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Janie sat in one of the low chairs across the expanse of desk between her and Dr. Gilbert. He hadn’t said a word to her save telling her to come in and sit down, and she did so dutifully. He had her test paper in front of him and appeared to be reading it, but she knew he was only using that as an excuse to build up more uncomfortable silence between them and she wasn’t buying it. It was also quite obvious to her that he wasn’t happy.

She tapped her fingers on her legs and looked around, noticing for the first time that his office was as impersonal as his home. There were no framed pictures of family, no trophies or plaques, even the diplomas that usually graced the offices of academics were notably absent. The heavy, dark furniture and clean lines spoke of his personal style; everything was functional and well-made and there didn’t seem to be anything there that didn’t serve a purpose.

Even his desk was pathologically organized. There were no loose papers or a cup of pens and pencils, no sticky notes on anything. She had never seen a cup of coffee or a bottle of water anywhere in his office. There wasn’t even a box of tissues in sight.

She sighed lightly and crossed her legs. Dr. Gilbert looked up at her and his eyes were cold and hard. “Is there something else I’m keeping you from?”

Janie shook her head and smiled. “Not at all. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

He went to look back down at her paper but stopped, and looked back up at her. He blinked once or twice, but Janie kept her placid, passive smile fixed in place.

“You skipped class yesterday.”

“I did,” she confessed.

“I spoke with Dr. Meyers.”

“I know you did,” Janie replied calmly. “I called her when I got home last night to apologize for missing her class. I got the assignment directly from her, and e-mailed a friend of mine in the same class who shot me her notes.” She brushed an imaginary piece of lint off her skirt. “Dr. Meyers also noted what a concerned and involved advisor I had to make calls on my behalf in an effort help me get my grades up so late in the semester. She was very complimentary.”

Dr. Gilbert didn’t answer right away, so Janie continued.

“She also told me that she didn’t blame me for wanting to be beside the ocean on such a perfect afternoon, and that she wished she was still an undergraduate so she could do the same thing from time to time.”

Dr. Gilbert crossed his arms and grunted. “Jan Meyers and her new-age, communing-with-nature bullshit. Skipping classes is what got you here in the first place. You should have waited until after class and after your work was done to go to the beach.”

While Janie heard shades of her father’s nose-to-the-grindstone speech in his voice, she also detected notes of something else that floated above the scolding. “So, are you pissed that I skipped class to go to the beach, or are you pissed that I was with Zack?”

He clearly wasn’t expecting the question and she could see for the first time that she’d knocked him off balance. “This is about you not doing the things you agreed to,” he said. “This has nothing to do with Zack.” His jaw was set but she could hear the lie in his voice.

She crossed to his side of the desk and grabbed her test paper. On the top in Dr. Gilbert’s careful and precise penmanship was a perfect score. “It’s starting to look like this has everything to do with Zack.”

He stood, angrily, and grabbed the paper from her hand. “He’s my son!”

She recoiled from his unexpected outburst and found herself backed up against his desk. She had no choice but to stand toe to toe with Dr. Gilbert. Before she knew what she was saying, the words were spilling out of her with a fire she didn’t realize she had been carrying around inside. “So what? Why would it even matter? I don’t exist for you outside of this room, and within it, I’m nothing more than a toy for you to play with. There’s no relationship, no real intimacy. I know I’m nothing to you. So what I do, or who I do for that matter, isn’t really any of your business, is it? You’re my faculty advisor and if you have to dress me down for missing class yesterday, I understand and accept the consequences. And you know, if you want to keep hooking up with me from time to time so we can both get our freak on between classes, I’m down with that, too. But you are not the center of my universe, sir, and that is your fault, not mine.”

She waited, unflinching, for him to speak.

His eyes flashed and she could see the tension in his jaw as he contemplated what she’d said, and likely how she’d said it. A flash of panic shot through her as the idea dawned that she had just blown her chances at graduating on time again, but she stood her ground, knowing she’d played her hand and would have to wait for his move.

In an instant, his hands were in her hair, twined in her curls and pulling her mouth roughly to his. He took her breath away, kissing her with a desire fueled by frustration. When his mouth opened and he sought her tongue with his, she returned his kisses, losing herself in his angry passion. The intensity of the emotion between them was palpable, and the complication of the situation drew the insanity of what they were doing in even greater relief.

