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The door to the ladies room hissed shut as Janie made her way through the small crowded room to an empty stall near the end of the long row. She hung her backpack on the door and locked it behind her, swiftly pulling her skirt up around her waist and slipping her hand inside her white lace panties.

Women’s voices echoed all around her, their laughter bouncing off the green tile walls, punctuated by the rush of intermittent flushes and the steady trickle of streams flowing in the many sinks. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the din, parting the soft folds of her labia and seeking her aching clit. She breathed in deeply and bit her lip as she stroked the slippery little pearl, swollen and throbbing with need. Her cunt was hot and practically dripping, and the crotch of her panties was wet against the back of her hand.

She closed her eyes and pictured Professor Gilbert—she couldn’t think of his first name. What was it? Begins with a B…Bob? No. Not Bill, either…Benjamin. Yes. Ben. He smelled so good. His hands were warm and soft and strong…

She leaned her head against the edge of the stall and put her foot up on the toilet seat. She slid two fingers inside herself easily, the soft, wet, sucking sound barely audible in the cavernous echoes of the bathroom. Janie worked quickly, imagining his fingers inside her, getting her ready for his cock. She recalled the feel of him hard against her ass and the warmth of his breath on her neck. She could still feel his hand twined in her hair, pulling it back, the barest taste of what it would be like to have him bend her over that desk and fuck her hard.

God knows you could use a good fucking…

Her breath was coming harder in short gasps as the rest room cleared. She struggled to keep quiet, to keep from moaning aloud as she fucked herself, fingering her cunt with two, then three fingers, her palm smacking wetly against her mound. Knowing there were people on the other side of the door only made it hotter, the thrill that someone might hear her, or wonder why the stall was shaking slightly.

In his office, with students and faculty walking past his door…biting my lip to keep from calling his name as he makes me cum over and over…

With a strong shudder that coursed through her body, making her scalp tingle and her toes curl, she brought herself quickly to a powerful orgasm, acutely aware of the time, not daring to take too long and risk being late for class against his orders. She held her breath as she came, squeezing her eyes tightly and feeling the strong contractions pulsing through her throbbing cunt. Her hand was drenched, her panties soaked as she exhaled forcefully, reaching over and giving the toilet a flush, allowing herself to moan his name softly as she reluctantly slid her fingers out of her pussy.

Janie cleaned up as best she could with toilet paper before grabbing her backpack and exiting the stall. She was still breathing hard as she washed her shaking hands, and a glimpse in the mirror showed her the flushed cheeks and shining eyes of her spent passion.

She slipped into her seat with a few minutes to spare and got her book out, prepared to focus and concentrate. She wanted Professor Gilbert to be pleased with her.

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