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I wrote this story years and years ago for a contest. I didn’t win, and it’s far more porn than erotica than the more recent stuff I’ve written, but it’s a fun, dirty little stroke piece, anyway…


I was planning to go on vacation, so I switched a night shift with my co-worker to make up time. I was somewhat familiar with the other people on that shift from union meetings, but we would know each other quite well by night’s end.

Debbie told me that things on the night shift were a little more unrestrained than they were during the day. She regaled me with stories of all the places she’d seen co-workers doing it, and by the time I she was done I was tickled pink with the delightful irony of it all: America’s Most Moral Department Store Chain was a seething hotbed of wanton sex, dirty kinks, and lustful vices. I also made a mental list of the produce items I would never again purchase from Save-Mart.

Before my first night shift began, she made it a point to tell me that all the stories she’d told me were true. I secretly hoped so. Besides being thrilled at the delicious hypocrisy of a midnight fuck-fest, I was also getting pretty turned on by it too. I didn’t tell Debbie, but it had been a really long time since I’d had sex with anyone besides myself and the thought of hooking up and getting laid on company time didn’t seem like such a bad deal from where I was sitting.

I was assigned to work the frozen foods section of the store, restocking the rows and rows of coolers. I had been slaving away for what seemed like decades when the tone over the intercom system signaled our first break. I walked back to the employees’ lounge, anticipating 15 minutes of awkward small talk. Instead, as I approached the door, I could hear moaning and giggling coming from inside. I stood silently outside the door and peeked in. Kim from Bakery was reclining atop one of the lunch tables with her feet resting on Tyler from Deli’s shoulders. Tyler’s pants were around his thighs and his tight, muscled ass was peeking out from underneath his official red Save-Mart tunic.

I watched as he slid his cock into her. Kim’s head fell back with pleasure and he started slamming into her, the table squeaking with every thrust. It was so hot, I barely thought to look around before sliding my hand down down the front of my skirt and diddling my clit. I wanted a better view, so I slowly eased the door open, but the hinges gave out a deep, loud squeal of metal on metal.

Kim’s head snapped up and I spun on my heel, pulling my wet fingers out of my snatch as I disappeared into the shadows of the vast store. My cheeks were hot and I hoped she hadn’t seen me there. What could I say? I stood in the dark bathroom fixtures aisle and closed my eyes, but all I could see was Tyler’s sweet ass and Kim’s moist lips, parted with lust as he fucked her under the florescent lights of the lunch room. My pussy was soaked, and I rubbed myself through my panties, wondering if I could get off before the break period was up, but before I could get close enough to cum, the second tone over the intercom system told us that our fifteen-minute break was over. With a sigh, I made my way back to frozen foods and the endless rows of freezers.

The temperature in the “frozen tundra” as we called it was enough to cool anyone’s engines, but all it did was make my nipples hard, which made them rub against my shirt in a most uncomfortable and delightful way. No amount of stacking frozen pizza by SKU number was going to keep my mind off the orgasm that lay just beyond my reach, and it was all I could do not to diddle myself right there in the middle of a well-lit aisle. I even considered, then abandoned, the idea of slipping a bag of frozen niblets in my panties just to cool things off enough to concentrate. As it was, I found myself clock-watching in true Save-Mart style. If the first half of the shift leading to the first break seemed long, the second stretch leading to the “lunch” break was interminable.

The second the tone sounded for break, I all but ran to the lunch room hoping to “run into” Kim and Tyler. But the room was empty. I waited for a few minutes, but when they didn’t come in, I gave up and grabbed a soda from the machine and headed back out into the darker side of the store. The other stocking crew didn’t come on until 4 a. m., so besides a few emergency lights, most of the store was empty and dark. Sighing, I stopped over by magazines and picked out a copy of the raciest rag Save-Mart sells, figuring maybe I could rub out a quick on while fantasizing about oiled up pro-wrestlers. I made my way through the dark to home furnishings and stretched out more or less comfortably on a bedding display.

Before I could fully formulate a good John Cena fantasy and get down to business, I heard footsteps coming my way. I lowered the magazine and looked up. Kim and Tyler were coming toward me. I could only imagine what they were doing on this side of the store, and I considered that perhaps I was trespassing in one of their favorite trysting spots. Please, Jesus, I thought, let them get it on during every break.

Kim sidled up to the fake bed I was still lying on and perched like a cat on the edge and smiled at me. She was tall and thin, no longer at all young but still in fantastic shape. Rumor around the water cooler was that she had only recently given up her job as an exotic dancer because her teenage sons were embarrassed by their MILF mom. Seeing her in person, I could well believe it. “We’ve been lookin’ all over for you,” she purred, her voice deep and husky as she stretched out next to me. “Night shift gets so borin’, don’t you think, darlin’?”

I rose up on my elbows and looked at the two of them. “Yeah,” Tyler added, “there’s sure not much to do on a break, is there?” Poor Tyler wasn’t the brightest bulb on the porch, but what he lacked in brains he made up for with his body. Barely nineteen and built like a brick shit-house, the scuttlebutt on Tyler was that he was supposed to go to college on a football scholarship, but one too many concussions forced him out of the sport. I could well believe that, too.

