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Janie noticed her hand was still shaking a bit as she braced herself on the blonde wood of the closed door. She didn’t know what it was about him that made her shiver like a spoiled chihuahua. Two days earlier he was utterly unremarkable to her, and now she was leaning against his office door, her sweaty palm wrinkling his neatly printed schedule as she found herself contemplating the most minute details about him, from the few silver hairs at his temples to the ragged edge of his thumbnail where he had bitten it to the quick.

She was dangerously close to coming—so close that she wasn’t sure that simply taking a few steps down the hall wouldn’t make her have an orgasm in front of everyone. She took deep breaths, struggling to gain some composure before walking away, but with each breath in it seemed she could feel his fingers inside her. With each exhale, the hairs on her neck stirred in memory of his warm breath and soft lips, so intimate and close to her.

She wanted to go back in. She closed her eyes and pictured herself invading his personal space behind his desk, and raising her skirt, showing him her wet cunt and letting him see how ready she was for him. She’d take charge this time; no more letting him have his way, toying with her like she was a puppet to be manipulated. She would force him back in his chair and pull his cock out, stroking him hard a few times before straddling his lap. His cock would slide in easily, and the feeling of her tight, hot cunt would break through that passive, unmoving half-smile that he plastered on his face whenever he was around her.

She wanted to see him cum, to watch his face as she used her body to bring him closer and closer to his own breaking point. He would be the one whose breath was coming in shallow, ragged gasps, and she wondered if he would moan as he grabbed her soft ass and shot his load inside her, or if his release would be marked only by a sudden, almost silent rush of breath.

The thought of watching him lose control was making the throbbing between her legs unbearable. She shifted her weight almost imperceptibly from foot to foot, causing her swollen lips to rub against her clit. She tensed and released her muscles rhythmically the way should would if he was inside her, biting her lower lip hard to keep from moaning aloud.

Janie couldn’t stop. She was going to cum in the hallway, leaning against his office door, pretending to read the notices he had tacked up while people came and went, while doors opened and slammed around her, and with strangers brushing against her as they walked past. She tasted blood and felt a dull stab of pain where her lip did its part in keeping her from making any sound as she felt the spasms begin and the rush of pleasure wash outwardly from her center.

She wanted to laugh, even as tears filled her eyes and a gush of her own fluids wet her thighs and trickled out from under the hem of her skirt. She breathed deeply a few times, wiping at the mess on her legs and wishing she was anywhere but where she was standing.

The click of the door latch made her look up suddenly, and Dr. Gilbert was standing in front of her. She looked into his eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, her own voice sounding very small in her ears. “I tried to go home and do what you said, but I couldn’t help it…” She followed his gaze as he looked down to her damp thighs and shaking hands.

He pulled her into his office and shut the door behind them. Her eyes were still full of tears. “I didn’t mean to.”

He chuckled and slid the hem of her skirt up. She put her hands down to stop him. “No…” she protested weakly.

“It’s okay,” he said, his voice warm and reassuring. She leaned against the edge of his desk, her bare ass against the cold, smooth wood. He eased her back, and pulling up the same low chair she’d occupied only minutes before, he sat before her and ran his hands up her damp thighs, spreading them apart and bracing them on the arms of the chair. His lips were hot on her skin and she felt a chill of delight course through her at the feel of his tongue tasting her.

Gently, methodically, and without any sense of urgency, he took his time and licked and lapped gently at her soft thighs, working his way towards her spent pussy. As he parted the soft lips and ran his tongue along the slick, pink inner skin, he smiled up at her. “I wish I had enough time to enjoy this properly.”

He used his mouth expertly, savoring the musky sweetness of her, tasting the fruits of the climax he’d brought her to. When she was again squirming beneath him, he stopped, and kissed her thigh.

He stood and helped her to her feet, and again he neatly arranged her skirt so that she was covered. “I made sure not to go as far this time,” he said with a laugh. Then, before she knew what was happening, his mouth was on hers. He kissed her softly, almost hesitantly, and she tasted herself on his lips. She didn’t have time to return his kiss before he had stepped back again, and she watched him arrange his features into his usual unreadable mask. “You’ve made me late for my next lecture,” he said, his voice scolding, but the grin playing around the corners of his mouth gave him away.

“You’d better hurry,” she told him, her voice barely above a whisper. “If you’re more than twenty minutes late, they get to leave.”

He laughed and ushered her to the door, grabbing his bag on his way out. “They wouldn’t dare.”

Janie was beginning to believe that he meant it.

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