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Every now and again I write a story from the male point of view. I call my alter ego “Lexx Muffstuffer, Vagina Slayer” and he’s a total pig. I love that dirty bastard and it’s fun to give him free rein with a story. This is a bit from a longer piece I had up on Literotica. I put it in the Loving Wives category just to see how many of the perverted pearl-clutchers I could freak out. Suffice it to say, the number was very, very high. *laughs* Mission accomplished.


I had a week to figure out how to get my best friend to not only fuck my girlfriend, but to fuck her while I fuck her too. I might be able to get him to fuck just her. I might be able to get him to let me watch, but there was no way I could think of that he’d willingly be part of a gang bang. Maybe if it was two girls, but I knew two guys was going to be too gay for him. Hell, I wasn’t convinced myself that it wasn’t too gay. I consoled myself by watching a couple of gang bang DVD’s and noticing that the guys didn’t seem to weirded out by being all dicks-out at the same time. Of course, they’re porn stars and paid not to be weirded out by much of anything, but I tried not to think about that.

I also figured out that if push came to shove I might be choosing my girlfriend over my best friend. I tried not to think about that either.

By the time Sean was at the door on Sunday afternoon, I was four beers ahead of him, slightly drunk and I had no fucking idea how this plan of Lorie’s was going to work. As it was, I’d seen little of her that morning. She was up and out of the house before I got up and when she got back she stayed mostly in the bedroom with the door closed. I knocked a couple of times and asked if she was okay and she said she was. The thought of going in and seeing what she was doing never really crossed my mind. I had enough fucking things on it as it was.

Sean came in and got himself a beer from the fridge and settled himself down into his usual Sunday afternoon game-watching chair just as he’d done a thousand weekends before. I tried to be casual and took a sip of my beer, but it got stuck in my throat, so I put the bottle down. My hands were shaking.

By the bottom of the second inning, just as I was starting to sweat, Lorie came out of the bedroom. She had on a tiny pair of white silk panties and a sheer white button down silk shirt. I could see her tits through the fabric, and so could Sean. He licked his lips and stammered a greeting of some sort, and beads of sweat that matched mine broke out on his forehead. Poor guy had no fucking idea what was coming, though.

Lorie sat on the arm of the couch right next to Sean and put her foot up on the sofa cushion. Her legs were spread and the crotch of her panties stretched tightly over her pussy lips. I could see her big clit through the thin fabric and a thin, damp patch already starting to form. Her nipples were as hard as her clit and she leaned towards Sean slightly.

“Hey, Sean,” she said. “I’m glad you’re here. I have a favor to ask you.”

Sean swallowed hard. Sean’s dick was hard. He was tent-poling the front of his shorts and he shifted in the chair hoping we didn’t notice but knowing all the same that we had. “Uh…sure,” he said, “I guess so…”

Lorie got up and delicately deposited herself on his knee. “I don’t know if you can tell or not, but I love that big goofus over there,” she said. I swallowed hard and blinked. She’d never used the “L-word” with me before and it caught me by surprise. Sean took a look at her hard nipples rubbing beneath the see-through veil, swallowed hard and blinked as well. “The thing is, he probably never told you but he really gets off on watching me with other guys. He told me it’s his biggest fantasy and I’d really like to make it happen for him.”

Lorie slowly started to unbutton her top as she talked. “I thought about picking up a stranger, but that just seems so cold and impersonal. No way to show my love.” She was playing the doe-eyed innocent and it was making me so hard I thought I’d cream right in my pants. Button after button gave way and poor Sean was scared to breathe, scared to look at her, but unable to look away either. “So I thought long and hard about it,” she said, pulling the fabric of her shirt across her tits so that her nipples were right in my best friend’s face, ” and decided that the best person to help me make my man happy is the guy who loves him like I do. His best friend.” She opened her blouse and let it fall behind her. She shook her long hair out and arched her back. “I thought maybe we could go in the other room and get to know each other a little better first, then he could come in and watch us. What could be sweeter than his best girl and his best friend?”

Sean’s eyes were bugging out as he looked at me for confirmation. “Dude,” Sean croaked, when he could finally get the words out. “Is this for real?”

