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These aren’t really chapters or anything like that. I’m just writing bits and throwing ’em at the wall. See what sticks. Just letting the story dribble out in fits and starts. 

Where were we?

* * * * *

Janie grabbed a seat in the empty front row, flinching slightly as her bare upper thighs touched the cold plastic of the seat. She dug in her bag to check her text messages before making sure her phone was turned off before class started, per Dr. Gilbert’s instructions. He had already shown more than once that he was dead serious about asking students to leave if they insisted on sending texts during his lectures, and there was no way she was going to miss this test.

She ignored a handful of unread messages from friends, saving them for later when she had more time to answer them, but the sole text that was from an unknown number caught her eye. Zack had yet to use the number she’d given him and as day after day went by, part of her wondered if he was less interested in her than she’d thought.

That sweatshirt looks better on you than it does on me.

Grinning at the slightly giddy feeling of finally hearing from him, her fingers flew over the touch screen as she shot back a reply.

–Maybe I should keep it. 😉

Less than a minute later, he responded.

But then I’ll have to invent a new excuse to see you again. I thought we discussed this already.

She smiled again.

–How about just saying you want to see me again?

His answer came back almost instantly.

I’d really like to see you again.

The butterflies in her stomach returned in a swooping dive. The side door of the hall opened and Janie looked up to see Dr. Gilbert enter. His pants were a lighter tan than the ones he’d had on in his office and they still had fresh crease marks from the hanger they’d been on. A thrill coursed through her at the physical recollection of him hard between her legs and almost unconsciously, she uncrossed them, parting her knees slightly as she peeked up from beneath her lashes at him. Quickly, she replied to Zack.

–Test now. Prof just came in.

Which one?

–Gilbert. US History.

He didn’t answer right away. As she waited for his reply, she looked up. Dr. Gilbert was leaning on the edge of the desk next to the stack of exam papers, watching her and waiting the few minutes for the class to assemble and take their seats. He was looking at her legs and the dark triangle between them, and she could feel his eyes on her as surely as if he had been touching her. She heard Zack’s text pop up, and she smiled.

I hear he’s a hard teacher.

Janie felt a bit of color rise in her cheeks as a throb deep inside her pussy reminded her again of how he felt beneath her, his hard cock rubbing against her clit, and she squirmed in her seat. Dr. Gilbert raised his eyebrows at her, and she looked down, unable to hold his gaze.

–You could say that. But I can take it.

Good luck on your test.

–Thanks! Will I see you later?

Library at 7?

 Janie smirked.

–You sure know how to show a girl a good time. 🙂

You have no idea.

Her cheeks flushed pink again as she thought of Zack, imagining him slowly unzipping his sweatshirt and finding nothing beneath it but her full breasts and hard, pink nipples. She closed her eyes and pictured him leaning her up against a dark wall in the back of the stacks and sliding inside her. Between them, the two guys had her craving cock in the worst way, and she was amazed and more than a little amused to feel her pussy growing damp and warm again so soon. She squirmed again and smiled at her phone. Dr. Gilbert cleared his throat and she looked up. “Cell phones off, please.” She thought she felt a bit of chill in his voice as she shot Zack one more text before shutting off her phone and sitting up straight and bringing her knees together.

 –Can’t wait to find out. C U @7.

She dropped her phone into her bag and smoothed her expression into what she thought was a calm scholarly demeanor. She let her fingers brush against the back of his hand as he handed her the exam paper. He lingered momentarily, not long enough that anyone would notice, but long enough that Janie did.

The test was, by Janie’s assessment, not a difficult one. It didn’t occur to her as she filled in the answers quickly and completely that she would have been unable to answer most of those questions two weeks earlier. Or any questions about history, for that matter. Or math. Or civics. The truth was, had she taken a few minutes to consider it, that she after their initial rocky start, Janie had been working hard to impress Dr. Gilbert—to earn his approval. It bothered her that he thought she was lazy, and she set out to prove to him, and to herself, that he was wrong.

She had little trouble finishing the exam early, and looked around the room at the other students, surprised that so many of them were still bent over their papers. Nervously, she reviewed her answers again and when she could find none that needed correction or expansion, she shrugged to herself and taking a deep breath, brought the test up to his desk.

The thin packet whispered against the blotter as she slid it in front of him. He took it from her and glanced over it quickly, flipping through the pages. His face was passive as he scanned her answers and she found herself fidgeting, shifting her weight from foot to foot. He looked up at her, still unreadable. “I would like to meet with you about this in my office.”

Janie’s face fell and her chest felt tight, as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. “I thought I did okay,” she began, trying to keep her voice steady. “I was prepared.”

A slight smile played at the corner of his mouth. “I know how ready you were for this test. I am very impressed with how well you prepared yourself and how well you’ve followed my instructions. I’d like to meet with you to really…get into it deeper. I think you will benefit from a good, hard review. I know things are tight,” he continued, fighting back a smirk, “but if you could squeeze me in, I think it would really be good for you.”

