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What harm can it do?

The thought swirled around in her brain like the gray smoke curling up from a smoldering fire. His mouth was on hers, soft but insistent and tasting faintly of vanilla ice cream and gooey caramel topping. The late afternoon sun cast a golden glow over the sand of the nearly deserted beach and the light sparkled off the waves that were barely beginning to recede from the high water mark.

She lay back on the soft blanket that smelled of summer picnics and cozy campfires, her hair around her head like a tousled halo. His hands were gentle as they ran lightly over the soft, bare skin of her arms and their sand-covered feet rubbed together in a tangle of limbs. She returned his kisses, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and opening her mouth to him in invitation. He accepted, and her leg slipped around his, pulling his body closer to her.

She let her hands wander, feeling his slender body through the thin jersey of his t-shirt. His nipples were hard and she ran her thumb over one of the firm little points, stroking it lightly and causing him to make a soft sound that was halfway between a moan and a whimper. He released her lips and seeking tongue and exhaled deeply before leaning into her again, this time kissing the sweet hollow of her throat and the gentle swells where her breasts spilled out of her snug tank top.

Zack ran his hand down her bare thigh and she shivered with pleasure at the feeling of his warm hand on the sensitive skin at the back of her upper thigh. She could feel her skirt inching up and the hesitation as he explored the exposed flesh. When his fingers found the elastic edge of her panties, she gasped slightly with pleasure.

He looked at her and his forehead wrinkled. “Too soon?”

“God, no,” she replied, for in fact, she was fighting every urge in her body to not mount him right there on the public beach. He kissed her lips again, sliding his fingers under the taut elastic and over the soft, round curve of her ass. His touch was electric and powered her own movements, her hands continuing their migration southward. She grazed lightly over the crotch of his shorts and found him as ready for her as she was for him.

Gently, she closed her hand around his shaft and stroked him through the loose, well-worn fabric of his faded board shorts. His breath was warm against her full breasts as he sighed again deeply and sought her nipples through her shirt. He nibbled the hard point gently and she arched into him, letting her leg slip off of his and parting her thighs almost unconsciously with desire.

He ran his fingers inside the edge of her panties, around her ass and over the soft swell of her hip and between her soft thighs. He stroked her lightly through the damp cotton, pressing into the cleft and making her moan.

The sound of a voice carrying over the sand caused them both to freeze and Janie sat up quickly, pulling her skirt down and running her fingers through her hair. A large golden retriever bounded up to them from around a clump of sea grass with a neon green frisbee in his jaws. He dropped it in the sand by their blanket and Zack picked it up, and giving the dog a quick scratch behind the ears, he let it sail out over the receding surf. He laughed as the dog broke through the waves and brought it back to his owner who had just come into view of their blanket.

“Sorry if Samson and I disturbed you,” the man said with a smile, no doubt noticing their flushed cheeks and rumpled blanket.

“No worries,” Zack replied, leaning forward in an awkward attempt to hide his erection.

Janie giggled as the man whistled for the dog who had abandoned his frisbee and was worrying a small sand crab. “C’mon, boy! Let’s leave these two lovebirds alone.” He smiled as he walked off and Zack turned to Janie with a exasperated grin.

He waited until they were out of earshot before he spoke. “Well. That was…”


“I was going to say ’embarrassing’, but yeah, ‘hot’ applies as well. I’m sorry about that.”

Janie laughed. “What’s to be sorry about?”

“I think maybe I was moving a bit too fast,” he said. “I didn’t mean to take advantage or anything. It’s only a second date, really…”

“I don’t mind,” Janie said, lying back on the blanket again and running her fingers up Zack’s forearm. “Really.”

He looked down at her and ran his hand up her thigh again, watching as she parted her legs for him and granted him access to her pussy. Again, he teased her through her panties, quickly bringing her back to where they had been and rocketing past it. He pulled the fabric to one side and slipped his fingers inside, encountering her soft tangle of wet curls and her soaked cunt. He teased her, parting her lips but not penetrating her, letting the cooling breeze blow over her hard clit but not touching it.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, looking down at her with those eyes that were the exact shade of shadowy blue as the sky behind his head.

