Books by J. A. Reynolds


Not Safe for Work is a collection of six short stories inspired by and originally posted in an online forum for the amusement of a close group of Internet friends. The stories range from the sweetly erotic to the more emotionally complex, making for an assortment designed to satisfy a variety of needs.

“Museum Piece” is the story of Laura, a young art gallery curator working late getting ready for an opening. She is captivated by the sensual, erotic collection being prepared by fellow curator Christanka and finds satisfaction in a way she hadn’t planned. Read an excerpt here. 

In “Pottery Yarn,” a handsome potter makes a hand-crafted gift for his roommate and the research and development of the finished piece takes their friendly relationship to a new level. Read an excerpt here.

Infidelity meets immaturity in “Dirty Little Secret.” When his marital issues drive him into the arms much younger, much more sexually liberated woman, will he walk away from his responsibilities, or start anew? Read an excerpt here.

“Quit Your Day Job” is about a struggling jewelry designer who finds success when she learns to let go and let her muse take over.

“I Am Yours” is a story of a practiced submissive feeling himself threatened by a new favorite in his mistresses stable. When he goes a step too far, he needs to be punished. He wants to be punished. Read an excerpt here.

“Photo Finish” rounds out the sextet with a story of love and betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. Read an excerpt here.

Not Safe for Work is available for your KindleNook, or in Paperback.

BookCoverPreview7nightsNookSeven Nights is another collection of short stories, this time seven erotic tales make for a week’s worth of bedtime reading.

“Blessed Sacrament” is a lustful recollection of a past lover, and a reminder that forbidden fruit is often sweeter.

In “The Exhibitionist”, boundaries are tested and lines are crossed, and a married woman worries about the slippery slope on which she finds herself.

“Amy’s Beaver” is a light-hearted tale of one woman’s attempt to put a little zip into her marriage. Read an excerpt here.

Right and wrong, good and evil, pleasure and pain–those are the eternal struggles explored in “Plate of Fear”, in which a writer’s dinner date proves to me more than she bargained for–or ever even imagined. Read an excerpt here.

In “Just Desserts”, two friends become Friends With Benefits.

“Zero One-Niner” is a first-person look inside the mind of a writer and what erotica makes her do.

And in “Walden,” a couple ventures into the wild and gets lost not in the woods but in each other’s arms. Read an excerpt here.

Seven Nights is available for your Kindle, Nook, and in Paperback.

BookCoverPreviewDTRHNookDown the Rabbit Hole is a novella, and a re-telling of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.

In this version, a grown Alice falls into a world where nothing is as it seems. In a Wonderland inhabited by a well-endowed White Rabbit, a Duchess with a penchant for BDSM, and where the words “Eat Me” don’t refer to a biscuit, Alice tries to find her way through a sometimes confusing–though always arousing–maze of mushrooms, tea parties, and head-hunting Queens.

Read an excerpt here, and another one here.

Down the Rabbit Hole is available for the Kindle, Nook, and in Paperback.

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