Janie didn’t quite know how to answer. She opened her mouth once or twice and closed it without speaking, trying to choose her words before speaking, and failing. Dr. Gilbert smiled and his eyes sparked, and he lowered his voice to an even more conspiratorial tone. “I’m in the office until 8 tonight and would like to discuss the effect of this test on our advisorial arrangement.”

In an instant, she knew exactly what he was talking about and she felt her knees grow wobbly. She inhaled deeply and said, “You want…you mean you…or, we…”

Dr. Gilbert only nodded slightly and folded his hands on top of her test paper.

Her mind raced. Had she been wearing panties, they would have been soaked through. She thought of him bending her over his desk and sliding into her from behind, smacking his hand on her ass while he thrust into her. An image of his lap, his cock jutting up from his open fly seconds before she lowered herself onto it and took him in deep. She could feel the smooth, cool wood of his large desk under her bare ass and her legs around his back as he pressed into her, his hands on her tits, tugging at her nipples while he fucked her. Her nipples rose into sympathetic points that rubbed uncomfortably inside Zack’s loose sweatshirt, and her clit throbbed in response.



She was supposed to meet him at seven.

“I can’t come tonight,” she said, and even as the words left her lips she suspected that unless it was by her own hand—again—that it would be true in more than one manner of speaking. “I already have plans for tonight. To study. In the library.”

Dr. Gilbert looked down at his crossed hands. He took her paper and set it aside with the other tests that had been turned in and smiled at her. “Well, I wouldn’t want to interfere with your studies.”

Janie waited for him to continue, but when he didn’t, she continued, stammering a bit in hopes of preempting his disappointment—or anger. “I can come tomorrow afternoon…or meet you somewhere…else, maybe…in the evening…”

He picked up his phone and tapped the screen a few times. “I have a free block of time at 4 again. That is, if you can make yourself available.” He smirked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, sir,” she said, smiling back at him in response. “I’m very much looking forward to our meeting.”

She returned to her seat and bent to gather her book bag that still leaned against the leg of the chair. As she did, she bent deeply, allowing her already short skirt to ride up and expose the round curves of her ass. Not looking back, she stood, and tossing her bag over her shoulder and smoothing her skirt into place, she exited the lecture hall.

She blinked a bit as she walked out into the bright sunlight, and within a matter of minutes, she regretted not putting a tank top on under Zack’s sweatshirt. It had grown oppressively warm outside the air-conditioned academic building and she shoved the sleeves up, looking down the sidewalk towards her dorm and then in the other direction towards her next class. Mentally, she debated whether it would be worth it to hike all the way back to the dorm in the heat just to change and possibly slip into some panties, or if she would be better off biting the bullet and heading straight for the air-conditioned comfort of the classrooms.

“How did you do on your test?” Zack’s voice startled her so near over her shoulder, and she spun, nearly colliding with him. “Sorry,” he said, laughing. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

She laughed and put a hand to her chest. “It’s okay. I was just…it doesn’t matter. My test? Oh, I did well. I think. Dr. Gilbert seemed pleased.”

Zack smirked, and in an instant, she thought she saw something familiar in the way he smiled at her, but it was a fleeting thought and it was getting warm standing out in the hot sun in a long-sleeved sweatshirt. She pushed the sleeves up again where they had slid down and brushed the hair off her sweaty forehead. “Well, good for you,” Zack responded. “He’s a hard man to please.”

“I don’t know,” Janie replied. “He seems pretty easy to please just as long as you do what he wants and expects.”

“Exactly,” Zack said. “Where you headed now?”

“I’m sweating like a whore in church,” Janie admitted. “I’m thinking I’ll head right to my next class because I’m afraid if I go back to the dorm and change into something cooler, I’ll be tempted to take a cold shower and then I won’t want to go back out in the heat and I’ll miss my class.”

“Hmm. Neither of those are as good as what I would have suggested.”

“You have a better plan?”

He smiled and slipped his hand into hers. “I was thinking I could give you a ride back to your dorm and you could change into something cooler—maybe even give my sweatshirt back, though I really do like it on you.” He reached over and toyed with the zipper pull, and Janie wondered if he could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything under it. “And then I would pretend to drop you off at your next class, only I would really be planning to talk you into missing that class and coming with me down to the beach.”

Janie sighed. “That sounds awesome, actually,” she said, looking up at the cloudless sunny sky.

“What’s one class so late in the term?” Zack said, squeezing her hand slightly. “I’ll buy you an ice cream.”

She looked up at him and smiled into the gray eyes that were actually bluer out in the sun than she thought. His hand felt nice in hers and she had to admit that a walk on the hard-packed sand with her feet being embraced by the icy Atlantic ocean and her hair being tossed around by the onshore breeze seemed a much better way of passing an afternoon than sweating in a classroom.

“Can I have sprinkles on my ice cream?”

“Anything you want.”

“In that case, you talked me into it,” she said. “It’s just one class. What harm can it do?”

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