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This excerpt is from a soon-to-be-published story. Stay tuned!


Now she was in control, the alpha lover in the room, connecting us and guiding us on invisible wires to the bed where we collapsed together in a tangled mass of limbs. A moment of confusion as hands, overlapped, legs collided, and bodies searched for warm spots and throbbing places, and then Rowan guiding us again. “Just relax,” she told him, running her hands over his body. “Don’t worry about pleasing both of us, or making one of us feel left out. Whatever happens, it’s all good.”

She ran her hand over my breasts, watching as my already hard nipples quivered beneath her touch. He did the same, lowering his mouth and taking the pink point in his lips. I felt a tug in my pussy as he sucked, and then another as she followed suit, taking the other hard nugget in her teeth and making me writhe as my body processed the exquisite pleasure. I felt a hand between my thighs, but couldn’t tell whose it was. I shivered with delight at the knowledge–or the not-knowing–of which of them was parting my lips and stroking my clit.

Gentle hands moved over me, guiding me and urging me onto my stomach. I exhaled deeply with anticipation as hands caressed the soft skin of my ass, wandering into the cleft and dipping into the warmth and wetness. Hands guided me to my knees and parted me, guiding my legs apart and spreading me wide and making me ready. A mouth pressed against my soaked cunt and a tongue plunged inside me, drawing a moan from my lips. I felt bodies move and the mattress shift beneath me, making me sway on my knees, strong hands steadying me and those lips on my pussy, sucking and licking.

I felt the mattress give a little near my hands and I opened my eyes. Soft creamy thighs were before me, and Rowan smiled when I looked up at her, stroking her cheek with my hand. I needed to taste her again.

She lay down and spread her legs for me, showing me her bare pussy. I pressed my lips to her swollen clit, tickling it with my tongue where it peeked out from her soft folds and drawing a moan from her. I tickled the little silver ring that pierced her plump nether lip, making her giggle, before dipping back into her and tasting her sweet, wet cunt and hearing that giggle turn into a deep sigh.

My own cunt was dripping as Gary slid two fingers inside me, and slid his tongue to my ass. My moan was muffled by Rowan’s pussy as he worked it inside me, opening me and making a chill of pleasure run up my spine. I leaned back into him, forcing him in deeper, feeling myself grow wider and ready for his cock.

He shifted again and I braced myself, feeling him kneel behind me. I tried to focus on Rowan, on bringing her pleasure, but as he slid inside my wet cunt and I felt his balls slap against my clit, I raised my head and moaned. He stroked me deep, sliding his hands over my ass and up my back and grabbing a handful of my hair. He pulled back, making me arch into him. Rowan smiled and slid her hand between her legs, and watching as he fucked me, she plunged two fingers into her open cunt.

He pulled out of me slowly and ran the hot head of his cock over my pussy, teasing me with it, dipping it in and pulling it out. I felt him press against my asshole and I moaned, barely able to utter the words, “Oh, God…yes.” Gently, he pressed harder and I took a deep breath, releasing it slowly as he spread me, wider and still wider with his thick shaft. It burned and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle him. I felt my eyebrows knit as I kept breathing, trying to relax.

In a flash, Rowan was beneath me, wriggling under my body. I felt her lips against my clit and then the gentle suction as her mouth closed around it. She worked my clit like a tiny cock, sucking and teasing it with her tongue. I wriggled against her, moaning anew as she slipped her fingers inside me. Gary pressed harder into me, opening me past the pain to where it becomes pleasure. He worked his cock slowly, purposefully, running his hands over my ass.

Rowan knew just how to touch me, hitting all the pleasure points she’d discovered the night before. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and worked her lips apart with my own, pressing my mouth again into her. She was so wet and ripe, and I had to swallow hard to keep up with the juices that flowed from her. I pushed her knees apart and attacked her clit hungrily, making her squirm beneath me even as she brought me closer and closer to my own finish.

I could feel the pressure building, the tension inside me as cock and mouth worked together to make me cum. I was getting close to the edge, feeling the ripples begin and rush towards me, before breaking in the center and racing outward in growing spirals. I could barely breathe and my legs shook as I came, Rowan using her fingers to draw out a gush of fluid that ran over her face. I felt her shake with laughter, and I laughed too from release and with joy.

Reluctantly, Gary slipped out of my ass, and we shuddered at the same time from the delicious pleasure of sensitive skin on very sensitive skin. Rowan waited until the deep spasms inside me subsided before pulling her fingers out and kissing me gently on my spent cunt.

I fell back onto the bed breathing hard. Gary kissed me, tasting Rowan’s funky essence all over my face. “Go get some,” I told him and Rowan smiled as his knowing mouth replaced mine on her cunt. He knelt over her and tasted her pussy, while I lay beside her, lazily stroking her soft breasts and pulling her nipples into hard peaks.

(to be continued…)