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In the cold calm of early morning, Bob opened his eyes and looked through the gap in the room-darkening drapes that had refused to close entirely. He could see the red glow of the motel sign that beckoned weary travelers from the highway shining brightly against the cold, slate gray sky. “Rooms starting at $69,” it declared. He snickered again at the double entendre, mentally high-fiving the clever son-of-a-bitch that had set the room rate.

Scratching his balls thoughtfully, he looked at the clothing strewn around the room. In the dim light coming through the broken drapes, he could see a black lace bra dangling from the bent television stand and he smiled, remembering the sight of Pam’s large melons tumbling free as he tossed it aside. His cock stirred, and deciding he wasn’t going to waste his sixty-nine bucks by missing out on a hot morning fuck, he stroked it, coaxing it back to life. After all, he reasoned, you didn’t become the owner of three successful car dealerships by wasting cash.

From under the badly hung bathroom door he could see a wedge of bright light shining in an irregular pattern across the well-worn carpet. The shower was running and he could hear occasional snatches of a tuneless melody as she hummed to herself. He rose and padded silently on bare feet across the floor, narrowly avoiding a large brown stain near the foot of the bed.

She jumped slightly when he pulled the heavy, white shower curtain aside, but smiled when he stepped between her and the stinging hot spray, and grinned a more knowing grin when she saw his purple cock jutting out from beneath the beginning of a paunch she’d never noticed as long as he kept it sucked in.

He spun her around, forcing his cock into the cleft of her ass, stroking her silicone sweater puppies and tugging on her big, brown nipples. He bent his head, pressing his lips to her neck where the dark roots of her hairline changed abruptly to the platinum blonde tresses that were pinned messily atop her head. “You’re a sweet piece of ass,” he said, feeling the head of his cock throbbing between her cheeks.

She giggled and looked coyly at him over her shoulder. She was too old to pull off the demure act anymore, but she still had a few good years left in her before those big titties started heading too far south for her to be able to dance on the main stage at his favorite gentleman’s club. He bent her over and ran his hands down her back, spreading her cheeks and stroking her bald beaver. She braced herself against the shower wall, moaning as he spread her snatch.

“Oh, yeah, Daddy,” she said, her voice high and breathless, “put your big cock in me.” She wiggled her ass and bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. “I’m your naughty girl.”

He sank into her, watching the round globes of her ass jiggle as he pounded her. In his mind, Pam was just what every man should have: a tight, hot cunt with a pair of huge knockers, always ready for a quick fuck whenever and wherever. So far she hadn’t mentioned him leaving his wife again–her one cock-wilting inconvenience. He told her he couldn’t afford an ex-wife and a girlfriend, but it didn’t keep her from opening her yap about it every damn time they fucked. He was grateful that for now the only sounds coming out of Pam’s mouth were the little kitten noises in the back of her throat that came with each powerful thrust of his cock. He grabbed her hips and drilled her, speeding up as the pressure in his balls built. “Come on, Daddy,” she said, reaching down and diddling her own clit. “Make your baby come.”

“Fuck!” he grunted, and shot his hot load into her cunt, wetting down her insides with his seed. He pulled her close, feeling his cock throb weakly as he spent, leaning on her long enough to catch his breath. He slipped out, watching as a glob of cum oozed out of her gaping crotch and slid down her leg, only to be washed away by the rapidly cooling shower spray.

“Sorry, baby,” he said, giving her ass a congratulatory slap. “I tried to hold back for you, but your tight pussy just drives me wild.”

Pam stood and turned, pressing her tits against Bob’s chest. She stuck out her lower lip. “Aren’t you going to finish me?” she pouted, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He disentangled himself and stepped out of the shower. “Not this time, baby,” he said, smiling at her as he quickly dried himself off. “I gotta get home before the wife finishes her shift,” he said, lifting the lid of the toilet and groaning as he released a long stream of urine into the bowl. “And besides,” he said, looking at her leaning against the wall of the shower, “it’ll give you something to look forward to next time.” He shook, splattering piss on the seat, and walked out of the bathroom.

He was zipping up his pants when he felt a sharp pain rocket through his head and saw a blinding light behind both of his eyes. He stumbled and fell, landing hard on his hands and knees. A heavy glass ashtray rolled past him and landed under the dilapidated dresser, and he could see blood on it. He wondered where it came from as his arms buckled and his cheek scraped roughly across the stained carpet. He gagged as a piece of some sort of fabric was shoved in his mouth, and as he felt the room fade to black, he heard Pam’s voice. The breathless schoolgirl affectation was gone, and her words sent a chill down his spine. “I intend to have you, love. How hard you fight is up to you.”