say goodnight, then.”

Janie looked up at him and smiled. “Yeah, I guess so.” She stepped closer to him, tipping her head up to look into his eyes. She felt the warm rush of attraction and smiled at the sensation, feeling butterflies in her stomach at the hope that he might kiss her, and wondering if she should make the first move.

He seemed to study her, as if he was making an important decision, and after a moment’s consideration, he asked, “Would it be alright if I kissed you good night?”

The butterflies swooped and circled at the request. She had become quite accustomed to just allowing kisses to happen, or making them happen if the boy she liked seemed too shy to initiate. Being asked respectfully was a new sensation entirely and she nearly shivered from the pleasure of it. “I’d like that,” she said, and placed her hands softly on his chest.

He leaned his head down and gently pressed his lips to hers. His mouth was soft and inviting, his kiss not a question or a demand, but an affirmation of what he hoped was the beginning of something more. She felt a physical stirring and longed to kiss him more deeply, to fan the spark between them and watch the flames ignite, but he pulled away with a smile. “Good night,” he said, smiling at her and turning to walk down the stairs.

“Good night,” she said, and resisting the urge to add, “Call me!” she let herself into the building. She shut the door tightly behind her and leaned against it, hugging his sweatshirt to her with a grin.

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Good Grades, Part Nine


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Sometimes when I get to writing, I really don’t know where the story is going to go. I just start typing and the act of fingers on keyboard coax the story out of my brain. And as it sometimes happens, what is teased out of the creative center of my gray matter is something greater in scope than I initially anticipated.

This is one of those stories. I try to create a story in media res, which is to say that when I sit to write a short story, I pace it like a short story. But on occasion, I’ll begin writing what I believe to be a short story only to find that it’s an iceberg, and what I have on paper is only the sharp, poky bit sticking up out of the water. And then WHAM. That big icy bastard has snuck up on me out of nowhere and now I’m trying to figure out how to alter my course and navigate that bad boy without getting stove all to cat shit.  I have to slow down and that means the pacing changes. 

Normally, I’d just write on without mentioning it as it is part of my creative process. I’d just smooth out the pacing, or any other details that stick or need clarification, or fix the continuity of of anything that has changed as the story unfolds, during the editorial process. But since this is more of a stream-of-consciousness kind of a dealie-o, I guess it’s a flaw to which I’ll have to reconcile myself. I hope you, gentle reader, will as well. 

* * * * *

The air in the house was stifling, too warm and close already for the time of year and made worse by the crush of too many bodies in too small a space. Janie pressed through the crowd, not bothering to excuse herself since she would be unheard over the loud, thumping bass coming from an enormous set of floor speakers and the oppressive din of voices shouting and laughing over the club music.

She struggled to keep the cheap beer from sloshing out of her red Solo cup as she dodged elbows on her way to the back door. The pot smoke was giving her a headache and she felt if she didn’t get some fresh air soon, she’d scream—not that anyone would have heard her.

The slider door opened onto a back deck as full of bodies as the crowded kitchen, but the air was cleaner and cooler, and despite the cries and whoops from a game of beer pong in progress, quieter. She slipped down the steps to the big backyard, which, being unlit, was relatively empty. A few couples were curled up in the shadows on various pieces of lawn furniture and a group of guys ignored the occasional giggle and groan of pleasure to concentrate on kicking a soccer ball around without spilling their beer.

She walked past, ignoring the comment of “nice ass” said just loud enough for her benefit. She left them all behind, and as she got further from the house, the sound of the ocean took over. At the edge of the lawn was a path concealed largely by the dark and overgrown, leafy bushes. She pushed by them and picked her way carefully down the grassy path to where it gave way to soft sand.

Away from the house there was nothing but moonlight on the calm water, a sky full of stars, and the twinkle of lights coming from the beach houses that ringed the large bay. The tide was going out, and the sea air was salty on the slight breeze. The deep bass of the music was muffled and sounded like a heartbeat from so far away; in counterpoint with the gentle rush and whoosh of the waves on the sand, Janie found it soothing.

She sipped her beer and hugged her arms, wishing for a sweater as the constant breeze dried the fine sheen of sweat on her skin and chilled her, despite the warm evening. She heard a splash from off to her left and turned in time to see a boy walking towards her. His hands were in his pockets and his head was down as he made his way over the hard-packed sand.

“Hi,” Janie said, smiling at him.

“Oh, hello,” he said, stopping suddenly and looking up at the sound of her voice.

Janie smiled. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“I didn’t expect anyone else to be down here.”

“Me either, to be honest,” she said. “I didn’t think many people knew about this beach.”

He smiled at her. “I grew up playing on this beach. I used to hide in those bushes sometimes. Once, my mom thought I’d drowned. She was not impressed with either my hiding or my seeking abilities.”