She pushed him away, holding him at arm’s length. Neither of them spoke and she could feel his heart beating hard under her palm. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her close to him, wrapping his arm around her back and pressing his body against hers. She could feel the unspoken words between them as easily as she could feel the heat of his hard cock through her thin sundress. He kissed her again, more insistently, pressing her back against his desk.

He was powerful, and in his deep, seeking, probing kisses, she felt him re-asserting his dominance over her. He was not one to be bidden or led and he would not be seduced. She let him grind his cock against her, knowing she was growing wet as she understood the power she had over him. Despite his physical strength, knowing he had the ability take her whether she wanted it or not but would stop at a single, spoken “no” was intoxicating. She could end this now, but she wanted him more than she’d ever wanted any man—or boy.

She fumbled with his black leather belt, yanking at it in frustration. He stepped back and unsmiling, easily opened his pants and pulled his cock out. He stroked it a few times, looking at her. She was breathing hard, watching him, wanting him. He ran his hands up her thighs and pushed her skirt out of the way, and hooked the crotch of her panties with his finger and pulled them aside. He pressed his cock against her and pulled her legs up, leaning her back and sliding inside her so quickly that it raised her ass off the desk and made her gasp.

Janie wrapped her legs around his back as he drove into her, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her head back to kiss her. Their need for each other was urgent and there were no whispered sighs or words of passion between them. He drilled her hard and fast, his balls slapping against her ass with each deep thrust. She urged him on, bringing her hips up to meet him, bracing herself on his desk top and pushing his neat world into disarray.

She looked into his face and caught the fine lines around his eyes and the strands of silver that shot through the sandy brown hair that was so like his son’s. Images of Zack swirled through her head, of his face over hers, taking her hard and fast.


She said his name aloud, not realizing it had slipped out in a low whisper.

Dr. Gilbert stopped and pulled out of her abruptly. His cock was purple and shining and he was breathing hard, his shirt beginning to stick to a fine sheen of sweat. His face changed and his jaw set again. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down roughly, tossing them aside. He grabbed her hips and spun her around, bending her over his desk. The leather blotter slid beneath her hands as she tried to brace herself, crying out when her thighs struck the hard edge as he slammed his cock inside her again.

He fucked her like a man with something to prove, as if he could use his cock to push the image of his son out of her head. Out of nowhere, she heard the crack of his hand on her ass, feeling the sting seconds later. She yelped with surprise, but the ferocity of the slap only made her want more. Zack’s hand reddening her ass in a deserted parking lot, his face, his father’s face, their cocks inside her, each man wanting to make her theirs all swirled together and ran hot through her, and with a cry she came hard, making her legs shake so hard she was afraid she would collapse.

She grabbed the edge of the desk, whimpering as he came with a grunt, and she felt his hot cum shoot deep inside her and mingle with her own warm wetness. His arm went around her waist and he held her close until his cock stopped throbbing. He pulled out, and she felt the warm trickle ooze out of her and slide slowly down her thigh.

She turned and faced Dr. Gilbert. He was standing back, breathing hard, his cock beginning to soften and leaving a sticky, wet patch on the open front of his pants. He ran his hand through his hair and swallowed hard, but didn’t say anything.

She walked up to him, and put her hands on his face. She stood on tiptoe and kissed him softly, leaving her lips against his until his returned the kiss. She smiled softly, and retrieving her panties from the floor, she slipped them back on over her used and messy cunt. She opened his desk drawer and choosing a red pen, wrote her phone number on her test paper.

“When you’re ready to talk to me, give me a call.”

Her words seemed to snap him out of a trance, and he inhaled like a man breaking through the surface of the water. He attempted to quickly dress himself and started to speak. “Janie, I…I’m…”

She cut him off. “When you’re ready.” She collected her things as he straightened his desk absently, his pants still undone, as if organizing the papers would help him make sense.

He looked up at her. “Does Zack know about us?”

“There is no ‘us,’” Janie replied, and in a half-lie added, “He doesn’t need to.”

Dr. Gilbert nodded, and Janie let herself out.

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