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The candles flickered and danced, casting light and shadow over her flawlessly smooth skin. Her bare legs were spread slightly as she knelt next to him, her plump thighs creamy in the amber glow. He ran his fingers lightly through the damp tangle of curls, teasing her with a whisper soft touch, watching as her full hips thrust to meet his hand, seeking greater contact and sighing as he withdrew.

She took his cock in her hand and stroked it lightly, her touch as soft as his, her teasing deliberate and slow. She lowered her mouth to him, pressing her lips against his cock. He breathed in deeply as she parted her lips with a soft click and flicked her tongue over the tender tip. The hard points of her nipples grazed his skin, making the hairs rise wherever she touched.

She took him into her mouth, wetting his cock and stroking the shaft with her hand. He ran his hands through her silken hair and tugged gently, making her moan and take him deeper. His hips thrust against her, fucking her willing mouth. He felt her hand slide softly over his balls, high and tight against his body, and her sharp nails rake through his thick hair and scratch seductively over the soft skin. He spread his legs slightly, inhaling sharply again as her strong fingers slid past his balls and over his ass, following the natural curve of his body to the sensitive, tight opening of his ass. Her cool finger pressed against him, massaging the sensitive spot. He spread his legs wider, submissive beneath her, watching as her head bobbed, her blue eyes looking up into his.

She drew her mouth up the length of him, letting the head go with a pop and with a knowing smile, ran her tongue down the length of his slippery shaft. He moaned at the feeling of her mouth pressed against his balls, feeling a shiver go up his spine as her warm breath stirred the thick hair at the base of his cock. She nuzzled him, kissing him, running her lips and tongue over him, nipping at him gently and making him squirm anew.

She pushed his legs apart and back and ran her tongue over his asshole. A shudder of pleasure coursed through him as her strong, slick tongue breached his opening and slid inside him. He grabbed the bed clothes, clenching the sheets in his fists as she probed him deeply, fucking his ass with her tongue. Her hand was firm on his cock, stroking him with deep even strokes that matched her busy mouth, and when she pressed her lips against him and sucked, he exhaled deeply, the only words he was able to manage was a breathless “Oh, baby…”

He wanted more.

She knelt between his legs and leaned into him. Her belly and breasts pressed against him and he ran his hands over every square inch of her. She stretched out beneath his busy hands as she reached for the drawer of the nightstand. He turned his head to see what she was retrieving, and when he saw the dildo grasped her fist, he felt his cock twitch with anticipation.

She slid back on her heels, running her lips along the length of his body, depositing kisses here and there, paying a bit of sweet attention to his already-bursting cock before leaning back and parting her thighs. She held the dildo like a cock—firmly, jutting away from her pelvis. The base curved upwards and flared into a thick, tapered bulb. She looked into his eyes and pressed the bulb against her pussy, parting the plump lips and sliding it against her aching clit. She teased herself with it, opening her legs wider so that he could see the deep pink inner folds shining with her own desire and passion.

The base slipped in easily and he watched as her cunt was filled with the thick base, spreading his legs unconsciously in anticipation as she held the long shaft that curved up from her curly nest of hair, looking so very much like a real cock. She stroked it like it was part of her, and he knew that with every move of her hand, the thick base moved deep inside her, and the ridges on the inside of the curve were rubbing against her hard clit. Without taking his eyes off her, he reached in the drawer and handed her a small bottle of lube. She smiled and let a slippery drizzle of it run over her fingers and the end of her cock.

Again, she stroked the dildo, making it shine, fucking herself with it. Her breath quickened, and she reached down with a shining hand and ran it over his ass. Her slick middle finger slipped easily inside him, making him moan. He brought his hips up to meet her hand, watching as a thick, milky gob of pre-cum oozed from the tip and caught in his hair.

She added a finger, widening him further, not satisfying him but making him ache to be filled completely. She stroked him slowly and deeply, seeing his need grow. His cock was purple and throbbing and he was afraid she was going to make him cum just like that. He needed that cock inside him, so he pleaded with her.

“Fuck me.”

She slid her fingers out of his ass and leaned forward, guiding the head of her cock to his ass. Her full breasts swayed as she teased his ass with the head, pressing against the tight hole and easing the head past the strong muscles.

He groaned as she spread him wide, opening his ass and filling it with inch after inch of hard cock. Her hands were on his thighs, holding him firmly as she entered him, sinking into him deeply, not stopping until he could feel her pubic curls against his ass. Again, he pleaded with her, needing to be fucked, wanting to see her tits bounce as she thrust against him.

“Fuck me, baby.”

Slowly she pulled out, letting him feel every delicious inch. The pleasure showed on her face as she moved; her cheeks were flushed and her breath was coming faster. She leaned in, easier this time as the dildo filled his ass. Her hips set a steady motion, thrusting into him, her smooth skin meeting his with a muffled slap. Slap. Slap.

He reached down and grabbed his cock, hard and hot in his hand. His fingers stroked the sensitive skin near the head furiously as her speed increased. Her tits swayed and bounced with every thrust. She pushed his legs further apart, drilling into him as deeply as she could go.

He felt his body crescendo and with a soft grunt of pleasure, he reached his peak. The cum boiled up from his balls and spurted out in hot jets, shooting over his stomach and chest, and he exhaled deeply as she stopped moving, allowing his body to process the bliss coursing through him.

Gently, she pulled out, feeling him shudder with spent pleasure. She leaned back and eased the dildo out of her cunt and standing, walked up the bed and straddled his face. Greedily he pulled her to him, burying his face in her wet pussy, sucking and licking at it, making her buck and writhe. He held her hips and focused on her pleasure, working her hard clit like a tiny cock, using his tongue inside her in the way he knew she liked best.

Her juices ran down his chin and he felt a thin trickle make its way down his neck. She grabbed the headboard and cried out as he made her cum, swallowing hard and fast to keep up with her. She slumped beside him, spent and panting, and kissed the lips that were still shining and musky with her juices.

“Thank you, babe,” he said.

“I love you,” she replied.