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This is one of the last chapters of Down the Rabbit Hole. Alice, at this point in the story has been wandering through Wonderland trying to get into a lovely garden where she witnessed a spectacular orgy going on through a tiny door. Now, having met a very Dominant Duchess and her submissive Cook, petted and stroked a charmingly seductive Cheshire Cat, and had a tea party with a Mad Hatter, she now has found herself back in the garden at last, only now there is a game of sexual croquet being played and the Queen of Hearts is both a sore loser and a sore winner. Frustrated, confused, and a little scared, Alice seeks release without losing her head.


She had hoped Cat would have some idea about how this game was played; or more specifically, Alice wondered how to take part in this delightfully debauched orgy without losing her head. Cat, however, was very busy being the center of attention. The King had fetched the executioner, who was currently in a heated argument about how it was impossible to cut the head off of something that didn’t have a body. The King, for his part, felt quite strongly that if one had a head, one could be certainly be beheaded. The Queen declared in a shrill voice that if something wasn’t done about it in less than no time, she’d have everyone there beheaded, which caused the revelers (who really just wanted to get back to their Bacchanalian festivities) to look quite anxious.

Alice remarked that perhaps the Duchess would be of some help, so the King and the executioner ran off in different directions. But by the time they returned with the Duchess, Cat’s smiling face had completely disappeared. The King and the soldiers ran around everywhere looking for her, but she was nowhere to be seen, so the rest of the party went back to their games.

Left standing quite alone again, Alice found herself growing irritated and the whole of Wonderland quite tiresome.

“I’m very glad to see you again,” said a voice very near to Alice’s left ear. The Knave of Hearts slipped an arm around her waist and led her away from the croquet-ground. Alice was very glad to see him again, though she was concerned at the Knave’s utter lack of concern about being beheaded by the Queen if she should find one of her pets engaged with a guest. But then, she thought to herself, the Knave was a magnificent specimen of man and she was so tired of being treated rudely, that perhaps the risk would be quite worth it.

She walked along and was so engrossed with weighing the pros and cons of having a bit of sport with one of the Queen’s favorites that she didn’t realize the Knave was talking to her. She was startled when his voice sounded quite close to her ear again. “You’re thinking about something. I can tell because you forgot to talk. There’s a moral in that somewhere, only I can’t think of what it is right at the moment,” he said.

“Maybe there isn’t a moral,” Alice offered helpfully.

“Everything’s got a moral, if you can find it,” he said, squeezing closer up to Alice’s side as he spoke.

Alice was enthralled by the nearness of him, because he was so very handsome, and because his erection was growing as they walked along and it occasionally brushed against her hand to remind her of his desire for her. “The game’s going on a little better now,” Alice said, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Yes,” the Knave replied, “and the moral of that is, ‘A change of scene can change one’s character.’”

“I don’t think that’s quite right,”Alice said, confused. “Isn’t it ‘A change of scene does not change one’s character?’”

“Same thing,” the Knave said, smiling. “And the moral of that is ‘Every truth has two sides.’”

How fond he is of morals! Alice thought to her herself. They rounded a bend in the path and found themselves outside the croquet-ground and on the edge of a large field.

“How are you finding Wonderland?” he asked.

“I find it a bit…frustrating,” Alice admitted, as the Knave slipped in behind her, pulling her fast to him and pressing his hard cock against her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s very trying to fit in when everyone here is afraid of being beheaded by the Queen.”

The Knave chuckled, his deep voice sonorous and pleasant. “Yes, she can be unpleasant to those she does not trust, and she trusts no one. And the moral of that is ‘It is safer to know one’s guest before offering hospitality.”

Alice was having trouble following his logic, but his hands were sliding over her body and she was having trouble forming a logical thought anyway. He carefully undid the buttons of her dress and with a shrug of her shoulders, it fell to the grass.

She turned and faced him, running her hands up his smooth chest, over his hard nipples and around his thick neck. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply, and he responded by opening his mouth and taking her in more deeply. He wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her tightly to him, his cock hot and hard between their bodies.

She stripped his vest off of him, and leaning back, pulled him to the grass. He lay between her legs and took her breasts in his hands. She gasped as he bit her nipple gently, pulling it with his straight white teeth while he smiled beguiling at her. He sucked the pink tips into rock hard points and licked and teased them with his tongue. He slid lower down her body and she lay back in the cool grass, closing her eyes and throwing her head back as his mouth found her yearning pussy.

He kissed the shaved lips gently and slid his tongue in between the soft folds. She parted her legs for him and moaned as his lips made contact with her clit. He sucked gently at the hard little nugget, teasing it with his tongue and his teeth. She ground her cunt against his mouth, trying to get him to possess her entirely.

He slipped his strong arms beneath her legs and flipped her, turning her ass up and spreading her cheeks with his hands. He sucked at her sweet, eager asshole and she moaned again, tossing her hair over her shoulder and reaching down between her legs to diddle her clit. He sucked at her juicy cunt, so wet and ready it was practically dripping into the grass beneath him.

He knelt behind her and slid his huge cock into her and she cried out with delight as it filled her to the hilt, stretching and opening her. His balls swung and smacked softly against her clit and she reached under and squeezed his scrotum gently, scratching the soft skin gently with her nails.

He ran his hands over her round ass and held her hips while he stroked his cock inside her. She was moaning aloud, growing louder and louder as he churned inside her, working her pussy and bringing her once again to the brink of orgasm.

A flock of birds took sudden flight, but Alice paid them no mind. She was on the edge of coming, closer than she’d been since she’d followed the White Rabbit down that stupid hole and she was not going to stop now, not for anyone.

Suddenly, the Knave pulled out of her and she cried out in frustration. She flipped on her back in time to see two of the Queen’s soldiers taking him roughly by the arms and pulling him away. His cock was purple and rampant and shining with her juices, but he only smiled placidly as he was led away from her.

Alice sat alone in the grass, confused and angry. She was momentarily too angry to even spread her legs and rub her clit to relieve herself of that elusive orgasm. She sat motionless until the sound of an approaching crowd brought her to her feet. The White Rabbit ran by her. “Come on! Come on!” he shouted excitedly. “The trial is beginning!”

“What trial?” Alice said, hurriedly picking up her dress and attempting to pull it on as she ran.

“Come on! Come on!”

So Alice ran.


What happens in the courtroom? Well, there’s lots of “interesting” testimony from the witnesses, and Alice makes her last stand for satisfaction. To find out how things “finish” for Alice, you can read the whole story of Down the Rabbit Hole on Kindle, Nook, or in paperback