She only smiled and put her hand on his, feeling his fingers as they touched her. “Let’s find somewhere more private,” she said.

Zack leaned in and covered her mouth with his, possessing her completely and sliding two fingers inside her as he did, making her moan into his deep kiss. “My house will be empty until after 8 tonight. We can go back there.”

Janie didn’t want him to stop. His fingers felt good inside her and she knew if he kept going she could come for him right there on the beach, but the promise of feeling his hard cock inside her made her nod and push his hand away with regret. “Yes,” she assented breathlessly. “I want that.”

The air between them was electric as they shook the sand out of their shoes and the blanket and tossed everything back into Zack’s car. They spoke little as he drove her to his house, letting the current spark and hum as he navigated the narrow streets that wound through the sprawling seaside campus town. He pulled into the driveway of a modest cottage on a tree-lined street populated with similar modest cottages. He fumbled slightly with his key as he let them in the back door and shut it behind them.

Her hands were on him immediately, not giving him time to lock the door or even put his keys down. He kissed her again, tossing his keys on the kitchen table where they skidded over the bare surface and clattered to the corner of the kitchen floor. Zack looked over and then back at Janie. “Ah, fuck it,” he said, and kissed her again, sliding his hands down her back and over her ass, pulling her close to him. He pressed her against the table and she leaned against it, parting her legs and pulling him between them. He eased her back and ran his hands up her thighs, wrapping them around his back and pressing his hard cock against the heat of her cunt. She let him pull her shirt over her head, watching his face as he took in the sight of her large, full breasts through the thin, sheer lace of her bra.

He struggled with the clasp for only a moment or two before the elastic gave way and her breasts tumbled free. He scooped the flesh up in both hands and buried his face in them, pinching and tugging lightly at her nipples and making her grind against him. She leaned back on her hands, arching her back and thrusting her tits forward for him. He sucked a hard nipple hungrily into his mouth, making her gasp.

His hands went around her back and she melted as he pulled her close. He was strong, pressing against her and forcing her back onto her elbows. He kicked a kitchen chair out of his way and hooked it with his foot, pulling it behind him as he began to kiss slowly down her body, taking his time to undo the opening of her skirt and slide it over her full hips. He tossed it onto the table only to have it slide off and land on top of his keys. Janie smiled. “Fuck it,” she said.

Zack ran his hand over the soaked crotch of her panties and smirked. “We’ve got plenty of time for that.” He hooked his fingers in the waistband, pulling it down to expose the reddish curls that covered her mound. He kissed her there, nuzzling her as he wriggled the scrap of cotton off her body. He pulled the chair up and sat down, placing himself between her thighs. He parted her lips gently with one fingertip, seeking her clit. Her breathy moan told him he had found it and he rubbed gently, making her legs fall open for him.

She looked down into his cool eyes and held her breath as he smiled up at her before pressing his mouth to her spread pussy. Another soft sigh as his lips closed around her clit, sucking softly. She thrust her hips against his mouth and he sucked harder, sliding a finger inside her. He glanced up at her occasionally, watching her as he licked her cunt, using his tongue and fingers to make her squirm.

His face was shining with her juices and she moaned, running her fingers through his hair and grinding his face against her. “You’re going to make me come,” she told him, closing her eyes and letting her head fall back.

With a wet slurp, he pulled away and turning his head to the side, wiped his mouth on the shoulder of his shirt. He ran his hands up her thighs again and stood, leaning into her. “Not yet, I’m not.”