Janie laughed. “So, you live here?” she asked.

“Not exactly. I know the people who own the house. They moved, and kept the house to rent to college students.” He looked up in the direction of the pounding bass that had changed tempo slightly and was now throbbing at a quicker pace. “Bad move, if you ask me. But then, no one did, so there’s that.”

“So you’re a local, then?” Janie asked, sipping her beer. “I took you for a student.”

“That too,” he said. “A humble freshman.”

“What’s your major?”

“Social work. What about you? Can I assume you’re also a student?”

Janie nodded. “Fifth year senior.” She paused, then by way of explanation added, “Studying’s really not my thing.”

“What’s your major?”

She shrugged. “Liberal arts.”

He chuckled. “Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up?”

“Not a clue,” she said, laughing as well. “That’s provided I pass all my classes and actually graduate. It’s kind of up in the air at the moment.” The image of Dr. Gilbert spanking her ass to a rosy pink flashed through her mind and she shivered, but not because of the breeze that kicked up and swirled the branches that lined the shore.
He unzipped his hoodie and handed it to her. “Thanks,” she said, slipping her arms into the warm, well-worn sweatshirt.

“I’m Zack, by the way,” he said, holding his hand out to her.

She shook it and smiled at his old-fashioned manners. “I’m Janie…Jane.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Janie laughed. “What are you laughing at?” he asked.

“Nothing, really. I like the way you talk.”

He tipped his head and looked at her, smiling. “What do you mean?”

She kept laughing. “I don’t know. Just the way you say things. It’s unique. And interesting. You sound older than you are.”

He shrugged. “Okay, then. As long as you like it.”

“I do!”

They fell silent for a moment, smiling at each other but not knowing what to say.

“So.” Zack began. “How come you’re not up at the party?”

Janie picked at the lip of her cup. “I don’t know. Usually I’d be right in the center of everything, dancing, drinking…but tonight it just seems so…”

“So what?”

“It feels a little like I’ve outgrown it.” She looked at her nearly empty cup of beer and tossed what was left in the bushes. “All of a sudden. And since my roommate is currently letting half the rugby team do body shots off of her and she has the keys to car, I don’t think I’m leaving any time soon.” She smiled at him. “What about you? Why aren’t you up there playing beer pong until you hurl in the geraniums?”

“I confess I am only here under protest.”

“Who’s holding you hostage?”

He laughed. “No one. My dad is concerned that after almost a full year at college I’m not ‘making friends my own age’ so he urged me to ‘go out and take part in college life.’” He punctuated his words with air quotes. “I’m humoring him.”

“But you’re local. You must have lots of friends around still. No?”

“I went to live with my mom after my parents split. I came here on vacations and long weekends to hang out with dad. And when I got accepted here, living with dad made sense, even though he’s worried that by not living in the dorms I’m missing out on some important college experiences.”

“Well, there’s nothing like a gang shower to break the ice, I always say.”

He laughed. “I’ll pass, thanks.”

“So technically, you’re a townie, but—“

“But not really. Just another noob trying to see where I fit in just like everyone else.” He glanced up toward the house. “I’m still looking.”

Janie remembered her own freshman year, and how it felt trying to fit in and find her place.  “Hey. You want to get out of here? Maybe go get a cup of coffee or something?”

“Yeah, actually. I’d like that.”

They grabbed a booth at the back of the diner and gave their order to the plump blonde waitress. She brought them two thick white mugs full of hot coffee. Janie sweetened hers and dropped in a long pour of cream, but Zack only blew on his and waited for it to cool off.

“You drink it black?” she said, putting down the stainless steel creamer pitcher after he’d shook his head at her offer. “Wow. I thought only old people and Marines drank black coffee.”

He laughed, and Janie laughed with him. He had a great smile, she thought, though his eyes seemed serious. She wondered if it just seemed that way because they were the color of a stormy sky. They conversed easily, like two people who had known each other for a long time. Once or twice she found herself staring at him and felt a strong, sweet rush of attraction flow through her. Her first reaction to it was to flirt, but something about him made her curb the impulse and just let the feeling settle in her. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt sure that any artifice on her part would be wholly rejected by him, and the knowledge that she wasn’t required to put on any kind of display for him was comforting, and very attractive. He was intelligent and funny, and seemed to really like her, too, since he kept nodding when their waitress came around to top off their cups.

“So, are you seeing anyone?” he asked. His face was honest and sweet, youthful, except for those deep gray eyes.

She opened her mouth to answer and then stopped, unsure of her answer.


“I’m sorry,” he said, leaning back in the booth as if doing so would put her at ease. “That was probably too personal a question to ask.”

