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They were the only two people in the gym at four o’clock in the morning.

He didn’t know, nor did he care, why she chose to work out on the elliptical machine directly in front of his when there were no less than ten identical units to choose from.

What he did know was that her gym shorts were very small and very snug, and the round, soft ass they barely contained moved with an absolutely bewitching jiggle and bounce with every step. He also knew that the way her long, messy ponytail switched from side to side with the rhythmic sway of her body was hypnotic, and the vibrant orange-red was the same knee-weakening color as a Caribbean sunset.

For a half an hour, he watched her run in place, her movements fluid and graceful. He marked the progress of her efforts through the sheen of sweat that started as a few fine hairs stuck to the back of her shining neck to where it spread into a wide, wet patch at the small of her back and finally tapering down into the cleft of her perfect ass.

He had never seen anything sexier in his whole life.

He didn’t even notice he’d pushed his own workout longer than he planned until she stopped and got off her machine. He kept going, pretending he always worked out a good ten minutes longer than he actually did, realizing he was out of breath, sweating profusely, half-hard, and hoping those escaped her notice as she wiped the machine down. She flashed him another one of her half smiles before going over to the floor mats to stretch, but he kept going, even though his legs were beginning to burn and he could no longer feel his face.

He saw no way to approach her without being the Creepy Gym Guy, so reluctantly he, too, wiped his machine down and allowed himself one last lingering glance in her direction, all the while praying silently that he would manage not to hyperventilate, throw up, or otherwise embarrass himself in front of her. The captivating sight of her body bent gracefully at the waist, her hands running down the back of her freckled thighs as she reached for her ankles caused his dick to twitch uncomfortably, and quickly he went into the men’s locker room before she had cause to call the police.

He retrieved his gym bag from his locker and peeled off his soaked clothes, wrapping a towel around his waist and heading for the shower. He pulled the curtain closed and stood under the hot spray, breathing deeply in the steam and bracing himself with one arm against the cool tile wall. He closed his eyes and let the hot water run over his head and down his shoulders, too tired to soap up.

A cold draft and the sound of the metal curtain rings moving caused his eyes to snap open. She stepped naked into the spray, her hands against his pecs pushing him aside so she could close the curtain behind her. She hooked her finger in her ponytail holder and pulled it free, shaking her head side to side and letting her hair fall over her wet shoulders in a curtain.

She didn’t speak a word to him, and none seemed to be required of him, which, he thought, was a good thing, as he was unable to form a coherent thought, much less a sentence. She turned to face him, tipping her head back under the water and leaning toward him. She put her hands around his waist, and the blood flow to his cock that had subsided in his solo shower came back with a renewed vengeance. She pressed herself against him, trapping his erection between their bodies.

Her hands slid over his wet ass, cupping his cheeks and pulling him close. Tentatively, he put his hands on her shoulders and ran them down her strong arms, letting his thumbs graze over her pale pink nipples.

She smiled again and moaned slightly, encouraging him. Her skin was fair and rapidly growing pink in the hot spray, and he was entirely smitten with the dappling of freckles that covered her shoulders and chest. Her breasts were small and firm, and he dared himself to touch them, cupping them gently and watching for her response.

She looked up at him with eyes that were as blue as a summer sky. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could stammer out more than two words of an introduction, she put her wet fingers over his lips. She shook her head, and trailed her fingers through his chest hair, over his abs to his shaft that rose thick, hard, and red from its curly wet nest of hair. She gripped him firmly and stroked, drawing a drop of clear pre-cum from the tip that was washed away as soon as it appeared. He gasped, bending his head and pressing his lips to her neck.

His fingers sought out her nipples and he tugged the hard points gently between the tips. She exhaled, as if she had been waiting expectantly for his touch all along. He let his hands wander lower, exploring her gentle curves. Her body was strong and fit, but her hips were wide and curvaceous, and as his hands slid over her round, full buttocks, he murmured soft words of appreciation into her ear.

She turned in his arms and presented her ass to him, and he took a moment with his hands resting on her alabaster flanks to thank whatever gods may be for the female form. She arched her back, leaning into his body and he pressed his cock against her, sliding easily between the soft globes of her ass. The head of his cock was against her hot center, being tickled by her ginger nether curls and begging for entrance. His arms went around her easily, one hand on a rosy-tipped nipple and the other between her legs, seeking her hard clit and finding it throbbing. He stroked the dainty little pearl gently, letting his cock slide wetly back and forth from behind.

She leaned forward and spread her legs slightly, and it was all the invitation he required. He guided his cock inside her, taking her slowly and letting her feel every inch of his hard shaft. Her legs shook slightly as he seated himself fully. She was tight and hot, and it was his turn to gasp as he felt her muscles clench around his cock. He began to move, stroking her slowly, holding onto her hips and pulling all the way out of her, teasing her clit with the head before sliding back in, not stopping until his balls pressed tightly against her cunt.

Her voice was soft and light, but her words drove him like the crack of a whip. “Fuck me,” she said, and he pulled out, then slid home forcefully, over and over, moving his hips and working his cock inside her. Their wet bodies slapped together, her hot, tight pussy bringing him to a quick climax.

He pulled out of her and with a grunt and a few strokes, he shot his load all over the milky whiteness of her ass. He was still breathing hard when he dropped to his knees and worshiped her, parting her legs further and pressing his lips against her sweet asshole.

He teased her with his tongue, tasting his own cum that basted her tight rear entrance. He dipped his tongue inside her, tasting her sweet, musky essence. She leaned into him, needing release. His lips went around her clit and he sucked gently at it, teasing it with his tongue, massaging it. She pressed against his hungry mouth, grinding against him, and he moved with her, feeling her legs begin to tremble as the first spasms of her orgasm hit.

He held onto her while she came, her breath coming in the ragged gasps and pants that thirty minutes on the elliptical hadn’t been able to draw out of her. She soaked his face with her juices, and he swallowed hard, savoring every drop she shared with him.

She left him kneeling on the floor of the shower as soon as she was able to walk. She slipped out of the shower and by the time he rinsed off and shut the water off, she had gone, with no evidence she’d been there save a row of wet footprints on the black floor.

He dressed quickly and grabbed his bag, running out to see if he could catch her, but when he left the steam-filled locker room, the gym was still empty, and his was the only car in the parking lot.

He opened his mouth to ask the kid working the front desk her name, but at the last minute decided that he didn’t dare, so he put his jacket collar up against the early morning chill and wandered out into the gray sunrise, alone, to get home before his wife woke up.