He slipped his arm around her waist and eased her off the table, running his hands down her bare back and over her ass, pulling her to him and kissing her. She tasted herself on his mouth, warm and musky. “Nice,” she said, running her hands down his body and over his hard cock. Quickly and deftly, she opened his shorts and pulled his cock out. It was his turn to gasp as she wrapped her hands around his shaft and stroked it. She felt a sticky, slippery string of pre-cum on her hand and she rubbed it over the head, grasping him tightly and making him moan. His shorts slid down to his thighs as he thrust against her hand.

“You’re getting me very close,” he told her, his breath shallow and fast.

“Good,” she said, letting go of his cock only long enough to run her hand over his balls and give them a gentle squeeze. She turned and pressed her bare ass against his cock. He slid easily between her cheeks and his hands went around her, cupping her breasts. He kissed her neck, thrusting against her slightly, his slippery cock dangerously close to her ready cunt.

“Why don’t you go make yourself comfortable in there,” he said, gesturing towards the living room. I’ll be there in one second.”

“Where are you going?” she asked, her eyes closed, her face against his.

“Condom.” he said, he voice barely above a whisper.

She nodded and pulling away reluctantly, she turned and gave his cock a squeeze before backing away from him. “Don’t take too long,” she said, turning and lying back on the large sofa.

The leather was soft and cool beneath her body and she reclined on the soft pillows, looking around the room. It was a decidedly masculine space, strong and sparse and immaculately clean. There were no pictures anywhere; in fact, there was nothing that she would have called personal in the room.

She didn’t have long to contemplate it before Zack returned. He’d pulled his shorts back up, but his cock was still out and she smiled at him. “What kept you?”

He crossed to her and slipped between her legs, half covering her reclining body. The condom packet glinted gold in the last rays of the amber sunset that shone through the large picture window. His cock was hot and hard against her thigh as he kissed her again, his kisses betraying the impatience he kept in check.

She took the condom from him and tore the packet open with her teeth, letting the wrapper fall to the floor and pushing him back a bit to roll it onto his shaft. Her hand sheathed him quickly and expertly and he pulled her atop him, straddling his lap with his cock between them. She raised herself on her knees and positioned herself over him, using her hand to guide him to her entrance. She teased him, lowering herself only a little bit, giving him only a taste of her warm tightness. She gripped the high back of the couch and ran her nipples over his lips, letting him have only a brief suck or lick before pulling away. Her wet pussy danced over the head of his cock, using him on her clit to bring herself close to the edge again.

A gray car drove by the window and it barely registered, so cloudy was her brain with desire, but when she saw it turn into the yard, her heart skipped a beat.

“Someone’s here.”

Zack looked over his shoulder out the window and sighed. “Shit. My dad’s home.”

“What the hell?” In a rush of adrenaline, she jumped off his lap and ran to the kitchen grabbing her clothes, struggling to squeeze behind the table to get her skirt where it had fallen into the corner.

“Shit, he’s not supposed to be here for another hour.”

In a sudden fit of modesty, she covered herself with her clothes and looking around, finally asked, “Where’s the bathroom?” Zack pointed down the hall as he moved quickly to fasten his shorts over his rubber-clad erection, pulling the tail of his shirt down and turning on the TV.

In the bathroom, Janie dressed as quickly as she could, breathing a sigh of relief that she hadn’t dropped anything incriminating in her dash to cover herself. She could hear their voices through the door and she tried to calm her heartbeat and get some of the color out of her cheeks before going out to face them. She looked in the mirror and composed her face and ran her fingers through her hair as best she could. It wasn’t the ideal way to meet the family, but she figured she could pull it off.

Her hand was on the doorknob when she recognized the voice coming from the living room and for the second time in a few minutes, she froze. She looked in the mirror again and tried to compose herself, knowing the longer she hid in the bathroom the more awkward going out there would be.

Okay, she thought. You’ve done nothing wrong. You were visiting and had to use the bathroom. You’re just friends. You got your studying done early.

She took a few deep breaths and flushed the toilet, then washed her hands quickly.

Janie stepped out into the hallway and after squaring her shoulders, she walked into the living room. Zack was sitting on the couch where she’d left him, talking to his father as if nothing had happened. Both men stood as she walked in.