“No,” she said, reaching her hand across the table and laying it on his. “Not at all. I’m just not sure how to answer it. There’s a guy—”

He nodded and gently pulled his hand out from beneath hers. “It’s okay. I understand.”

She laughed. “Then explain it to me. Because I’m not sure I do.”

He looked confused. “Okay, you lost me.”

She put her hand on his again. “There’s this guy. I like him—at least I think I do. I’m not really sure because I don’t know him that well. He’s…hard to get to know.” Zack nodded and let her continue. “We’re not ‘dating’ or anything, but I’d be lying if I said there was nothing between us. We have a relationship—of sorts—I see him and we’re…” she paused, unable to find the words to describe it. She frowned at her inability to find any positive words to describe her connection to Dr. Gilbert and finally gave up. “Like I said, it’s complicated.”

Zack thought about her words and she could see he was carefully considering what to say next. “So, if I were to ask you out again some time, maybe for something more than a cup of diner coffee, do you think you might say yes? Or is this thing with that guy more complicated than that?”

Janie thought for a minute. Zack sat patiently and sipped his coffee. As she looked into his eyes, she felt the similar falling sensation she got from Dr. Gilbert, only he wasn’t sitting with her sharing a cup of coffee and talking about his life. She knew nothing of him—where he lived, how he lived, what he did when he wasn’t teaching his classes or bringing her deep powerful orgasms bent over his desk. It wasn’t even a purely physical relationship, since it was entirely unreciprocated. For him, she didn’t even exist outside of his office or his classroom. But within those walls, she was most definitely, passionately his, to do with as he would.

Zack waited for her answer, not rushing or pleading his case. He didn’t beg like so many boys did, or try to captivate her with smooth talk and easy charm. He was simply warm and interesting, and while he didn’t leave her breathless and panting with passion, she was enjoying his company. His hand was still beneath hers, and she twined her fingers in his. It felt comfortable and right.

“I think I would say ‘yes’ if you were to ask me out some time,” she said with a smile.

Was she seeing anyone? Well, no.

Not really.

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Good Grades, Part Eight


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“I was hoping you’d say that.” He ran his hands over her hips to the pink plastic button on her shorts. With nimble fingers he popped the fly open and slid the zipper down. He slipped his hand inside and ran his fingers through her damp curls. She gasped and grabbed the edge of his desk to steady herself. His fingers teased her clit, stroking her lightly. “You have a very sweet pussy,” he said. He looked into her eyes and again she found herself lost there. His gaze was unswerving as he touched her, even as her own eyelids fluttered with pleasure.

Without warning, his fingers were inside her, filling her emptiness and she watched his composure slip. He shut his eyes briefly and swallowed hard, licking his lips. “So tight and hot,” was all he murmured as his lips found hers again. He leaned into her and she raised her leg, wrapping it around him, pulling him closer, urging him to go deeper still. He let go of her mouth reluctantly and stepped back, pulling his hand out of her shorts so quickly it made her gasp.

“Why did you stop?”

He stepped back and she could see his erection plainly through his pants. “Slide your shorts off for me, please.” He was breathing hard and watched her intently as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and let her shorts fall to the floor in a crumpled mass of cotton at her feet.

“Like this?” she asked, suddenly feeling exposed and wanting to cover herself with her hands.

He only looked at her from a couple of steps away. “If you had done as I’d asked and come to class like that, with only a little bit of a skirt covering you, I would have been powerless in front of that class. I’d have had trouble keeping my game face in front of a couple hundred undergraduate students. I would have carried the image of your pussy with me all day, remembering how it feels and how it tastes and smells. I would have thought of you all day long. That’s the power you would have had if you’d have done as I asked.”

Janie began to understand.

“But you decided to take the power into your own hands and do not as I asked, but as you wanted. Maybe you even wanted to see what I would do if you went against my instructions.”

Janie nodded and smiled sheepishly.

“If you had followed my instructions, you would have had me wrapped around your finger. You would have had all the power. Do you understand?”

“I do,” she said.

“Good. Now turn around for me, please.”

She turned, and smiled at him over her shoulder. “Like this?”

He smiled back and she felt goosebumps as he slipped up behind her. His hands ran over her soft, round ass appreciatively. “You have a beautiful ass, too.”

“Thank you,” she said, spreading her legs a bit and inviting him to touch her further.

“Tell me, Jane. Have you ever been spanked?”

She blinked. “What? No. Well, not since I was little.”

“Hmm. You have an ass that’s just begging for a spanking.”

His hands were hot on her skin. In a low, rather timid voice, she asked, “Will it hurt?”

He chuckled. “Not really. I could make it hurt, if you wanted me to, but I wouldn’t at first.”