His voice shocked me back into reality. “Yeah, man,” I said. “Totally. Sorry, she caught me off guard…Baby, I wasn’t expecting anything like this,” I said to Lorie.

“So, I guess it’s all up to Sean,” she said, running her hand lightly over his shaved head and down his neck. She left her arm draped over his wide shoulders and leaned into him so that her rosy nipple was brushing against his cheek with each breath. “What do you say? Did I pick the right man for the job?”

“Well, shit…yeah!” he said, more enthusiastically than I’d have expected from my best friend. He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her tits in his huge hands. “Shit,” he said again, “if you want to watch me tap this sweet ass, I’d be fucking stupid to say no.”

Lorie broke out in a sweet, sexy, victorious smile. “How about a little pre-game for my loving man right here?” she said and turned so her back was to him. She ground her ass against his cock and swayed to a song only she could hear. Her tits were hanging free, swinging back and forth. She raised her arms and tangled her hands through her hair, and when Sean ran his hands up her thighs to her soft ass, she smiled that knowing smile for me again.

“I don’t know ’bout you, man,” Sean said, laughing, squeezing Lorie’s ass, “but even though this little gift here is for you, I think Christmas came early for me!”

Lorie turned to face him. “You have no idea, stud.” she said, and gestured for him to follow her. “Let’s go in here and get warmed up before the big game.” Sean got up and trotted after her like a puppy. “I just hope I can please you,” she said to him, and closed the door, smiling at me still sitting stock-still on the couch.

It’s a weird feeling to sit in one room with the ballgame on like it’s a regular Sunday afternoon, but knowing that your girlfriend has just seduced your best friend in the world and he’s currently in your bed doing God knows what to her. With your blessing.

The front of my brain felt very strongly that it should be protesting this in some way. Real men don’t let their girlfriends fuck their best friends—certainly not in their beds, not with their permission, and for sure not while they watch. Do they?

But from the back of my brain a voice was screaming out that this was the kind of thing you only see in letters to Penthouse and in porn movies and that I should be fucking happy as a pig in shit that I found a woman who likes to fuck long and hard and is willing to get my friends’ rocks off too. As if on cue, I heard Sean moan from the bedroom, and my cock jumped in sympathy. I was guessing the “watching” part was coming up next, and I couldn’t help it but I gave myself a few strokes through my shorts.

I heard a small click and I looked up to see the bedroom door swing open. My Lorie stood naked in the doorway and gave me her sweetest, most seductive smile. “We’re ready for you, lover,” she said and I got up as smoothly as I could with my hard-on bobbing along in front of me. She slid her arms around my neck and kissed me long and deep. “Let’s see if you can make this a day I won’t ever forget,” she challenged, and led me into the bedroom.

The shades were drawn against the afternoon sun and Lorie had lit candles all around the room. Sean was stretched out naked and spread-eagled on our bed, his black skin in stark relief against the new white satin sheets. He looked like a sacrifice. A very, happy sacrifice, if the wide smile on his face was any indication.

His huge cock jutted up and I tried not to look at it. It’s not usually kosher to stare at your buddy’s junk, but then I wasn’t sure if the rules regarding junk-looking were suspended when you were about to see him fuck right in front of you. But then I was expected to look. Right? Clearly some ground rules would have come in handy, but there was no use crying over fucking spilled milk at this point.

Lorie showed me the chair she set up right by the foot of the bed and I sat dutifully while she climbed on the bed. Sean gasped as she swiftly straddled his cock in the old “reverse cowgirl” and guided the fat tip to her cunt, which I’m sure—based on loads of experience—was already soaking wet. She looked me right in the eye as she slowly took every inch of his black meat into her twat.

I watched his fat cock stretch her lips apart and sink into her, shuddering with lust as she took him in like a seasoned pro. She rode him slowly, working his cock inside her and using her power and his body for her own pleasure. She watched me the whole time, looking into my eyes and smiling at me, but murmured quiet words of encouragement to Sean. “Oh, that’s nice, baby. You have a nice, thick cock.” Sean would moan and she’d reach down and give his balls a stroke and a squeeze. “Nice big balls,” she’d say to him. “I can’t wait to taste your cum.” She didn’t let me forget for a second that this was all about her.

