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This is an excerpt from the story “Pottery Yarn”. It’s published in its entire long form in Not Safe for Work–a collection of my short stories–and in a shorter version in Cougars and Jackals, an anthology of short stories by different authors. Both are available at Amazon.com.


His cock was hard and hot between her legs, and she could feel the heat of him through their clothes. Her own pussy was throbbing as she rubbed her clit against him and he moaned a little in the back of his throat. She leaned down and kissed him again, thrilled by the sensation of his big hands sliding over the soft curves of her ass.

She slithered down the front of him, running her hands over his body and kneeling between his thighs. With a flick of her fingers, she popped the button of his jeans open and slid the zipper down slowly, letting her fingertip wander inside and stroke him gently through the soft cotton of his shorts. His cock jumped at her touch. She put her lips to the soft cloth and teased him still more, opening her mouth and taking the head between her teeth.

He gasped with pleasure when she slipped her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and slid them down, exposing his cock. She ran a finger down its length and he shuddered, his hips rising off the cushions in an effort to capture more of her touch, but she withdrew. “Down, big fella,” she teased and with a groan, he relaxed and sank back into the cushions. She lowered her lips to the purple head of his cock and kissed it softly.

She opened his fly all the way and freed his balls, cupping their weight in her hands and running her nails across the sensitive skin. Again, she wrapped her hand around him, letting him throb hotly in her grasp.

She lowered her lips to the purple head and kissed it with a touch as light as a feather. He moaned. She kissed it again, applying more pressure and letting her lips linger on the hot skin for a moment. He moaned again. She kissed it a third time, parting her lips slightly as if she were going to take him in her mouth, only to stop and draw out the anticipation at the last minute.

She tasted his precum, salty and slick. She looked up at him and licked her lips; then, still keeping his eyes locked with hers, she licked the shiny drop off the head, causing him to moan for a third time.

She kissed the head again, then lower, and lower still, leaving a trail of kisses down the hard shaft. She nestled her face in his balls, licking him there and sucking the loose, tender skin of his scrotum. She nipped at him lightly with her teeth, making him squirm—anticipating a pain that never quite came.

His cock bobbed in the air, eager for her touch. She started at the base and licked up the shaft, running her tongue up the whole length, enjoying it as if it were her favorite flavor lollipop. Again, she pressed her lips against the soft, swollen head and opened her mouth slightly. And again, she looked up and sought eye contact. As he watched, she took him into her mouth. Slowly, he was engulfed, his cock disappearing by inches into the warm wetness.

As he lay back and closed his eyes, surrendering to the pleasure, she turned her full attention to giving that pleasure. She took as much of him in as she could before letting him slide back out, wetting his cock and making it slick with her saliva. She grasped the base of the shaft firmly with one hand and while the other stroked and fondled his balls, she slowly and deliberately sucked his cock.

She slid it in and out smoothly, pleasuring the head with her mouth while her hands stimulated the rest. He grabbed the edge of the couch cushion beneath him until his knuckles turned white as she fucked him with her mouth. He was moaning often now, and his hips squirmed uncontrollably beneath her. Her rhythm was even, her touch firm, and he could feel the pressure mounting deep inside him. He thrust his hips slightly with each of her strokes—a movement that made her smile inwardly as she could feel his orgasm approaching.

His mouth was open and his breathing was fast and shallow, and his cock was hot and hard as steel in her mouth. In a half whisper, he gasped, “I’m getting close…I’m going to come…”

She didn’t stop, she only looked up at him, and as he opened his eyes and looked at her, she made a noise of assent: a low, throaty hum that told him she knew he was going to come—and soon—and she was ready, willing, and eager for it to happen.

He released his grip on the sofa and gently put his hands on her head, weaving his fingers in her hair. She felt his cock harden slightly, and grow thicker in her mouth. His balls tightened. She took him full length into her mouth, sucking hard as the hot jets of cum hit the back of her throat. He was shuddering at the intensity of the orgasm and the sweet sensation of her hot, sucking lips.

As the throbbing subsided and his body relaxed, she withdrew her mouth from him, sucking every inch of his spent cock, and releasing him with a kiss.

She knelt before him, watching as he caught his breath and tried to recover. He opened his eyes and looked at her, and smiled. “You are amazing,” he said, his voice deep and husky.

“I know,” she said, rising gracefully to her feet, her breasts swaying as she moved.


To read more, check out Not Safe for Work available for Kindle, in paperback, and for the Nook, and Cougars and Jackals available for Kindle.