She swallowed hard. “Would you like to spank me?”

She heard his voice catch in the back of his throat. “Yes. I would like to very much.”

She turned her head away from him. “I trust you.”

Slowly, she leaned forward and put her hands on his desk. She arched her back and spread her legs a bit wider for him, her body trembling and tingling with anticipation.

She jumped at the touch of his hand on her bare ass, then giggled nervously as he only stroked her softly, dipping his hand between her legs, turning her laugh into a soft sigh. He rested his left hand on the small of her back and with his right hand, patted her round rump. One light tap, then his fingers inside her again. A second tap, harder this time, followed by more gentle caresses between her thighs.

Each time was a bit harder than the last, always followed by his hand on her cunt, inside her, or flicking lightly over her hard clit. When she felt his fingers slide away, she knew to expect the flat smack of his palm on her ass, and each time, she grew to anticipate it. She craved it.

Her cunt was dripping and swollen, and her ass cheeks were growing hotter with each slap of his hand. She moaned with each blow, wanting more, wanting it harder, wanting to feel it sting.

“More,” she said, gripping the edge of the desk in a half-plea, half command. “Faster.”

She gasped at the crack of his palm on her, then a second one, harder still, and a third. Her legs were shaking as again he slid his hands between them and touched her, bringing her closer and closer to coming. “More,” she begged breathlessly. “Don’t stop.”

His wet hand smacked against her reddened cheeks, the primal crack of flesh on flesh sounding loud in the small office and making her lose control. She imagined what it looked like to him, what the soft, white globes of her ass looked like reddened and swollen from his hand, of how pink and shining her cunt would look to him as he took her from behind.

As if he could read her mind, she felt his hands part her cheeks and she cried out as he sank to his knees on the rough, industrial carpet and put his mouth on her spread pussy. He lapped at it greedily, running his tongue over her clit and sucking it hard. His hands were rough on the tender, red skin of her ass as he spread her wider, running his tongue from her wet cunt up to the soft, sweet puckered whorl. She squirmed, suddenly embarrassed at the intimate touch on a spot no man had yet explored, but her protests died on her lips as he breached her virgin defenses with his tongue. She felt herself open for him and moaned at the deliciousness of his warm tongue inside her. His fingers were busy in her cunt, filling her, stroking her clit and bringing her close to the edge. She hung on, wanting the exquisite pleasure to last, thrilling at the new and unfamiliar sensations mingling with those she knew so well.

When she finally gave in, when she let herself go and allowed the feelings to crash into her, she cried out, coming hard, leaning back into his mouth and hands, her legs and hands shaking as she tried to remain on her feet.

Only when the last of the throbbing subsided did he pull away from her, leaning back on his heels and easing her gently onto his lap. His arms were around her, holding her close, pressing her red ass against him so that she could feel his need for her. She leaned into him, and when she could again speak, she leaned her head back on his shoulder and whispered, “I want to give you that same pleasure.”

He chuckled. “That’s another lesson for another day.”

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Good Grades, Part Seven.


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Janie made it to the lecture hall a good fifteen minutes before class was scheduled to begin. She took a spot in the front row center of the nearly empty room and unpacked her books. She reviewed her assignment, looking up every time she heard the side door open.

Dr. Gilbert didn’t arrive until barely three minutes before class began, dropping his bag on the desk with a thud and shutting his phone off before sticking it back in his pocket. He looked up and scanned the front row, his eyes locking on Janie, who had in turn not taken her eyes off him from the moment he walked in. She smiled at him, and the corner of his mouth turned up slightly in response. His eyes shifted downward and she watched a darkness cross his face the way a cloud darkens the landscape on an otherwise sunny day.

She grinned mischievously, tugging at the hem of her madras shorts.

Dr. Gilbert looked away, his smile gone, his face a stony mask. He cleared his throat and in a strong voice, began his lecture.

Janie looked down and swallowed hard, her cheeks burning, hot tears pricking the corner of her eyes. He was displeased with her, that much was certain, and she could feel the anger fill the room like a heavy, damp fog. It chilled her and she wanted to run, but there was nowhere for her to escape. He seemed a different person than the man who had so gently taken her into his office after she had embarrassed herself outside his door.

The ninety-minute class dragged on interminably. She raised her hand to answer the questions he posed, but he looked over her head and called on other students. Finally, she stopped raising her hand and sat meekly, fiddling with her pen and watching the clock.

When class ended, Janie sat in her seat until the hall emptied of students. Dr. Gilbert did not linger, but packed his notes quickly and headed for the side door. Janie called after him, and he turned.

“Aren’t you going to speak to me?” she asked, not knowing what else to say.

He faced her and looked down at her shorts. “I thought we had an agreement about you doing what is assigned to you in exchange for an improved grade.”

