I did it!  I finally finished editing the proof of Seven Nights, submitted it, and it is now available for purchase.  So you can, if you want, get both books for the Kindle, or in a high-quality paperback.  All four links over there are live and working at last. PHEW.

I gotta tell you: editing is absolutely exhausting.  I think it’s more tiring than writing the stories in the first place, to be honest.  But then there’s a flow to writing, where editing requires much stopping, fixing, backing up, going forward slowly, and repeating for-fucking-ever.  I find I tend to clench my jaw when I’m in editing mode and my head has been killing me for days.

I probably should take a break and let everything unclench, but there’s two more books in the works that require both writing and polishing and I feel like striking while the iron is hot.  I never quite know when my muse is going to go on sabbatical.  The good news is that I read through the stories I plan to include in the third volume and a couple of them are seriously HOT.  As in I got myself all worked up over here and I wrote the damn things.  Naughty stuff.  But good.  Some of my best, I think.

I also have a ghost story in the works that’s almost finished.  It was supposed to be just a short story but it turned out a lot longer than I thought it would, so I kept it going, and now I’m going back to flesh out the story in places where I thought it would be shorter.  (That’s a fucked up sentence right there, but I don’t know how to explain it better, so I’m leaving it.)

Come to that, it occurs to me how many unfinished pieces I have in my Stories folder.  If I was the Resolution-making type, I’d resolve to finish some of them…