I was breathing hard, watching her fuck him, using him like a piece of meat, putting on a show that was turning me on as much as it was her. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Seeing his cock inside her, stretching her out and sliding out black and shiny from her love juice was more than I could take. It was more than any man could take. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and wrapped my fist around it. I gave it a squeeze and milky precum oozed out of the tip.

“Oh, baby,” she said to me. “You want a little of this too?” she said, grinding her clit against Sean’s pelvis. “C’mon up here,” she said, and I shucked off my clothes and climbed naked onto the bed. I stood up in front of her and she grabbed my cock with both hands and took me into her mouth. I could see Sean grinning at me from behind her and he gave me the thumbs up.

She sucked my cock like she’d never sucked it before, all the while riding Sean’s cock. She had two of her holes filled, but I knew what kind of fucking she was craving. “Sean,” I said, and Sean opened his eyes and looked at me. “You wanna play a little game?” Lorie stopped fucking us and looked up, not sure what I was thinking and I’m guessing not sure she wanted me taking the lead. “How about one of us fucks her cunt and one of us fucks her ass, and the first one to cum has to clean up his creampie with his mouth?”

Sean laughed. “You’re a nasty motherfucker, man,” he said. “But I like the way you think.”

It was Lorie’s turn to be thrilled, and she said, the emotion barely contained in her voice, “It’s only fair to give Sean the first choice of holes. He is our guest, after all.”

“You heard her, buddy. Choose your weapon,” I told him.

“Shit,” he said, “much as I’d like to squeeze into that tight ass of yours, I doubt I’d last a minute. Your pussy is sweet enough for me, doll. How ’bout you spin it around so I can play with those bouncing titties while your man and me show you how it’s done.”

I leaned down and kissed her hard, then she got up and re-adjusted herself onto his pole. “Be a pal and see if you can reach the lube in that drawer over there,” I said, gesturing to the nightstand. “And you keep still,” I told Lorie, who was slowly starting to ride Sean’s cock. “No fair giving me a head start.”

“Thanks, man,” Sean said, handing me the bottle of lube, and Lorie giggled. “Now you lean over here and let me have a suck of them sweet nipples.” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. Her ass spread before me and I squirted a big gob of lube right into her asshole and used my middle finger to open her tight hole and get it good and slippery. She moaned, though I don’t know if it was from me lubing up her ass or because Sean chose that moment to give her nipples a couple of good hard sucks.

I guided my greasy dick to her back door and rubbed the head against the tight pink whorl. I pressed into her, feeling the tightly clenched muscles relax and open bit by bit. “Keep working her tits,” I told Sean. “It’s a tight squeeze back here but nibbling on her nips gets her crazy horny.”

“That right, baby doll?” he asked, and took her nipple between his straight, white teeth. He bit down lightly and pulled back, stretching the sensitive skin and causing her to squeal with pleasure. He let it go with a snap and a jiggle and she moaned as I made a little more progress into her asshole.

Slowly she opened for me, taking me in inch by hot, tight inch. Her cunt was already stuffed and as I filled her ass with my cock, she started to shake. I stroked her ass cheeks and urged her to ease herself back onto me. “Lean back, love,” I said and she did, rocking back so that we were both filling her up, then rocking forward so that we would both slide out at the same time. “That’s right, baby,” I told her. “Fuck us both the same. You’re in charge. Who you gonna milk first?”

Lorie didn’t answer. She couldn’t answer. She was rocking back and forth, fucking us with her tight holes while we let our hands explore and caress her body. The first time our hands accidentally brushed, we both pulled away like they were wired for 220. But as Lorie got hotter and started fucking us faster and faster, it didn’t matter whose hands were whose, and the fact that our dicks were only separated by a thin membrane and our balls were pressed up against each other kind of made feeling weird pointless.

Sean was starting to moan, and I was hoping he was getting close. I could tell Lorie was and I wanted it to be extra good for her, so I reached down and grabbed her by the hair the way I know she likes. I tugged on it and pulled her head back, giving my hips a little extra something with each thrust. “C’mon, baby,” I urged her. “Come with two cocks inside you. We’re gonna fill you up good,” I added and she moaned again, slamming her ass into my thighs and meeting each of our thrusts with her own. Sean was moaning nearly as loud as she was and I was pretty sure I was going to win this contest. “That’s right,” I said, “make that big black cock explode.”