“I did what you said,” she said, smiling at him. Lowering her voice, she added, “I’m not wearing panties. You can check if you like.”

He looked at her sternly, his voice low but clear. “You know full well what I wanted from you.”

“I did all the work. I was prepared for class…”

“There was more to our agreement than just homework. You said you would do anything. I expect you to hold up your end and not play games with me. I don’t have time for little girls who play games. You get me?”

Janie nodded.

“I have specific…needs and so do you. There are things you need from me, and there are things I’d like from you. But not if you’re going to jerk me around. If you’ve changed your mind, let me know and you’re free to try to get your grade up over passing without my help.”

Janie felt her lower lip tremble a bit. “I’m sorry,” she said, fighting back tears. “I didn’t realize…I thought we were…”

His voice softened and he put his hand on her arm. “This is neither the time nor the place to discuss it. I’ll be in my office at four. Don’t be late.” He smiled gently at her.

She waited until he was through the door to let a single tear run down her face.

The tears hovered near her lashes all day, threatening to spill forth as she picked at her lunch in the dining hall and while she sat in her civics class, struggling to pay attention.

Stop playing games.

He’d said it twice to her. What did he mean? What games was he talking about?

She stared out the window and chewed on the end of her pen. Her brows knit together as she tried to figure him out. Games. He was the one playing games, wasn’t he? Do this. Wear that…

How did she even wind up playing by his rules in the first place?

She shifted in her seat, confused and uncomfortable in her skin, wanting to get out of there, away from people, away from the droning of the teacher and the shuffling of the students around her. She felt like they could read her thoughts, which were disturbing her enough on their own without the creeping sensation that every one of them was written all over her face.

That he wanted her was certain. Or was it? He said he did, but when given multiple chances, he didn’t claim her. He never really even tried to. He toyed with her, getting her hot and bothered and sending her away unsatisfied.

But never seeking his own satisfaction.

She had offered it, after all. Offered her body in exchange for a piddling D-minus. Why was he making it so hard?

The thoughts swirled around as she tried to make sense of her relationship with Dr. Gilbert. What was it? He had been intimate with her, and the remembrance of his mouth on her, licking and sucking at her clit until it throbbed was enough to set her to shifting in her seat again. And yet, she’d not been asked to call him by his first name. He’d had his fingers inside her, but had not so much as undone a single shirt button.

So many things had become a series of questions since she’d approached him, and she felt the answer was like the end of a string, or a piece of yarn, and once she found it and tugged that the whole of the thing would unravel and be clear. Only she couldn’t worry out that bit to grab onto, and it ate at her.

By the time class dragged painfully to its end, Janie realized she’d heard nothing of the lesson and would have to read twice as carefully to pass the next test, and the thought rolled through her head, she further realized that she was actually giving thought to and making plans for studying. It was another puzzling development, to be sure.

At four o’clock, she was admitted to his office where she put her books on his desk and asked him, quite directly, “Dr. Gilbert, what are we doing here?”

“Could you be more specific?”

“This. What are we doing? What are…we? Are we…? Is this a thing?” She struggled to find the words, and when none of them made sense, she let them flow anyway. “What I mean is, I don’t know if my offer was…accepted, or not. I don’t know how long I’m supposed to be playing this game that I don’t know the rules to. I’m not even sure what we’d call this ‘thing’ we’ve got going on…” Her voice sped up as she talked, and she knew she sounded petulant, but as she began to speak, all the thoughts she’d sifted through came tumbling out in disjointed phrases and half-remembered points. It frustrated her, and she felt the annoying tears well up again, much to her dismay.

When she’d stopped talking, Dr. Gilbert rose and took her hand. “You’re looking for some reassurances, aren’t you?” he asked. When she nodded, he smiled softly at her. “Jane, you’re a beautiful girl, and what’s more, you know it. I’ve known a lot of girls and women like you. Confident. Sexy. Smart—but lazy.” Janie frowned, and he ran his thumb over her full lower lip. “You know it’s true. You thought it would be easier to come in here and offer to sleep with me than it would be to actually study. I bet you even figured I’d be a pretty easy mark, that I’d accept your proposal on the spot.”

Janie blushed, but her voice was steady. “Didn’t you?”

He only smiled again. “I haven’t had sex with you yet, have I?”

She shook her head. “Why haven’t you? Don’t you like me?”

He slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. She shivered a little as he pulled her body against his. “I haven’t taken you for a few reasons. First of all, because I’m a professor and you’re an undergraduate, and fucking you is unethical and could cost me my job. And I like my job.” He ran his cheek along hers and she felt the goosebumps rise from the feeling of his warm lips on her neck. “Second, I haven’t yet given into your substantial charms because I spent my own years as an undergraduate at the mercy of girls just like you.” His voice was low, but it took on an edge, even as his fingers cupped her breast and teased her nipple into a hard point. “I’ve known plenty of girls full of sexual power who thought nothing of using a bit of pussy to get what they wanted—be it a seat in a crowded lounge or a passing grade.”

