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This is an excerpt from one of my favorite stories. I was stumped for a writing idea and I turned to one of many online sites that offer prompts–little bites to kick off a story. The random one I chose was “write a story around the phrase ‘plate of fear.'” 

Candace is a writer who has agreed to meet a rather famous restauranteur with a mysterious and intriguing background at his new restaurant and is quite swept off her feet by him. They take their coffee and dessert in his private salon, and she gets an in-depth look at the very private man, and gets–as the cliché goes–more than she bargained for.


Ari stood over her, his fingers still glistening with her essence. She looked up at him and could see the outline of his huge erection straining against his trousers. He reached down and cupped his hand under her chin. Gently he stroked her cheek, then he ran his musky fingers along her parted lips. She could smell her own scent and she hesitantly stuck her tongue out to taste it. She did not stop licking and sucking his fingers until there was no trace of her on them.

When she had finished, Ari stroked her hair gently as one would a child or a favorite pet. “Now, my princess,” he said. “I will give you that which you crave.” Candace sat up on her heels, expectantly, her pussy humming in anticipation of his huge cock thrusting inside of her. “My manhood aches for you, my beautiful one. Will you release me?”

Candace knelt before him and gently slid his zipper down, releasing his bursting cock from it’s confinement. She stroked him gently, admiring the size of him. “Kiss me,” Ari commanded. She opened her mouth and took him in, the purple head of his cock stuffing her mouth. She took him as far as she could, opening her throat like a practiced whore and swallowing as much of him as she could. She grasped his rod with her hands and stroked him as she worked his shaft in and out of her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored him, tasting the hot, salty pre-cum as it leaked out onto her tongue.

He swelled in her hands, growing as she sucked and kissed and licked. He was moaning at first, deep throaty moans of pleasure. But as she stroked his cock and realized that it was getting bigger as she worked it, the moans sounded more like growling. She ran her hand down his legs and realized that his legs seemed stronger and thicker to her, and felt that they were straining the seams of his trousers legs.

Sure that it was her own lust deceiving her, but curious nonetheless, she opened her eyes. She looked at his cock and saw that it did appear longer and thicker and the head was more pronounced. It was also a darker, deeper purple at the head and even the shaft seemed to be blood red, as if he’d been recently sunburned.

Slowly, she looked up at him. He grinned down at her and she scampered backwards away from him, shrieking in fear. She scrambled across the thick, patterned Persian rug to try to get away, realizing there was nowhere to go in the small room, and no place to hide. She stared at his changed features and a scream of terror tore from her throat.

Ahriman laughed. He raised his hands and grabbed the front of his shirt and jacket. He pulled and the fabric burst into a cloud of flames in his hands and then disappearing in a cloud of ash, leaving the distinct odor of sulfur behind, as if a match had been struck and quickly extinguished. He did the same with his trousers, putting one hand on the each thigh and grabbing a handful of fabric. He pulled and another burst of flames and then—nothing. He stood before her, legs apart with his enormous erection jutting out from his center. His balls were as large and pendulous as a bull’s and they hung down heavy and full between his legs.

His skin was no longer a deep coffee color but burned a much deeper red and seemed to grow redder as she stared. His abdomen was deeply chiseled as was his chest. His musculature was carved perfection and he was as hairless as a marble statue. He was taller, larger, and broader, no longer a man but something created from much more divine stuff.

Candace stared at him wide-eyed, terrified of the creature that stood before her. His face had changed, taking on cruel, angular lines. His soft smile and gently flashing eyes were gone, replaced by a lascivious sneer and eyes that glittered cold in the candlelight. But most terrifying of all was the two large horns that sprouted from either side of his forehead and curled up and around his smooth, bald head into two sharp points that curled forward just below his ears. Ari was gone, of that she was sure.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” Ahriman growled. Ari’s smooth, melodious accent and deeply timbered voice was replaced by a husky, growling, throaty one that sounded like it had never known joy. He ran his hands across the hard points of his eraser-tip nipples and down to his cock. He wrapped his huge hand around it and began stroking it, groaning at the pleasure of it. He laughed cruelly as Candace cried in fear and terror curled up on the floor. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” he taunted, taking a step toward her, cock in hand. Horrified, she noticed a tail sliding around his legs. It was long, muscled tail with a wide pointed tip on the end. He appeared to be flicking it around and the way he moved it as he spoke, emphasizing his words, reminded her of a cat.

Candace shrieked again and scrambled away, knocking into the low table and sending figs flying across the rug. “Tsk, tsk,” Ahriman scolded. “I was going to insert those into your asshole and suck them out one by one. Well, now they’re all dirty.” He laughed again and Candace’s blood ran cold. She spotted the knife out of the corner of her eye and lunged for it, but Ahriman used his free hand to merely point at it and incinerate it. “Well now,” he said, “is that anyway to treat a lover?”

Candace stood, trembling. She inched toward the wall where they had entered, not caring that she was nearly naked and that there was a restaurant full of people out there. Ahriman watched her, stroking his cock and playing with the strings of cum dripping from the tip. She pulled the curtains aside and recoiled from the sudden furnace blast of heat and flames that licked at her bare skin. She screamed again, and then closed her eyes tightly, hoping that she was having a bad hallucination or a waking nightmare.

