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(I got sick of typing Professor, so he’s “Dr.” now. This is a rough draft, after all.)

Janie stood in the hallway outside Dr. Gilbert’s door. It was closed tightly, and she was ten minutes early. Was it too much? Too early? Would she seem to eager? But would being right on time look like she was trying too hard? Her heels tapped a staccato rhythm on the tile floor as she paced back and forth. Two steps. Stop. Turn. Two steps back. Hesitate. Stop. Turn. Put hand on door knob. Stop. Take two steps away. Stop. Turn back. Raise hand to knock.

The sudden opening of the door startled her and she jumped. Dr. Gilbert smirked. “Someone’s jumpy today. Were you going to pace out here all afternoon?”

“No,” Janie said. “I was a little early and I didn’t want to interrupt if you were with another of your advisees.”

Dr. Gilbert nodded. “I appreciate it. But there’s no need. I never schedule back to back appointments. I like to leave a little buffer in between. Gives me time to get things…in order.”

He stepped aside and gestured for Janie to enter, shutting the door tightly behind them. She turned so that they were face to face and toe to toe. She put her hands on his chest and smiled. “So, did you check up on me with my math professor?”

“I did.”

“Did she tell you that I was on time?”

“She was pleasantly surprised.”

“I took notes and everything.”

“In that case, I’m pleasantly surprised, too.”

Janie’s smile widened. “Good. I want to please you.”

“That’s a nice start,” he told her, running the back of his fingertips over her cheek.

She leaned into his soft touch, closing her eyes and breathing him in. “Tell me what else I can do.” When he didn’t answer right away, she opened her eyes and looked into them. “Something more personal, maybe?”

He put his fingers under her chin and tipped her face up to his. He leaned close, his lips a breath away from hers. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Janie nodded.

Dr. Gilbert slipped his hands around her waist and over the soft curves of her ass. “You seem to favor short skirts,” he said, gathering the fabric in his hands and sliding it up over her hips. Janie felt goosebumps rise where his hands made contact with the bare skin of her thighs.

“Yes,” she said, her throat suddenly tight.

He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Janie felt the cool air on her bare skin as her panties slid down her legs and puddled at her feet. His hands were on her ass, stroking her gently, pulling her closer to him.

Again, his lips were close to hers, so close to touching it was maddening. “That’s how I want you to come to class tomorrow,” he said. “Come early, and sit in the front row. So I can check.” He brushed his lips against hers softly before taking a step back. He crouched down to retrieve her panties, and she shivered at the feeling of his warm breath so close to her bare pussy. She knew he could smell her desire as she stepped out of them, parting her thighs slightly. He pressed his lips to her mound, kissing her gently before standing and motioning for her to sit.

She sat gingerly on the low chair, uncertain if she should pull her skirt down or not, unsure of his intentions, and wanting desperately for his lips to touch her again. He retrieved a book from the desk and handed it to her. She recognized it as the text for his class. She looked up at him, confused.

“The page is marked for your reading assignment tomorrow. Read. Out loud.” He smiled, and raised her panties to his lips. “I’m going to hang onto these for now. I want you prepared for class in every way possible.”

Janie opened the book to the marked page, and carefully moving the yellow sticky note with a trembling hand, she began to read aloud from the text. As the words spilled out of her, she struggled to concentrate on what she was reading. She kept her legs together, but knew her dark triangle of curls was clearly visible to him. She remembered how his lips felt pressed there, and a thrill coursed through her. Her pussy hummed and she swore she could feel his eyes on her as surely as if his fingers, or tongue, or cock was touching her. Dr. Gilbert leaned against the edge of his desk, watching her intently, and between paragraphs she would pause and look up at him. He would only nod at her to continue, so she did.

She was acutely conscious of her skirt bunched up around her waist, and her thighs were sticking uncomfortably to the chair. Her clit throbbed, yearning to be touched, and the rhythmic clenching of her thighs in an effort to relieve some of her discomfort was only making it worse. She finished reading a paragraph and paused, fidgeting a little in her seat, crossing her legs as comfortably as she could under the circumstances.

“No,” he said, leaning down and resting his hand on her knee. “Uncross your legs.” Janie did as she was told and put her feet demurely on the floor. “In fact,” he added, smiling a bit, “spread your knees apart.”

Janie swallowed hard and slowly moved her feet apart, inching her shoes across the carpet and feeling her thighs part. She leaned back a bit and spread her legs as wide as the arms of the chair would allow. The wood pressed hard against her thigh, but she barely noticed. His hand was still on her leg, inches away from her soaked pussy, and she closed her eyes, willing him to touch her.

His hand slipped away and her lids fluttered open. He smiled again at her. “Finish the chapter, please.”

Janie kept reading, her legs apart, her bare cunt exposed for him. He didn’t move—didn’t speak. He let her finish reading, and when she reached the end of the section, he took the book from her. “I’m lecturing on that section tomorrow. Now that I know you’ve read it, your homework is to go home and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. They’re easy. Shouldn’t take you more than a half an hour.”

He stood up and put the textbook on his desk. He bent over her, leaning on the back of the chair with one arm while the other stole swiftly up her inner thigh. She closed her eyes at the touch of his fingers on her skin. His lips were soft against her neck as he parted her lips and lightly stroked her clit. Her deep exhale was a moan as he traced little circles over the sensitive bit, his lips nibbling just as lightly at the delicate skin just below her earlobe.

She didn’t dare move, save the heaving of her breasts as his expert fingers danced over her clit and dipped into her wet center. She shuddered as he penetrated her, filling her, and drawing out her juices that trickled down in a delightful, tickling path to wet the chair beneath her. He thrust into her—once, slowly, then pulling out, his fingers shining. Then back in, making her gasp and tilt her hips up to meet his hand. Slowly he finger-fucked her, until her thighs began to shake and her breath was coming in short, shallow pants.

Swiftly, he stood, pulling his fingers out of her. “Jane.”

She opened her eyes. “Oh, God. Please don’t stop.”

He smiled. “Stand up, Jane.”

She rose, sliding wetly over the leather and pressing her hands against her thighs. He pulled her skirt into place, adjusting it over her ass and smoothing the wrinkles slightly. “Now, go back to your dorm and do the assignment I just gave you. And do it well. And when you’re done—and only when you’re done—can you make yourself cum. Not before. Understood?

Janie nodded mutely.

He crossed to the door and opened it for her. Janie watched students and instructors passing by his open door, greeting him with nods and salutations, while she stood frozen, feeling as exposed and naked as if she’d been standing there unclothed. “I’ll see you in class, Jane,” he said, and the forcefulness of his tone brought her out of her fog.

“Tomorrow. Yes.”

She walked out and as she turned to say goodbye, she caught a glimpse of her panties in a crumpled heap on his desk seconds before the door closed on her.

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