His hand found the hem of her shirt and slid underneath, pulling down the cup of her bra and freeing her breast. He tugged the hard nipple, making her gasp with pleasure. “I haven’t fucked you yet because at the moment, I’m just a means to an end for you.” He leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked, drawing a soft moan from her parted lips. He let it go, releasing it with a gentle bounce and with his lips a whisper away from hers, he looked deep into her eyes. “But that’s changing. You can feel it, and it’s got you off-balance.” She nodded slightly. “I promise you this: when I do finally spread your legs and slide my cock inside you, it’s not going to be for a grade, or as an exchange of services, or as some sort of display of your sexual power. It’s going to be because you can’t live without it.”

This time, when his lips covered hers, she returned his kiss hungrily.

He kissed her deeply and with considerable skill, at turns drawing her into him with his seeking tongue, forceful and insistent, and then pulling away so his touch was whisper soft, his kisses a question awaiting her response.

Janie felt herself melt in his arms, his words swirling through her brain and brushing against other thoughts—other words and phrases—and she felt the familiar rooting around for that loose end, for that little bit of information that would unravel all the rest and make things clear. She couldn’t think with his lips on her, and with difficulty, she pushed him away.

His cool eyes appraised her as she stepped away from him, pulling her clothing back into place. She was breathing hard and her cotton shorts were damp with desire. “I’m sorry,” she said. She shook her head from side to side as if doing so would help shake her thoughts into place. “I don’t understand. What am I to you?”

He stepped closer to her and gently brushed a tendril of hair off her forehead. “You are my student. I can and will help you get your grades up because I’m a hell of a teacher.” He smiled and wove his fingers through her thick hair, pulling her head back slightly. He pressed his lips to her neck and kissed a soft trail down to the deep cleft between her breasts. “But you’ve offered your body to me as well as your brain. I won’t lie. The idea of helping you realize your true sexual power and how to use it—well, that’s a pretty exciting proposition.” He stood, and pulled her close again so that his lips brushed against hers as soft as butterfly wings as he spoke, his voice low and sensual. “There are so many things you have yet to learn that you just can’t get from books or in a classroom.”

A breath away from her, his hands strong on her body, she felt a tug and the great giving way of her tangled thoughts. She looked deep into his eyes, letting herself fall willingly into their depths.

“Teach me.”

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Good Grades, Part Six. Ish. Whatever. Just keep reading.


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Janie noticed her hand was still shaking a bit as she braced herself on the blonde wood of the closed door. She didn’t know what it was about him that made her shiver like a spoiled chihuahua. Two days earlier he was utterly unremarkable to her, and now she was leaning against his office door, her sweaty palm wrinkling his neatly printed schedule as she found herself contemplating the most minute details about him, from the few silver hairs at his temples to the ragged edge of his thumbnail where he had bitten it to the quick.

She was dangerously close to coming—so close that she wasn’t sure that simply taking a few steps down the hall wouldn’t make her have an orgasm in front of everyone. She took deep breaths, struggling to gain some composure before walking away, but with each breath in it seemed she could feel his fingers inside her. With each exhale, the hairs on her neck stirred in memory of his warm breath and soft lips, so intimate and close to her.

She wanted to go back in. She closed her eyes and pictured herself invading his personal space behind his desk, and raising her skirt, showing him her wet cunt and letting him see how ready she was for him. She’d take charge this time; no more letting him have his way, toying with her like she was a puppet to be manipulated. She would force him back in his chair and pull his cock out, stroking him hard a few times before straddling his lap. His cock would slide in easily, and the feeling of her tight, hot cunt would break through that passive, unmoving half-smile that he plastered on his face whenever he was around her.

She wanted to see him cum, to watch his face as she used her body to bring him closer and closer to his own breaking point. He would be the one whose breath was coming in shallow, ragged gasps, and she wondered if he would moan as he grabbed her soft ass and shot his load inside her, or if his release would be marked only by a sudden, almost silent rush of breath.

The thought of watching him lose control was making the throbbing between her legs unbearable. She shifted her weight almost imperceptibly from foot to foot, causing her swollen lips to rub against her clit. She tensed and released her muscles rhythmically the way should would if he was inside her, biting her lower lip hard to keep from moaning aloud.