When she opened her eyes, Ahriman was standing right in front of her, his grinning face inches from her own. “Boo,” he said and she jumped back so hard that she banged her head on the wall. She was too scared to scream anymore.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just couldn’t resist. Mean, I know.” He raised a finger to her face and traced a line gently along her jawbone. “As much as I love this marvelous deer-in-the-headlights look you’ve got going on, and as turned on as I am by your precious screaming, I think perhaps we’ve forgotten our real reason for being here. Or it seems you have. Unless the histrionics were for my benefit, because I’ve got to tell you, they’re getting me rock hard.”

Candace shook her head. “Never,” she said.

“Come now,” he said. “A few minutes ago you were practically coming on my hand, not to mention the fantastic knob job you were handing out. If that cock-sucking hadn’t gotten me so damn horny, I might have been able to…let’s just say ‘keep it toned down’ and leave it at that, shall we?” He stepped back and gestured again at his perfectly formed body. “I mean, take it all in, precious. Can you tell me you don’t want to take a ride on this?”

Candace took a deep breath and looked at him. “Who are you?”

Ahriman laughed and crossed to the settee. He patted the sofa beside him but Candace stayed pressed against the wall. He shrugged. “No? Suit yourself.” He picked up a fig from the floor and blew on it. He bit into it and let the juices drip everywhere. “I go by many names…” He laughed again. “I just love to say it that way. It’s so…Old Testament.” He slurped at the fig. “Lucifer, Beelzebub, Old Nick, The Devil, and of course, Satan.”

“You’re the devil. The Devil.” she repeated incredulously.

“In the flesh. And then some, huh?” He stroked his cock again. “Sweetheart, you got me really worked up here,” he said. “Didn’t I tell you I’d bring you pleasure in ways you couldn’t imagine? Sure, I’m the Prince of Lies and all that, and yeah, I’ve been known to deceive folks from time to time, but I think I’ve already proven that I’ve got what it takes to make you scream my name.”

Candace shook her head. “I’m having a hallucination. Or a nervous breakdown. None of this is real.”

“Oh, it’s real all right. I’m certainly real.”

“You’re evil,” Candace asserted, and Ahriman laughed. “And you make people do evil things.”

Ahriman crossed his arms and scowled. “That is patently untrue,” he said. “Talk about lies. I have no power to make anyone do anything,” he asserted. “God gave each one of us free fucking will. I had nothing to do with that. That dumb bitch Eve ate the fucking fig because she wanted it. She just didn’t know she wanted it until I explained it to her.”

“You are the tempter.”

“Bingo! Score one for the little girl who learned her catechism!” he said sarcastically. He laughed a harsh, dry laugh. “You didn’t know you wanted to fuck me earlier either, until I showed you how wrong you were. That’s all I do, beautiful.” He stood and stretched. “Now, we came back here to do some nasty shit, and I’m all about making you want me so bad you’ll follow me to hell and back. He walked over to her and deftly inserted his index fingers under the band of her bra and with a quick tug and a burst of flame that Candace flinched away from, her bra disappeared. He looked down at her garter belt and stockings. “I think I’ll leave those,” he said. He slid his arms around her and his eyes glittered as he cupped her ass in his hands. “What do you say we pick up where we left off?”

He ran his hands up her spine and she trembled at his touch. Again, his hand twined in her hair, but this time he tugged at it, forcing her to her knees in front of him. He guided her mouth to his throbbing cock and thrust it into her. Candace gagged as he forced himself into her throat, but he held her fast. He held her head steady as he fucked her mouth and throat, and tears streamed down her face anew. “That’s really nice,” he growled at her, “but it wouldn’t kill you to at least pretend you’re enjoying it.”

Candace reached up and wrapped her hand around his cock and with a choked cry began to stroke him hard, and he stopped thrusting. She reached for his scrotum and cupped his balls, scratching at them with her fingernails and pinching the skin. Ahriman gasped at the sharp, sudden pain and then chuckled. “That’s a girl,” he said. “That’s how daddy likes it.”

She felt something brush against her thigh and looked down to see the tip of Ahriman’s prehensile tail disappear between her cunt lips. She froze and tried to pull away but he held her fast, her screams choked by his thick cock. He worked her clit with his tail as nimbly as he had with his fingers, stroking her gently but insistently until her muffled cries became moans of pleasure. She rocked her hips and spread her knees, allowing Ahriman to slide his tail into her aching cunt. Candace surrendered herself to the pleasure and turned her attention to his throbbing cock.

She licked his shaft like a giant popsicle, running her tongue up and down the length and forcing the tip of her tongue into his piss-hole. He squirmed when she sucked his balls and nipped at them with her teeth. As she worked his rod, she grew accustomed to the length and girth of it. She sucked him eagerly and as his tail fucked her to the edge of bliss, she wondered what demon seed tastes like.


“Plate of Fear” is published in its entirety in Seven Nights, available for the Kindle, Nook, or in paperback.