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I’m starting a new story. This is what I’ve got so far.


Janie sat at her desk towards the back of the vast lecture hall and worried the corner of her notebook with her thumbnail. She watched the clock as the minutes ticked by, adjusting the neckline of her low-cut sweater a couple of times and fidgeting in her seat. Somewhere in the logical recesses of her brain she knew she should be hanging on the professor’s every word, taking copious notes, and working hard to bring her grade up to passing, but it was getting late in the semester. The days were longer and warmer and party season was in full swing.

Sure, she could spend every night between here and finals in the library studying her ass off. She could skip the raging keggers at the Delta Tau house, or attend her scheduled classes instead of spending the afternoon on the lawn of the student center soaking up the sunshine in her bikini. There were all kinds of boring, tedious, and mind-numbing things that would get her grade out of the basement.

There was also extra credit—private extra credit.

She’d passed her freshman English Lit. class with a simple handjob in the professor’s office. One letter to her adviser and she was bringing in a solid C-minus despite not having cracked a book and attending maybe half the lectures. He was old—at least in his fifties—tweedy, and very married. Janie was surprised at how little persuasion she had needed to use. “It’s not what you do, it’s WHO you do” seemed to make perfectly good sense.

Janie squinted down at Professor Gilbert. He was okay enough to look at, if you could get past his uninspired everyday uniform of standard issue Old Navy khakis and a button down shirt. He was kind of attractive, in a nerdy, middle-aged sort of way, but it didn’t keep him from being boring as fuck, droning on about Civil War politics, yammering about state’s rights and federal authority as if it even mattered. Those people had been dead for, like, two hundred years and all that shit was settled. She frowned. History was stupid.

As the last few minutes of class slid away she put on a fresh coat of lip gloss and watched him as he wrapped his lecture up. He wore no wedding ring and she saw no line that gave one away, and Janie carefully calculated that with those Opie Cunningham looks there was no way he was getting enough pussy to turn down any offer she could make.

When the last of the students had filed out, Janie approached him confidently.

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