“We were so disappointed when you ran off earlier, ” Kim said. “We always like to leave the door open in case someone else wants to join in or watch us or…anything,” she hinted, running her perfectly manicured nails along my bare thigh. I shivered at the catlike softness of her touch. “I don’t know if Debbie told you or not, but we get pretty friendly here on the night shift. Heck, everyone’s real friendly,” she added. “If you wanted to, you could do it with someone new every night of the week. Everyone does it.” It never even occurred to me to try to stop her gentle caresses; they did feel really good and heck, everyone does it.

Tyler came over and sat on the other side of our makeshift bed. I could see his erection clearly through his Save-Mart jeans ($19.97, men’s wear). I wish I could say that I was embarrassed to admit that I was more than a little turned on by the idea of a threesome with them, but Kim was so fucking sexy and Tyler was hotter than any young stud I’d been lucky enough to ever get the chance to fuck.

Tyler started playing with a loose strand of my hair, twirling it around his fingers and pressing it to his lips. “What do you say, sexy?” he asked, leaning in to nibble on my earlobe. I felt his hot breath on my neck, and my pussy contracted in response. I leaned my head back and let him tease me with his lips, teeth and tongue. Kim paid court to my other ear, her butterfly-like kisses a striking counterpart to Tyler’s rougher but equally stimulating treatment.

She gently began teasing my tits through the thin fabric of my light summer blouse. She traced the outline of my bra under the soft, clingy cotton, her nails bringing my nipples into rock-hard points almost immediately. Tyler slid one hand up under my shirt and with a deft flick of his fingers undid the front clasp of my bra. Truly, his hand-eye coordination was football’s loss and Save-Mart’s gain. My breasts sprung free and he pinched and teased my nipples until they were burning and I was moaning with desire.

Kim slithered down the bed and slid a practiced hand up my short skirt. She teased my already damp pussy hair through the thin nylon of my panties. Her finger snaked inside the elastic and tickled the damp tangle of curls, causing me to squirm impatiently. Reaching up, she hooked the waistband of my panties with her fingers and I lifted my hips so that she could easily remove my underwear. Once that little impediment was gone, she gently spread my thighs and lowered her mouth to my waiting cunt. She ran her tongue from my clit to my asshole, mingling her saliva with my own wet juices. She fucked me with her tongue while Tyler pulled out his huge cock. He stood there stroking it as Kim brought me closer and closer to a climax. She had one finger in my ass and at least three in my cunt while she greedily sucked and licked my clit. I was writhing and moaning, not caring if anyone else in the store could hear.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt my pussy spasm as the orgasm hit. I cried out in pleasure as Kim licked every drop of juice from my dripping twat. Panting, I looked over at Tyler who was grinning and stroking his fat cock with abandon. Kim looked up, her face glistening with my cunt juice, and I motioned for her to switch places with me. I hadn’t tasted pussy in forever and a day and I couldn’t wait to return the favor. She lay flat on the bed and spread her long, limber legs wide. Her dress was short and her tiny g-string barely covered her shaved slit. I pulled the string aside and plunged my tongue into her dripping hole. I could taste the funky acidity of Tyler’s cum inside her, and she groaned appreciatively as I sucked her clean.

She pulled Tyler over to her so she could give him head. He eagerly presented his cock to her; she tilted her head back and took nearly the entire length of him in her mouth. As I enjoyed the sweet, musky woman-scent of her pussy, I watched Tyler fuck her mouth. Her soft, red lips swallowed every inch of him as his hairy balls banged off her chin. He was very encouraging, telling her, “That’s right, baby. You suck my cock real good.” I giggled into Kim’s creaming cunt.

Kim stopped sucking Tyler’s cock real good only long enough to declare that she needed to be fucked, so I got up and Tyler switched places with me, easily sinking his cock into her well-oiled snatch. I got behind Tyler where he was kneeling atop Kim and reached between his legs to fondle his balls. I ran my finger inside his hairy crack and tickled the brown whorl of his asshole. I gently spread his cheeks and lightly licked the sweet, funky spot. He groaned so I thrust my tongue past the barrier and slid my tongue into his ass as far as it would go. Tyler went wild. With every thrust he slammed his cock into Kim, while every time he pulled out he impaled himself on my tongue. I reached down and slid two fingers in Kim’s ass too, and they both began bucking wildly.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Travis shot his load. I could tell because he was screaming “Oh fuck, oh FUCK, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Kim was no less vocal when she achieved her release, emitting a high-pitched squeal that petered out only when they were both spent.

I fastened my bra, and when I bent down to find my panties in the dark, the blinding beam of a spotlight shone into my eyes. “I need to see you in my office,” the store manager said sternly, looking at me. He snapped the light off and walked away, his Save-Mart loafers squeaking on the waxed floor.

I looked at Kim and before I could say anything, she laughed.

“Don’t sweat it, sweetie,” she said, wiping her dripping cunt on the edge of the display bedding. “He’s not much to look at, but he’s got a huge dick and can eat ass like you would not believe.”