“Ohhhh, shit!” Sean groaned loudly and I could feel his cock swell and pulse against mine as he shot his load deep into my girlfriend’s pussy. I could feel the heat of his cum and so could Lorie, because all hell broke loose inside her and she started to buck and hump wildly against his throbbing cock. She was cumming like I’d never felt her cum before, and I could feel the spasms in her cunt and her ass at the same time. It was such a delicious, novel sensation, and since I’d already won, I gave her a couple of good strokes and shot my own load into her asshole, wetting her down front and back. I could see my cum bubble out from around my prick and as I pulled out of her hot, spunky ass, I saw Sean’s cum dripping oozing out from around his still hard cock.

She collapsed on top of Sean and he wrapped his arms around her, but with one hand he made a fist. I laughed and knuckle-bumped him, Big Papi-style. I rubbed the head of my cock in her crack, making sure I left her good and messy. “Don’t get too comfortable, Buddy,” I told him. “You’re not done.”

“C’mon, man,” he groaned.

Lorie put her head up and kissed Sean. “That’s right, honey,” she said. “I’m afraid we have to go with house rules on this. My pussy is a mess and since you came first, you get to clean me up.” She raised herself off his hard cock and a gob of jizz—I couldn’t tell if it was mine or his—landed in his dark, curly pubes. “Just relax and enjoy it,” she said. “I know I will.” She turned and straddled his face, offering him her asshole and pussy, both of which were dripping with cum. “Do a good job now,” she directed.

She shivered as his thick lips made contact with her bare pussy lips. He spread her with his hands and gently lapped and sucked at her swollen cunt and stretched holes. She looked into my eyes and I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently, sucking at her lips and giving her my tongue the way my best friend was loving her twat.

Sean’s cock lay hard beneath our chins and Lorie took it in her hands. Sean groaned as she took the big purple head into her mouth and sucked on his jizz-covered tool. It was too big for her to get very far into her mouth so she wrapped her hands around the base and stroked him while she sucked the fat head. She looked at me looking at her and suddenly a smile crossed her stuffed lips. She gave me the “come hither” finger and pointed at Sean’s cock. He was absorbed in her pussy and couldn’t see what she was doing, and I realized she wanted me to suck Sean’s cock.

I shook my head no. I’m no cocksucking fag. She squeezed his cock and he moaned into her pussy. Then she twitched a little and a big grin spread across her face. “Oh, that’s right, now that’s my nasty Uncle Sean,” she said. “Sucking daddy’s cum out of my ass like that. Ohhhhh, that’s so nice,” and I could tell she meant it.

I looked down at Sean’s cock throbbing between us. I could hear the sucking and slurping noises as he sucked my spunk out of her asshole, so as Lorie stroked his shaft I closed my eyes and took my best friend’s cock into my mouth. Sean groaned into her ass, sucking and licking and fucking her with his tongue. I sucked my first cock, tasting both Lorie’s sweet pussy and Sean’s deep funkiness on the soft, firm skin. I didn’t know if I was doing it right or not, but I figured if I did what felt good to me I’d be okay. I took him into my throat as far as I could, feeling the heaviness of him on my tongue. Lorie’s little hands were stroking him hard and she was using my saliva to get him good and slick. I figured out her rhythm and finally I felt like we were really on to something.

I didn’t figure in that Sean would come again so quickly, and clearly I was so preoccupied with my technique that I failed to notice that he was grunting into my girl’s asshole and twitching his hips with every stroke of his cock. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a hot flood hit my tongue and fill my throat. I nearly gagged before I instinctively swallowed and suddenly jet after jet of cum was going smoothly down my throat. I drank him in eagerly, swallowing everything he had and sucking every last drop out of his cock. I released him and Lorie kissed me again, his cock between us, as she lifted herself carefully off of his face.

Sean lay there on the bed breathing hard while Lorie turned and curled her body up next to his. I curled up next to her and the three of us just stayed like that for what felt like a good, long while. Finally, Sean was the first one who found something to say. “Bro, this is one sweet little piece of ass you got on your hands.”