Janie couldn’t stop. She was going to cum in the hallway, leaning against his office door, pretending to read the notices he had tacked up while people came and went, while doors opened and slammed around her, and with strangers brushing against her as they walked past. She tasted blood and felt a dull stab of pain where her lip did its part in keeping her from making any sound as she felt the spasms begin and the rush of pleasure wash outwardly from her center.

She wanted to laugh, even as tears filled her eyes and a gush of her own fluids wet her thighs and trickled out from under the hem of her skirt. She breathed deeply a few times, wiping at the mess on her legs and wishing she was anywhere but where she was standing.

The click of the door latch made her look up suddenly, and Dr. Gilbert was standing in front of her. She looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, her own voice sounding very small in her ears. “I tried to go home and do what you said, but I couldn’t help it…” She followed his gaze as he looked down to her damp thighs and shaking hands.

He pulled her into his office and shut the door behind them. Her eyes were still full of tears. “I didn’t mean to.”

He chuckled and slid the hem of her skirt up. She put her hands down to stop him. “No…” she protested weakly.

“It’s okay,” he said, his voice warm and reassuring. She leaned against the edge of his desk, her bare ass against the cold, smooth wood. He eased her back, and pulling up the same low chair she’d occupied only minutes before, he sat before her and ran his hands up her damp thighs, spreading them apart and bracing them on the arms of the chair. His lips were hot on her skin and she felt a chill of delight course through her at the feel of his tongue tasting her.

Gently, methodically, and without any sense of urgency, he took his time and licked and lapped gently at her soft thighs, working his way towards her spent pussy. As he parted the soft lips and ran his tongue along the slick, pink inner skin, he smiled up at her. “I wish I had enough time to enjoy this properly.”

He used his mouth expertly, savoring the musky sweetness of her, tasting the fruits of the climax he’d brought her to. When she was again squirming beneath him, he stopped, and kissed her thigh.

He stood and helped her to her feet, and again he neatly arranged her skirt so that she was covered. “I made sure not to go as far this time,” he said with a laugh. Then, before she knew what was happening, his mouth was on hers. He kissed her softly, almost hesitantly, and she tasted herself on his lips. She didn’t have time to return his kiss before he had stepped back again, and she watched him arrange his features into his usual unreadable mask. “You’ve made me late for my next lecture,” he said, his voice scolding, but the grin playing around the corners of his mouth gave him away.

“You’d better hurry,” she told him, her voice barely above a whisper. “If you’re more than twenty minutes late, they get to leave.”

He laughed and ushered her to the door, grabbing his bag on his way out. “They wouldn’t dare.”

Janie was beginning to believe that he meant it.

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Good Grades, Part…Four, is it? I’ve lost count. Just keep reading…


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(I got sick of typing Professor, so he’s “Dr.” now. This is a rough draft, after all.)

Janie stood in the hallway outside Dr. Gilbert’s door. It was closed tightly, and she was ten minutes early. Was it too much? Too early? Would she seem to eager? But would being right on time look like she was trying too hard? Her heels tapped a staccato rhythm on the tile floor as she paced back and forth. Two steps. Stop. Turn. Two steps back. Hesitate. Stop. Turn. Put hand on door knob. Stop. Take two steps away. Stop. Turn back. Raise hand to knock.

The sudden opening of the door startled her and she jumped. Dr. Gilbert smirked. “Someone’s jumpy today. Were you going to pace out here all afternoon?”

“No,” Janie said. “I was a little early and I didn’t want to interrupt if you were with another of your advisees.”

Dr. Gilbert nodded. “I appreciate it. But there’s no need. I never schedule back to back appointments. I like to leave a little buffer in between. Gives me time to get things…in order.”

He stepped aside and gestured for Janie to enter, shutting the door tightly behind them. She turned so that they were face to face and toe to toe. She put her hands on his chest and smiled. “So, did you check up on me with my math professor?”

“I did.”

“Did she tell you that I was on time?”

“She was pleasantly surprised.”

“I took notes and everything.”

“In that case, I’m pleasantly surprised, too.”

Janie’s smile widened. “Good. I want to please you.”

“That’s a nice start,” he told her, running the back of his fingertips over her cheek.

She leaned into his soft touch, closing her eyes and breathing him in. “Tell me what else I can do.” When he didn’t answer right away, she opened her eyes and looked into them. “Something more personal, maybe?”

He put his fingers under her chin and tipped her face up to his. He leaned close, his lips a breath away from hers. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Janie nodded.

Dr. Gilbert slipped his hands around her waist and over the soft curves of her ass. “You seem to favor short skirts,” he said, gathering the fabric in his hands and sliding it up over her hips. Janie felt goosebumps rise where his hands made contact with the bare skin of her thighs.

“Yes,” she said, her throat suddenly tight.