“Jane,” Zack said with a big smile. “I believe you know my dad.”

Janie nodded. “Hi, Dr. Gilbert,” she said, smiling at him as if he was only her professor and her advisor and not, in fact, someone who had watched her masturbate to an orgasm while straddling his cock just that morning. The recollection of Zack’s hard cock between her legs, parting her lips with a promise of pleasure brought a flush to her cheeks and she found herself looking down at the floor. She swallowed hard. “Zack was just about to bring me back to the dorm,” she lied.

“What a surprise to see you here tonight, Jane,” he said, nodding slightly. “I didn’t know you and Zack were friends.”

Janie smiled. “Seems we’re both at a disadvantage. I didn’t know Zack was your son.”

Zack looked sheepish. “Details,” he said with a shrug. He cleared his throat. “Well, if you’re ready to go, I can run you home,” he said to Janie, taking her by the arm and steering her towards the kitchen door. “I’ll be back later,” he said, retrieving his keys from behind the kitchen table that was still askew, and hustled her out the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said to Dr. Gilbert.

“Four o’clock,” he replied. “Don’t be late.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Neither of them spoke until they were several blocks away from the house, and then they stumbled over each other’s words.

“You first,” Zack said.

“Why didn’t you tell me who your father is? You know I have him for class.”

Zack sighed. “Because it’s been my experience that once one of his students finds out I’m his son, they try to use me to get better grades.” He glanced over at her. “I’m not saying you’d ever do that, just that I make it a practice to not mention it until I know that the person I’m hanging out with like me for me and not for who I’m related to. And we were just getting to know each other. But I swear, I would have told you after today, even if it hadn’t gone as far as it had.” He pulled up to a stop sign and looked at her. “I was very surprised at how quickly things moved between us. I wasn’t trying to keep secrets. I just didn’t get the chance to tell you before he surprised us.”

“Okay,” Janie said, and leaned her head back against the headrest.

They rode in silence until Zack pulled up in front of her dorm. “Are you mad at me?” he asked.

She turned and smiled. “No, of course not. I understand. The whole thing just felt a little…well, I felt like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar and…what happened between us was…it was really hot and amazing…” her voice trailed off.

“I sense there’s a ‘but’ coming.”

She sighed. “You remember the guy I told you about? And I said it was complicated?”

Zack nodded.

“What we did…or almost did…what it seems like we’re eventually going to do…” she smiled. “Well, that makes things with him even more screwed up than they were before. I wish I could explain but I’m not sure it even makes sense to me…”

Zack was quiet for a few moments. “I want to keep seeing you, but not if it’s going to complicate things. I can take a step back. I don’t usually move this fast and maybe I just got carried away.”

“It’s not just you,” she said with a reassuring smile, sliding her hand up his arm and resting it on his shoulder. She brushed a bit of hair back from his cheek with the back of her fingers. “I want to keep seeing you, too.”

Zack smiled and leaned in, kissing her softly. She returned his kiss, and smiled back at him. “You still smell like me,” she said.

“I’m also still wearing that condom,” he said.

Janie giggled. “How?”

He glanced down at his crotch. “I’m still hard.”

Janie raised an eyebrow at him. “All this time?”

He looked sheepish again. “It made that casual conversation with my dad really uncomfortable. Especially when you walked in. I was raised to stand when a lady enters the room and really, really wished I could have got away with bad manners at that moment.”

“That’s why you dragged me out the door.”

Zack laughed. “Exactly why, yes.”

Janie laughed, then fell silent. “Do you think he knew what we did?”

Zack shrugged. “He’s not stupid, and I’m over 18. I’ve had girlfriends before. I mean, we’ve had ‘the talk’ and everything.” Janie put her thumbnail in her mouth and chewed at it thoughtfully. “Does that bother you? That he thinks we’re sexually active?”