He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Janie felt the cool air on her bare skin as her panties slid down her legs and puddled at her feet. His hands were on her ass, stroking her gently, pulling her closer to him.

Again, his lips were close to hers, so close to touching it was maddening. “That’s how I want you to come to class tomorrow,” he said. “Come early, and sit in the front row. So I can check.” He brushed his lips against hers softly before taking a step back. He crouched down to retrieve her panties, and she shivered at the feeling of his warm breath so close to her bare pussy. She knew he could smell her desire as she stepped out of them, parting her thighs slightly. He pressed his lips to her mound, kissing her gently before standing and motioning for her to sit.

She sat gingerly on the low chair, uncertain if she should pull her skirt down or not, unsure of his intentions, and wanting desperately for his lips to touch her again. He retrieved a book from the desk and handed it to her. She recognized it as the text for his class. She looked up at him, confused.

“The page is marked for your reading assignment tomorrow. Read. Out loud.” He smiled, and raised her panties to his lips. “I’m going to hang onto these for now. I want you prepared for class in every way possible.”

Janie opened the book to the marked page, and carefully moving the yellow sticky note with a trembling hand, she began to read aloud from the text. As the words spilled out of her, she struggled to concentrate on what she was reading. She kept her legs together, but knew her dark triangle of curls was clearly visible to him. She remembered how his lips felt pressed there, and a thrill coursed through her. Her pussy hummed and she swore she could feel his eyes on her as surely as if his fingers, or tongue, or cock was touching her. Dr. Gilbert leaned against the edge of his desk, watching her intently, and between paragraphs she would pause and look up at him. He would only nod at her to continue, so she did.

She was acutely conscious of her skirt bunched up around her waist, and her thighs were sticking uncomfortably to the chair. Her clit throbbed, yearning to be touched, and the rhythmic clenching of her thighs in an effort to relieve some of her discomfort was only making it worse. She finished reading a paragraph and paused, fidgeting a little in her seat, crossing her legs as comfortably as she could under the circumstances.

“No,” he said, leaning down and resting his hand on her knee. “Uncross your legs.” Janie did as she was told and put her feet demurely on the floor. “In fact,” he added, smiling a bit, “spread your knees apart.”

Janie swallowed hard and slowly moved her feet apart, inching her shoes across the carpet and feeling her thighs part. She leaned back a bit and spread her legs as wide as the arms of the chair would allow. The wood pressed hard against her thigh, but she barely noticed. His hand was still on her leg, inches away from her soaked pussy, and she closed her eyes, willing him to touch her.

His hand slipped away and her lids fluttered open. He smiled again at her. “Finish the chapter, please.”

Janie kept reading, her legs apart, her bare cunt exposed for him. He didn’t move—didn’t speak. He let her finish reading, and when she reached the end of the section, he took the book from her. “I’m lecturing on that section tomorrow. Now that I know you’ve read it, your homework is to go home and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. They’re easy. Shouldn’t take you more than a half an hour.”

He stood up and put the textbook on his desk. He bent over her, leaning on the back of the chair with one arm while the other stole swiftly up her inner thigh. She closed her eyes at the touch of his fingers on her skin. His lips were soft against her neck as he parted her lips and lightly stroked her clit. Her deep exhale was a moan as he traced little circles over the sensitive bit, his lips nibbling just as lightly at the delicate skin just below her earlobe.

She didn’t dare move, save the heaving of her breasts as his expert fingers danced over her clit and dipped into her wet center. She shuddered as he penetrated her, filling her, and drawing out her juices that trickled down in a delightful, tickling path to wet the chair beneath her. He thrust into her—once, slowly, then pulling out, his fingers shining. Then back in, making her gasp and tilt her hips up to meet his hand. Slowly he finger-fucked her, until her thighs began to shake and her breath was coming in short, shallow pants.

Swiftly, he stood, pulling his fingers out of her. “Jane.”

She opened her eyes. “Oh, God. Please don’t stop.”

He smiled. “Stand up, Jane.”

She rose, sliding wetly over the leather and pressing her hands against her thighs. He pulled her skirt into place, adjusting it over her ass and smoothing the wrinkles slightly. “Now, go back to your dorm and do the assignment I just gave you. And do it well. And when you’re done—and only when you’re done—can you make yourself cum. Not before. Understood?

Janie nodded mutely.

He crossed to the door and opened it for her. Janie watched students and instructors passing by his open door, greeting him with nods and salutations, while she stood frozen, feeling as exposed and naked as if she’d been standing there unclothed. “I’ll see you in class, Jane,” he said, and the forcefulness of his tone brought her out of her fog.

“Tomorrow. Yes.”

She walked out and as she turned to say goodbye, she caught a glimpse of her panties in a crumpled heap on his desk seconds before the door closed on her.

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