Janie laughed. “No. Not really. Like you said, we haven’t done anything that he can possibly disapprove of.”

“Well, not yet anyway.” He glanced down at his crotch again and grinned at her. “I don’t suppose there’s much chance of that tonight, huh?”

He looked at her with those eyes so like his father’s and she thought of him beneath her, his strong, skillful hands on her body and felt her nipples rise in response. She’d had his cock nearly inside her and she ached from sexual desire and the need for release. She leaned into him again and kissed him, opening her mouth and seeking his tongue with her own. His response was immediate, and the heat between them burst once again into flames. Panting, she asked, “Do you know the little road that runs down to the old fort?”

“Very well.”

“Let’s go there. Now.”

He churned up a bit of gravel as he pulled out of her dorm and sped with a smile on his face to the waterfront. He parked in the long-abandoned lot and cut the headlights and for a moment they sat and admired the view of the lights over the bay. “It’s pretty,” he said.

“It is.” She agreed. She shot a grin at him. “Backseat?”

They climbed into the empty backseat and again, she released his cock. It was still tightly sheathed and he gasped as she touched it lightly. She lifted her hips and shimmied out of her panties, dropping them carefully onto the front seat before gracefully swinging her legs over his and guiding his cock to her pussy. She slid it between her parted lips, teasing her clit with it again, getting the head wet with her juices.

Slowly, she lowered herself onto his cock, taking him in incrementally, feeling every inch as he filled her pussy. They kissed deeply, enjoying the feeling of him seated tightly inside her. Slowly, they began to move, their hips rocking together as they searched for their rhythm. His hands were on her ass, shoving her skirt up around her waist to feel every inch of the soft, creamy skin he’d only begun to enjoy.

Janie pulled the straps of her tank and her bra off her shoulders and pulled the cups of her bra down, letting her breasts hang free. She offered him her hard nipples and he accepted, watching her caress her own soft tits and rub them against his eager mouth.

All the need and pent-up frustration she’d been harboring was melting away as she rode Zack’s cock, kissing him and listening to him sing her praises in half-whispered words. In the dim light, she was struck by how much he seemed to be a younger version of his father and she closed her eyes, but the images of Dr. Gilbert and Zack mingled in her brain. She pictured their eyes looking up at her from between her thighs, their mouths hungry for her cunt. “Spank me,” she whispered, not opening her eyes.

Zack stopped thrusting for a moment, then resumed, and she felt his hand leave her ass a second before the crack of his hand on her flesh filled the car. Janie moaned. “Again,” she ordered him, and again, she moaned when his palm left a stinging red mark on her soft flank.

“I want you to come for me,” he said, his voice low, his breath shallow.

Janie looked into his eyes, trying to push the image of his father away. “Fuck me, Zack,” she said. He wrapped his arms around her back and easily lay her down on the seat. He pulled her leg up over his shoulder and leaned into her, driving his cock in deeply. She moaned again, letting him possess her wholly, whispering over and over again, “Fuck me…fuck me…”

He brought her close again, bringing her to the brink of pleasure. She felt over-ripe and ready to explode, but she needed him to take her over the edge, to pierce her very center.

“Come in me,” she said, bringing her hips up to meet his with each deep thrust. “Take me completely.”

He kissed her, gluing his mouth to hers as he fucked her faster and faster, bringing her up off the seat. She felt his cock swell inside her and explode, and her own cunt exploded in sympathy. Her moans echoed his, gradually joining in a sweet harmony before they both lay still. Zack kissed her softly, holding the condom carefully as he pulled out and she felt the deep empty longing of his cock slipping away.

They sat together in the back, rearranging their clothes back into order—a process made more difficult by their stopping to kiss and touch each other.

When he dropped her off at her front door, and kissed her goodnight in the glow of the porch light, Janie smoothed his hair and said she’d call him tomorrow. But when she closed the door on him, his eyes and his father’s blended together in her mind, and she knew things were just beginning to get complicated.